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Well he’s 3/5 of the way to the same amount of fu wins in his 3yrs as Richt won in 15. So I guess that’s like the same. Mississippi State of The East
I think the amount of teams getting bye weeks should factor into your ranking. Almost every team UGA has played has received 2 weeks to prep for us. I’m not kidding.
Ref should be admonished after calling that garbage. Van “The shove” Jefferson knocking folks away for the catch.
Why can’t they alternate Recruiting every year like it’s a home and away? Let UF one year host recruits and UGA the next, etc?
And yet the talking point is the refs screwed them.....when in fact refs gave UF points.
It was a catch. A close one....but of course UF would disagree. Just like the phantom holding call on Swift’s TD, and the phantom false start that took us out of FG range. Refs straight gave UF 10 points in those 2 calls.
Both catches were catches. There was no false start that took us out of FG range. Landers “hold” on the Swift TD wasn’t a hold. Your lucky you made it a one score game Gators. Consider it a moral victory for all we care. 13 Seniors & at least 1 Junior STARTERS leaving this year. Recruiting the best 3 stars out there. Gervon is going to flip to us to play with us to play with Jalen (he will tweet about hard “business decisions”). Signed, A Blind Squirrel with his Massive Sack of Nuts
All that talk and all them wins in the 90s and you still have a losing record to UGA.
Yea....about ZERO people beloved that considering his sister still plays for UGA softball.
Well....you can’t say your going to do what it takes to win the game when you got beat last week and didn’t score a point. Cmon
I think there is going to be a story about the fights in the stands and the cop student section actions coming out soon. It was the worst in all of the games we have ever been to.
Oh....forgot to add the UGA Vs UF all time record...even with the 90s included UGA leads by 10 games and the largest margin of the series is a 75-0 UGA win. Gators lose to Dawgs...it’s just how it is. Sorry.
@gator Jim 0614 1 SEC title? UGA won it in 80,81,82,02,05, and 17. That’s 6. Must be that “Harvard of the south” education.
“where I’m from, we shoot at cops.” Not “they” but “we”. Yikes.
We SHOULD beat Auburn but have had trouble at their place in the past when they had a solid team. I expect us to win because we are the better team. Will we flop again? Hope not.
And Saban will be retired 20 years before Kirby as well. You know it’s coming...
He also could t walk and was hobbling and could t get off the field. He’s offensive player as well so they weren’t worried about tempo.
“Ifs” and “buts” get applied equally we beat them 30-10. Can’t have one sided “it’s” and “buts”.
Who cares about the polls. I just want to win without a flop game rearing it’s head every year.
I’m not kicking a man when he’s down....but Trask looked and acted like the better QB tonight. UK coached themselves out of a win as well.
UF linebacker miller stated the reason they lost last year was they “played down to their competition”.
It was him absolutely ballooning in bad weight. Lost of people believe it was a big discipline issue. He was expecting a big senior year and became VERY out of shape. It was my impression he was a 3-star now? Maybe not....either way if he can get his weight and discipline under control he can be a good player. There is a question after the shape he put himself in though