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Well that's gonna be one expensive tantrum 😂
Have you seen the prices of he tickets? Travel, food, hotel and then $200 for a decent seat it will cost close to $1500 for the whole trip or I can watch it for the cost of a case of beer and brats from home
well its funny the coaches who complained about the rule rarely use all of there timeouts. so if they were sooooooo concerned about player safety then why dont they use all of there time outs to give there kids a break from the fast paced offenses?............Oh wait that may cost them the game cause they need those time outs.......yeah not really about safety is it....its about winning and whining
Auburn to Win 34-28 in a last second failed fieldgoal attempt kicked by aaron murray and tipped by johnny football caught by jay prosch and ran back for a 85 yard touchdown war eagle
now thats the rolltards we all know and love. way to set the school back 40 years you inbred morons, i bet you have harvey updyke portraits on the walls in your living room
UGA didnt take Smokey to the Woodshed because they were running there 3rd and 4th string RB's not down playing Tenn but i dont see the game against Auburn with three Notable RB's being an easy task for Tennessee. Auburns Defense is looked a lot better against Ole Miss. (i know Ole Miss and Auburn very even matched teams) so before i throw any comments out there i want to see how Auburn does against A&M and Tennesee does against USC before i make a call on that game
very true i think its the Alabama Bobsentell's talking and not common sense Tennessee looked better but if gurley and marshall were playing in that game the score would'nt have been very close i think it wouldve been a 2 TD game (giving credit to an improved Tennessee)