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We were there. Exiting was terrible. It was a double overtime game, and everyone stayed until the final play. It took us 25 minutes to get from our seat to the main level to exit. Those posting on twitter are not exaggerating at all. If they had to evacuate that facility, it would be an absolute disaster. There is no way any fire marshall would have approved the exit plan we experienced last night. And, yes, they were blocking people from using the escalators, with hundreds, if not thousands, of people completely blocked by the non-functioning escalators. It seemed like they were trying to block the upper tiers from exiting until the lower levels were completely vacated. Blocking people in like herds of livestock without any explanation was not good. I saw people shoving the staff there that was trying to pen them in. Overall, the stadium is okay, but the flow of people leaving is a complete mess, and, if the need arose for a quick evacuation, it would be a deathtrap.