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North Paulding High School representing!
UGA has a horrible basketball team this year....zero talent. Cream may be abrasive but he’s what sleepy UGA basketball needs.
Kirby and Nick are the highest profile. Pruitt took stoke recruits Mullen stole recruits Every flipping coach tries to sway recruits with “inside info” etc. Two high-profile ones did it. Kirby wasn’t the “he spent 2yrs with Saban and moved on” type of assistant. Kirby WAS Alabama football for a DECADE with Saban and was the closest of all his ex’s. It was a bigger story than the others but not unique at all.
Cmon Ben....you just sound plain dumb when you speak like that. Mullen wants to be Kirby. Still hunting for a win.
Want to know something else hilarious? Him talking smack about the Dawgs then getting run over and staying on the ground. Gotta to know his place...it was pretty funny.
Men should be allowed random, extremely extended, paid time off work for being overly stressed. It’s a part of life am I right? It’s all for equality. The fact is men and women ARE different. In fact I have zero remorse for wage inequality when you have two equal workers but (due to the choice of the woman to be a mother) one with the special power to disappear from work without the employers permission for multiple months at a time multiple times in her career. The woman has a choice on whether to be a mother or a career person.....but kids are a career!
Watch the video. Toy flies in Shan nothing was happening after the shot. Dude doesn’t even notice until he turns around.
(Goes and buys UF jersey and some stuffed gators for the Florida game).
Lawyers double-speak for a living and Fields is their client. It’s BS until they show the argument.
Bull. Release the waiver argument then. They won’t because it has lawyer speak for plausible deniability. The only argument they had was racism and it was used as leverage. They won’t relwase their argument because it makes them look like garbage.
UGA will be using a 6th offensive linemen in their heavy sets I assume this year. Woerner will start and is an OK blocker. Wolf most likely will be the instant #2 TE unless Goede matured quickly this year. UGA has a hometown kid in 5-star Arik Gilbert that will be in next year.
They aren’t going to disclose it. They will deny it was race but the info is sealed. It was race leverage.
The NCAA and UGA were backed into a corner by the race card and it was always going to end up like this. The attorney had some nice little blackmail “allegations threats” waiting if it wasn’t approved and since it was he just smiled and said “great job NCAA!”. Everyone knows what the leverage was even though they can deny it. They will never disclose what was said.
Who’s talking about Florida other than Florida???
Kair will be 0-4 against UGA....sorry guy.
The school with an established history of cheating calls out the school that doesn’t. Kids this is called projecting.
“I don’t usually comment.....it’s not going to bother us” It’s obvious it bothers him. Doesn’t matter how long people are committed...kids are fickle. Hasselwood was committed for 2yrs to UGA and is at OU.
I hope UGA doesn’t get too obsessed with star ratings and rankings....lol ole Clemson signed 29 guys and still finished in 10th place with like an 89 average. I hope UGA can end up developing talent as well as they evaluate/recruit it.
Focus on beating Vandy first. It may not be this year, or next year, or soon....but that’s your Mount Everest you have to focus climbing.
Lots of good candidates for UGA that could. Hines Ward Ben Watson Herschel Walker Champ Bailey Garrison Hearst Tim Worley
Fromm Bennett Mathis (forgot him) And hopefully Plumlee
They also lose: QB Jalen Hurts (transfer) Starting G Lester Cotton Starting C Ross Pierschbacher Main backup G Josh Casher Starting RB Damien Harris Starting H-Back/Backup TE Hale Hentges Starting DE Isaiah Buggs Starting ILB Christian Miller Main backup LB Jamey Mosley Starting P Mike Burnier