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I would renounce my fanhood and burn all my orange. I'd probably never watch CFB with any passion ever again.
Vols fan here to agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. Dobbs is the antithesis of the NFL QB prospect. He is severely lacking as a passer, does not fit the frame and/or elusiveness of a running QB in the NFL, has a knack of fumbling on the run. He is also terrible at getting sacked... seriously he retreats 5-10 yards as soon as you see that he is going down. I want him to prove me wrong, but I seriously doubt that's going to happen.
We have NOT improved every year under butch. We had a much better team last year than this year. Butch seems to be a good recruiter playing coach. Since 2010, we've been going through the worst stretch of Vols football in it's history. Until we get a coach who can actually coach a football team to win games consistently, we the best we're going to get is winning the East with 3 losses and getting destroyed by Alabama twice a year.
"I wonder if Butch will make it to 2017?" I hope not. He's great at lying to recruits to get them here. Then they just sit around and learn the wrong way to play until they figure it out and leave.Butch is a joke.
It's it absurd!? The second you "misrepresent" a college team, they'll send you packing. Butch already kicked a 5th years senior off the team this year assumably resulting from test results after being rushed to the hospital after a scary injury. These schools do not care about their athletes or students, but people are don't hesitate to bash a player when he jumps ship. It's not right.
Yes there is. Enough of that talk. They are doing nothing to help Jalen. He's not getting paid, and the team isn't supporting him. What reason could he have for staying? He'd just be wasting his extremely valuable time treading water.
If the Vols manages to field a team, and that team plays like they did against aTm... Bama is going home with a loss, unless of course the Vols fumble 7 more times and the official are as god awful as they were in College Station, but don't count on that happening. Should be an interesting game.
THIS Also, what gets me it Warrior makes a very comparable block on that sorry ass 12th man and gets called on it. Ridiculous.
Kudos to your team for the W, but the Vols have to feel GREAT about that game. We manhandled your team for more yards than have ever been put up on you and kept you contained on D with 3rd team on the field. Fumbles like that are going to lose the game against any team. Hats off to aTm for staying in the game and finishing strong for the W. Hopefully, Alabama lose 2 games in row for the first time in... forever? I'd love to see a rematch.
They didn't huh? How's putting up more yards than anyone EVER against the Aggies? I'm feeling much better about the Vols after this loss than I have after any of our wins this year. We absolutely crushed aTm on Saturday, but left with a loss because of fumble. Say what you will about turnovers, but we fielded a 3rd team defense against you guys and destroyed you on offense without our #1 weapon. Bring on the tide.
We're going to have to beat Georgia and either A&M or Bama to win the east. Assuming Florida doesn't lose another SEC game.