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Could be that he’s protected ting his QBs confidence. It would suck if he had all the WR talent in the SEC and a QB that can’t get them the ball!
Georgia beats Florida with more regularity than Florida beats Georgia.
Let’s be honest. The richest boosters with the biggest businesses are just going to be buying recruits. Bidding wars, massive “commercial” endorsements. It makes my stomach sick. Kinda just needed to Make a NFL minor league and make college sports great again,
Quincy Avery preys on kids. Keep him away from players.
Even other SEC fans in Athens say they are impressed with the coed quality. Been around a few places and some are sad.
Lanning leaving for Kansas would be career suicide. Kansas shouldnt be in FBS but should go down to FCS.
I’m the biggest Vol hater there is. But that being said....f-Ing Covid doomers need to jump off a cliff man.
So the coach who was at Iowa for a long time has a few kids that accuse him of “racial insensitivity”. Yet thousands of other kids in his weight room and under him don’t? Nor do they flock to these kids allegations? “Let’s hang this coach” That’s how it works these days. Coach also flatly denied the accusations. Let’s remember the craziness that’s happening these days with thinking you can “get someone” so easily just with an accusation....and it not fall back on them because they are the “right” or “wrong” race. Clown World
We need that West VA kid that’s in the portal to come play CB for us. Kimber/Ringo are YOUNG.
It’s neither. Jermaine Burton will be the best WR in the SEC in 2021.
The “he might not be acedmeically eligible” line was complete false BS. The kid had an active offer from Georgia Tech. UT replaced cheaters with liars. Lol.
If Dan hadn’t beat Stetson Bennett this year he would be well on his way out.
I love thats all you got every year. No better resume even in the year you win the game! Lol.
Talking to yourself again? At least you got to be co-champion this year lol. Will be remembered years to come as the best thing in decades for UF football.
Here are a few facts to check out after this big day for florida football! 1) with a win at home next week vs Vandy, UGA will be co-champions of the east (officially on record books) with UF. Yes, yes, florida gets the tie breaker. 2) Max Johnson, LSUs freshman QB who started his first ever game in the swamp is Mark Richts nephew. 3) uf will most likely finish with more losses than UGA. 4) UGA (ranked #9) beat #25 Mizzou on the road by 35pts. #6 florida lost at home to losing record, Unranked LSU who was blasted by miss st and other bottom feeders. Expect UGA to end the season ranked well ahead of uf. 5) uf will be ranked below UGA and then get pounded by Bama. They will fall into the mid to upper teens in final ranking. UGA will get a New Years 6 bowl almost guaranteed. 6) ufs most likely bowl destination with a Bama loss and UGA win over Vandy will be Autozone bowl, Belk bowl, Academy Sports bowl, or if lucky Music City bowl. I’m just glad our 5th string 5’6” walk on QB could make this year “Floridas year”. Something tells me it’s most likely going to look different next year ;)
Actually it is applicable. With floridas loss and if UGA beats Vandy next week that means UGA is officially co-champion of the East with uf. Yes yes you get the tie breaker...but do t you love that fun stat? I’m just glad florida got “their year”. You think we can somehow meet in a bowl? What if we invite you to a New Years 6? Will you come play UGA?
UGA should have been ahead at the half 20-14 and that still includes Pickens dumb penalty allowing a scoring drive. UGA handed UT a TD on the second snap and was chasing points and not kicking a FG in the 2nd quarter. Neither of those boneheaded moves had anything to do with the other Orange team even being on the field.
Zeus goes down where he’s to touched. Gets ZERO yards after contact and has had some poor vision....running straight into the nearest opposing player. If KM figures out how to hold onto the ball he’s the primary power back. Cool/McIntosh need to be on the field for Zeus more otherwise.
I’m glad you got your first of many this season out of the way. Georgia pending. It’s always sad to see an old rival resort to rooting for other teams in a lopsided “rivalry” just so the can watch a competitive game against their hated foe who no longer thinks of them.
Whiny clown. A&M didn’t have a full stadium at all maybe 30k snuck in but this sounds like an excuse and is cringe. Very gimmicky.
If UGA literally doesn’t give UT a TD on the second snap and kicks a FG instead of chasing points in the 2nd Quarter it’s a 47-14 game. That’s just complete unforced errors. If Pickens doesn’t extend their drive by acting like a 6yo it’s 47-7.
UGA scores 24 by half and put it on cruise control...as frustrating as it is. Auburn board admitting that UGA could put 40+ If they wanted to.
Dude, you’re from Tennessee. The state police actually have an incest investigation division and assigned specialists in your state. No kidding.
Saban the Democrat. Dude would for a second reveal himself I Alabama of all places. When he retires to Michigan he won’t be as afraid.