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It was evident this was a fake UGA account as they didn’t know anything about the guy. No one cares a single, 4th string DT who was recruited over, is leaving. We wish Bill well.
And the Oregon narratives to start the season, the Tennessee narratives, etc. Get in line.
Keep this stuff coming. I remember the “National Writers” with the LSU narratives last week as well.
(Insert Mad Men “I don’t even think of you” gif)
How many times does OSU need a ass-whoopin? These national/non-SEC writers and their drama infusing attempts. Lol.
UGA DBs gave up 500yds passing to LSU….Kirby ain’t gonna play that game. He has over 3 weeks. Sorry OSU.
It was Kirby all along. Credit Nick. He does do some good hiring….but he ain’t calling D or O any more. He can’t be a Kirby and Bamas D won’t be able to relocate it under Saban alone.
They should appreciate it. They earned it. No slight to Bama.
But even if it wasn’t about losses Bama had a weaker schedule as well. You got beat by the highest ranked teams you played. There isn’t an “eye test” win for Bama this year nor a “tougher schedule” argument. Bama just isn’t one of the top 4 teams even if their fans on a message board want it.
“Bamas the next best team..” According to what? The name “Bama”? They played 4 currently ranked teams and lost to two of them. Their only wins were a one point squeezed to 21 Texas and a 24pt win over 25 MS State. Bama ain’t the “next best” by anyone but Bamas metric.
False….by a lot. UGA has played and beaten 4 CURRENTLY ranked teams and will play a 5th in LSU. Alabama has also played 4 currently ranked teams (ranked lower overall than UGAs) and lost to two of them.
He isn’t nearly as fast. Nakobe ran 4.4 40yd and Dumas-Johnson is a 4.7 or 4.6 on a great day.
He needs to go to somewhere like USF or FIU etc if he wants to play.
“Well actually…1927…” Like I said. No one the last nearly 100yrs thinks about the rose bowl in the south. Especially at this moment. Even with UGA playing a big game there a few years back it just doesn’t have the pull anymore without a playoff game being there.
Hope he gets right. Kid has 3 years left of eligibility after this one. Played Fresh year, sat out/transfer/redshirt in 21, played this year and has an extra Cov19 year.
Completely irrelevant to Southern/SEC football. No one thinks about the Rose Bowl here.
I think kits starting to become obvious the “Alabama staff” that came to UGA (Kirby) was the reason the Bama D was good. It was Kirby’s that made Bama. His team. Now that Kirby’s players he recruited have cleared out you see them underdevelop recent talent and take tons from the portal. It’s the death throes of Bama and he’s kicking and screaming.
He played 6 snaps against Tech. Might have a handful against LSU and then break out in the CFP!
Let’s also not forget 80% of this UGA team beat the brains in of 80% of them hat Michigan team 11 mo the ago. Even if they don’t admit it. That means something.
Let’s be honest. Mizzou only played UGA close and “pushed them good” in the trenches because UGA let them. UGA has a bad tendency of playing down to their opponents. If the crowd/media doesn’t get up for the game it seems the UGA players don’t either. The “good” think is they also play up to opponents. Hopefully the SEC Championship itself and the fact they play a solid program like LSU can help them “get up”. We can only hope as UGA fans. It’s frustrating seeing them sleepwalk during games.
LSU fans dumped their SECCG tickets last night and they dropped $100 on the ticket sites. I got 3 and had never been. Time to turn that place red.
UGA is the undefeated national champ, beat Michigans brains in 11 mos ago, plays up to their good opponents and blows them out, and OSU was shown to be soft multiple years in a row (over-rated). The only “negative” is a UGA plays down to weaker teams with unenthusiastic effort. The fact they blow out good teams means something.
What’s that have to do with that kid? Slave holders in the west been dead 150yrs. Many still alive in Asia and Middle East and Africa as we speak.