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You do realize we are getting Delp right? Rough take.
Something tells me this game will be held on to for a while.
It could be just as simple as dropping shade. Gold > bronze
Prove people wrong? What are they talking about? They are favored. It’s the “Gee golly gosh we’re just lil’ ol’ Clemson” schtick.
These schools, divisions, etc chasing that extra dollar is making everything stupid It’s making everyone less competitive overall. The top 10-15 schools should just have their own league, do you see anyone outside them doing anything g for the next 20 years if it keeps going this way. It’s starting to be no fun and just NFL minor league….so just call it that and have the NFL teams app set their college team of choice.
Once in my life I agree with a Gator. Lame-duck mayor Bottoms (fitting) would like you to find it yourself. Imagine the cops finish g the thieves, the thief fighting them, giving one cop a concussion, stealing his taser, shooting at the other cop, and getting shot for trying to zap the cop….. Yet the cops go to jail! Bottoms and Paul Howard need to be behind bars (not kidding). Howard may end up that way sooner if that “missing” money doesn’t show up.
Some of you guys should mentor trauma patients and teach them how to block out certain painful memories. You’ve obviously blotted them from your mind as if they didn’t and won’t exist.
Shorter is like a 5th yr senior. If he ain’t “broke out” by now…..
Who’s Emory going to throw to? Copeland? Shorter? Zipperer? These guys ain’t Pitts, Toney, Grimes.
Jermaine Burton has a chance of being better than Pickens. Arian Smith runs a low 4.2 in pads and has the chance of turning into the most dangerous deep threat in the SEC.
You know you can’t do that. It’s saying removing Trask (a 3-star) and adding let’s say a random 4-star freshman recruit gets you a “+1” on the “Blue chip index” and then another…then saying a 4* Pitts for a 4* recruit is a “wash” on the index. It doesn’t work like that.
I don’t care what you think about Trump, Republicans, or Democrats…. I know this. Herschel Walker would give you the shirt off his own back if you needed it and has been genuinely like that his whole life.
Todd Grantham. Gators will finish with the 6th-7th D in the SEC with the talent to finish 3rd-4th.
Not true. You need to look at the state house to see the true makeup. Georgia as a state still votes for conservative local Politicians 60% of the time. The last election swung hard from the runoffs and dummies telling conservatives not to vote. Georgia is still a heavily conservative state and it was herding cats last time because of the Trump vs Kemp civil war among Rs in the state. If that’s fixed Warnock and Ossoff are both one term pretty easily.
You can say all you want about politics, Trumpism, etc. One thing is clear though. Herschel has always been a soft spoken, nice guy that would give anyone the shirt off his own back. Politics may be too overwhelming for him….but I’m willing to give him a chance as he’s known to be high character.
Gas lighting. This will be a rough year all around.
Dude. Stop talking to your other account t like it’s another person.
Weight? Like Blueberry Boy weight or skilled weight?
Two Heisman candidates and two first round receivers and personnel is “slightly” worse. I know they were trying to make it sound as best possible but ok….
Is this some of that Dan MuLLLen development?
UTjr Coach gets hired. “Look everyone! He’s 0-0. No losing record yet! Is this the UTjr coach we’ve all been waiting for !?!?!?!?”.
Lol. Mullen “best team 4 loss team ever” gets his first ever UGA win and now It’s “Georgia - Florida”? Lolololol. Ok.
Lololol. Mims turned in Pruitt and his bagmen. Try again. Squeaky clean and can’t be touched. Now Kirby needs to let the OC be the OC and stay away. Can he? We will see!
I know! It’s so much harder getting into 6th ranked public university in the nation than the 15th (2021 National academic Rankings for a public university) Night and day I tell You!
“Sec trolling shirt” That shirt didn’t troll the SEC at all. It trolled UTjr. I bought one lol.
Jalen Carter is going to be better than half those guys this year.
This is prime SDS. “Florida is most likely going to suck this year.....let’s pick them over Bama!”