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I’m not kicking a man when he’s down....but Trask looked and acted like the better QB tonight. UK coached themselves out of a win as well.
UF linebacker miller stated the reason they lost last year was they “played down to their competition”.
It was him absolutely ballooning in bad weight. Lost of people believe it was a big discipline issue. He was expecting a big senior year and became VERY out of shape. It was my impression he was a 3-star now? Maybe not....either way if he can get his weight and discipline under control he can be a good player. There is a question after the shape he put himself in though
100% expected months ago. Most everyone doing mock classes never included him even while he was committed. Brinson has surprised and passed him in evals. Brinson will get a look at NT as well in our system and with a young Tymon Mitchell and Jordan Davis back again next year it should t be an issue.
I know. So immature. Maybe if he said he would win the Heisman as a true Freshman he would have been taken serious.
UGA had a winning record against him at SC. Florida talent and his offense beat up on mediocre UGA teams for 10yrs.
Vandy may win 7 games this year and is head and shoulders better than Tennessee, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and possibly better than UK, Miss St, SCar, and Mizzou in the SEC. Candy is technically a mid tier SEC team and not a doormat. We can’t shake that old notion that they have beaten up on others in conference the last several years.
UGA averaged more yards per play than Bama today by about 1 yard per play. Yet Bama won 42-3 UGA gave up 6 points. D played well. Offense needs to clean up. Yet their yards per play were very good. Nearly 10yds per offensive snap.
Vandy can win 6-7 games this year. If you haven’t noticed the rest of the east is trash
Vandy/UK will be 3/4 in the east. I’m guessing it will finish UGA UF UK/Vandy SC Mizzou UT
I’m trying to be objective....they did get shoved around by GaState and that was shocking.
“We stole Chaney from UGA”!!! TruVol/TruDawg tothewhite courtesy phone...
Obviously......BUT.....many former players said that several of their teammates were know as involved gang members....and we aren’t talking the Sugar Creek Gang either. They represented those gang ties fairly openly. He and a few other teammates were actively involved with them and many knew it at the time.
Apples and oranges. Should kids get a second chance from driving on suspended? Having a joint? Sure! Second chances for Meyer was arguing for where beating women and gang murders.
UGA has won the title in 27, 42, 46, 68, and 1980. UGA has 5 National Championships.
Written like someone who doesn’t know the insides of UGA football. When Roquon Smith calls Stetson Bennett one of the most talented QBs he’s played against he isn’t BSing you. The Mailman isn’t a scrub and UGA would be in the same situation as Bama, Florida, or any other team that loses their starting QB. Mac Wilson/Emory Jones/(insert Mr Nobody) vs The Mailman and it’s a huge drop off? Lol. Keep trying the whole journalism thing.
I was more impressed with Miami’s 2 star freshman tackles not giving g up 20 sacks. 10 was a win but let’s see what happens against real competition.
Why in the world do we have a 70 kid rule for the road team? Especially just an SEC rule? Why limit the road team like that and what’s the point? The home team can have a backup kicker ready if theirs turns an ankle but the visitor can’t becasue of roster size rules? Makes no sense why one team can have more players than the other. Rule has to go yesterday.
I’d take all my officials and there would be a 0% chance for a flip. I’m not passing up an all-expenses paid party weekend at a college football game.
And Miami’s 2-Star freshman LT is an ACC Power 5 offensive lineman.....
For the Vols top secret agent Trudawg all season is talking season!! “Wait till next year!! Go rocky flop!”
That’s a complete fabrication. Auburn was pissed to the point Malzhan mentioned it at a press conference. UGA has stricter academic standards than Auburn. Look it up.
Rat poison. We won’t close the gap until we have more points than they do and the clock reads 00:00.