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Lots of good candidates for UGA that could. Hines Ward Ben Watson Herschel Walker Champ Bailey Garrison Hearst Tim Worley
Fromm Bennett Mathis (forgot him) And hopefully Plumlee
They also lose: QB Jalen Hurts (transfer) Starting G Lester Cotton Starting C Ross Pierschbacher Main backup G Josh Casher Starting RB Damien Harris Starting H-Back/Backup TE Hale Hentges Starting DE Isaiah Buggs Starting ILB Christian Miller Main backup LB Jamey Mosley Starting P Mike Burnier
#8 is part of the game. Stopping clock is a major issue with 2 minute offense. Whoever thought of #8 is dumb. Are people worried about making their nail salon appointment or afternoon tea?
Why would you make a statement like that “Check backnin a year”? You guys have been beaten down 2 years in a row and UGA is still vastly more talented than you and ownsyour coach. You really want to check back in a year? Also. Do you think Coley had UGA talent at Miami? His QBs threw for 3,000yds but didn’t have half what he has now. Don’t be a delusional gator.
It’s pretty cringy honestly. They should have a parade for recycling Chaney at UTjr after UGA never cared to match.
Really looking to see the results at UT before Cheney retires to his farm there. Think he’s gonna be fired up?
The problem is Cheney is looking to retire soon. Most likely in the next 3yrs. So hopefully he can improve something for you guys. He is in poor physical health at nearing 60 with his weight and wants to retire to a farm he owns in Tennessee. He has the big pre-retirement payday (which will be his last) and is not looking to “re-up” with UT for another contract. The question you honestly have to ask is “Is Cheney going to go all out for UT now that he’s on the home stretch and has the contract?” UGA offered him a nickel to stay when UT ponies up. UGA has no interest in matching and NEVER gave him a matching offer that was anywhere close. That means he wasn’t worth it to the people writing the checks. I think it will help both UGA and UT. Be h
The homer Vol arrival looks pretty good to the Vols pretty sad to the rest of CFB.
“How could UGA explain 11 and 12 win seasons under him”. Uhhh....Kirby Smart and top 3 recruiting classes. This was no thanks to Chaney who has ZERO recruiting energy as the 570th ranked recruiter in the country. How would UTjr explain 3 straight losing seasons under Chaney at UT already? Oh right....wasn’t his fault.....but our wins were. Cheney is a bologna sandwich if he were a meal.
I love getting screenshot ammo for future stuff is all.
So this is going to be different than the last time you guys ran him out of town?
Took Chaney and Pittman as a package. 576th ranked recruiter. 16-20 in 3 seasons at UTjr already. Frustrating offense UGA about to fire him and “Richted” him into resigning for UT. Vols fan - “We beat you....well not on the field but we got something from your trash can!”
I think we are responding more to the article on the front page of SDS written by a UTjr guy saying the “stole” him in a “coupe”. Kinda like stealing garbage from the corner.
Oh wait! That 7-6 year Lane Kiffen was your coach and he was running the offense....let’s see Chaney’s other three years..... 6-7 5-6 5-6 Beat by UGA all 3 years. Great hire lol. One mans trash I guess.....
You mean the last time you hired him? I mean he did help you go 7-6 and beat UGA in 2009 (he’s best record in 4 years and only UGA win). Maybe your trying to get back to those glory days?
By “thought was great” do you mean the guy lots of fans were calling to be fired? The shine on your new turf is blinding you.
UGA did NOT offer Chaney a raise. UGA sites are celebrating this as an I. Cheney was “Mark Richted” into either resigning or taking another ones job. The Vol homer/writer tried but we are completely fine with you hiring the guy we were calling to fire this year lol.
No actually. The did not offer him a “big raise to stay”. UGA sight is celebrating this.
When Spirrier started losing he quit. He’s a quitter first.
Death, taxes, and Mizzou losing their bowl game. At least Florida helped keep the easts head above water. I expected SC to not show up and hoped Vandy would win.
And they “played them (OU) tough”. He’s saying OU is better and that they played them toug. He expects to beat or hang with UGA.