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Would love to see his name on Kentucky’s field or stadium. Guys their all-time QB Leader and they call the thing “Kroger Field” for goodness sake.
Can Mac Jones play the backup QB savior this year for Mr Glass? Seems like Tuan been limping around for a year and a half.
Actually our second 3 star. We got a Kicker Zirkel.
Corey Wren ran a hand timed 4.31 He’s a 3 Star since he came from a run-first offense and is only 175lbs. This is a UGA position selection to replace Mecole Hardman. Wren is being bred to be a return man predominantly and the occasional distraction at slot WR later in his career.
TruDawg is a Vol troll fan. Has been for years and it’s overtly obvious.
Teens too deep. We have 3 former 5 star receivers behind Holloman Who only had about 450yds last year. We will be ok. As far as the Florida fans stretching for some sunlight outside their purgatory....enjoy it. I feel sorry for what you are going through so feel good tonight. Oh yea....Mullen coaches two murderers.
Although I don’t believe UK will be better I will be rooting for them in every game except ours. Take UF and UTjr down again.
“O-line will be terrible but offense better” - Said No One Ever. Get ready for some fun.....
Jordan Davis played better than Clark and I believe is a top 5 interior lineman in the SEC. He’s going to be hard to inflorescence this year.
Not so sure. It’s a night game and the first “real” game of the season for UGA. I can’t remember the last night game at home UGA didn’t destroy their opponent regardless who it was. This has all the markings of a route honestly. I hate saying it as a “jinx” but I don’t see ND overcoming this to keep it close. The level of athlete isn’t close nor have they ever been to Athens at night.
Felicia has one factor Ford didn’t. I’ll let you guess....
It’s like a carbon copy thing. Except for beating SEC opponents......
Let’s see - UGAs last transfer was a suspended license on a scooter Gators was a sexual predation on women. I’m glad to be a gator hater.
I’ll be in section 306 screaming. Normally it’s in the blazing sun! Lol. Made the price jump $500 for the tickets lol. I’m so dumb not selling these but it’s a once in a lifetime chance!
Florida Vs UT play the same day as UGA vs ND. The traditional kick time for UF/UT is 3:30. Why wouldn’t the UGA/ND game get the night slot with NDs national historic brand it would being in west coasters who would tune in to a later game. Only makes sense but who am I.
Eli wolf won’t start for us. He started several games at UTjr. I’m sorry youre hurt about it but a 3 star 5th year senior who is going to be a backup for a team that had nothing but a couple of freshmen who never played (although 4 stars) is good. Wolf may get passed over by FitzPatrick pretty early if he can play as we probably want to keep Goade redshirted. Wolff actually had plenty of playing times and was thrown to multiple times when playing UGA last year. He certainly played a lot and started in the SEC. he’s a backup and that’s it....which is what we needed since we lost 2 TE early.
Yep. UGA with Woerner won’t miss a beat over Nauta....who never was as good a blocker as Woerner. Nauta always had better speed and quickness than Nauta and could run by LBs. Woerner actually is a far better blocker and is a better pure pass catcher than Nauta but a bit slower and less twitchy. I see us being actually better at TE this year with Woerner and the young guys coming in. It was great to get Eli Wolff from UTjr to provide some experienced depth.
I think they quoted his old rankings. He is now like the #19 player in country and #2 DT and #1 overall in Florida. The best player in Florida wouldn’t be the 64th player overall in the country.
Tebow’s gag reflex induced tears quite often. UGA was one time the waterworks flowed.
UGA flopped. Their rivals and Texas are the only to disagree. 3rd party commentators said as much when they saw how flat they were.
Word on the street is UT is getting Stackhouse commit from UGA. He was informed we needed the spot for Burch out of South Carolina and was trending down across the industry. He had to go with plan B.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.... Pile up those 3-Stars baby!
I’ve got an idea about the SA. He cannot speak for anyone willing to press charges (former state investigator myself). They are instructed to say nothing and this guy can get into pretty hot water with that strong of an opinion on something that he’s not “technically”. Investigation. Seems very personal.
A State Attorney said “This is bull$het”???? And then said it’s “technically battery”. That state attorney is a Gator Fan. Might be posting here now.
Yep. Heard it was a former Vols grad we felt sorry for and had as an unpaid QC coach. He was trading same-sex favors for inside recruiting info with an internet troll posing as a UGA poster. The two are wanted in Ga for crimes against nature for something involving a goat. Fled to their enclave on rocky top last week. $het posting from their hideout.