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Saban the Democrat. Dude would for a second reveal himself I Alabama of all places. When he retires to Michigan he won’t be as afraid.
Hank Williams just died and was outspoken against all the “wokeness”. The league wanted him out because of his politics.
They think it will help their candidate? Those midwesterners see who’s keeping football away....especially if the others play without issues.
If no vaccine working by next year they will be placed in the position of cancelling football again. Not sure what’s going to change between fall and spring for BiG10. Doubt they play. It’s like the death penalty for all those schools. The presidents and conference will fight tooth and nail to not have football unless there is a vaccine (3yrs no BIG10 football)? The myocarditis won’t disappear.
I dont think this should be an asterisk year. Heck even if UF (gag) wins it all. Won’t happen of course but I’m saying it to make a point. The teams not playing weren’t forced out. They or their co France/presidents decided not to play. They dont exist based of their choice. Only OSU mattered anyway. They dont exist this year.
If anyone remembers last years offense sucked bad.
For the life of me I cant understand why UGAs offense is going to be considered worse than last year. Mature Pickens. Two mature athletic QBs (both with better physical attributes than Fromm). Stud freshmen receivers. Several good WRs coming back that are maturing. A beast OL. Stud Zeus, Cook, Milton, Etc.
Go hide in your hole until they can assure that life has a 0.00 chance of risk. I’ll take my chance of being Covid infected since I’m 10 times more likely to die in a car wreck than be seriously injured or killed by Covid.
This article really didn’t say anything. I dont like where others are saying “their offense will suck” when we have more athletes than last year....when it did suck.
If that happens it needs to be a 12 game regular schedule so a champion would play 15 games total. 12 regular season would allow for a 10 game sec slate, one cupcake (for the small schools payout they need), and one rotating game you could use to play your state rival or another OOC game of some merit/profile.
He deserved it honestly. The scheming and karma came back. Here’s the honest deal. He was a good lineman at UGA. If he had just straight transferred and stated he wanted to finish at UT and play with his brother people would be disappointed but say “ok”. He didn’t do that. His family schemes with Tom Mars to sue the University for something that wasn’t an issue for almost a year. Then tried to use it as false leverage. Oh well.
I don’t see why not. National Championship as well. It’s not like Ohio State (the only contender not playing) was forcibly excluded. They decided not to play and therefore don’t even exist in college football this year.
Will be interesting if they track how many players with cancelled football teams get Covid this year vs ones kept in a bubble during the same timeframe.
PAC10 = Orange Man Bad SEC = We Love Football That’s the main difference.
Are we assuming the virus has an expiration in spring? Not even the soonest vaccine study will be known by then. Football won’t happen in the spring unless the presidents reverse course and condemn themselves. It’s a lie.
“Give me a C...give me a U....give me a C.....give me a K....give me a S....what’s that spell? CUCKS!”
We can assume based on geopolitical reasons the PAC12 won’t play. That shouldn’t affect anything either as it’s no different than the MAC not playing.
They won’t ply in the spring. No vaccine for one thing (if they are worried about getting infected) plus all the NFL talent won’t play since draft is coming up. Justin Fields is done in college. No one is playing two seasons in 9 months.
For example you are 0.97% chance if dying in a car accident at some point in your life....and that’s for everyone in the US. Not just drivers.
Someone in their 20s has an 0.031% chance of death from C19. That’s of those who test positive.
Guys this is just a game. We need to concern ourselves with the big picture stuff. Life changing stuff. Can you imagine being Mr Mays....unable to satisfy his wife...and her having to sue UGA for it? Stop and think people.
I was in Knoxville for the 2017 game. I saw a 70yr old something UT fan crying as he left early.
I’m sure you’ll be laughing up a storm on your couch. Having any of the current players over to watch the game since they are free that weekend?
Fromm? He’s coming back...tough year for him. Then is Beck who’s from Florida and said no to you guys. Swift? That would be 5 Star Zamir White, then 5 Star James Cook, then 5 Star Kendall Milton.
I mean....to be honest you could be a UGA alum or a a trailer park slug. Same for Auburn fans. But let’s be realistic about which school has a higher academic ranking.