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UGA flopped. Their rivals and Texas are the only to disagree. 3rd party commentators said as much when they saw how flat they were.
Word on the street is UT is getting Stackhouse commit from UGA. He was informed we needed the spot for Burch out of South Carolina and was trending down across the industry. He had to go with plan B.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.... Pile up those 3-Stars baby!
I’ve got an idea about the SA. He cannot speak for anyone willing to press charges (former state investigator myself). They are instructed to say nothing and this guy can get into pretty hot water with that strong of an opinion on something that he’s not “technically”. Investigation. Seems very personal.
A State Attorney said “This is bull$het”???? And then said it’s “technically battery”. That state attorney is a Gator Fan. Might be posting here now.
Yep. Heard it was a former Vols grad we felt sorry for and had as an unpaid QC coach. He was trading same-sex favors for inside recruiting info with an internet troll posing as a UGA poster. The two are wanted in Ga for crimes against nature for something involving a goat. Fled to their enclave on rocky top last week. $het posting from their hideout.
Why do these lists keep ignoring the 2022 UGA vs Oregon matchup?? Or the UGA vs Clemson matchups?
It’s all ok everyone! Mullen and the Gator fans say everything’s under control! (que Baghdad Bob meme)
Georgia beats UF by 3 scores regardless of D’Wan Mathis or Bennett is atQB.
Lol. You would have thought Mullen would have been FORCED to tell his players to keep their Social media and real mouths shut for now. Obviously it’s worse than we thought as far as coaches having ZERO control.
I never was into the Mark Richt “moral victories”. It appears Joe the gator fan is talking up how close the 17 point loss really was. Ok. You can say you played well and you did. But UGA didn’t play well and still beat you by 17. This last year all of the people during the off-season talked about this being the year to “get” Georgia. It appears your happy with keeping it close and playing well....only losing by 17. But what in the world makes you think you are going to do better this year? UGA just replaced a #13 recruiting class (Senior class) with a #2 class.
It was perplexing. Mullen had a decent year and it would have been great for UF to fly under the radar until the WLOCP and “surprise” UGA. Mullen has been pining, poking, and poking Smart and UGA all offseason like it was 1995 and Spurrier just beat UGA 42-14. Spurrier flapped his jaws because he knew he had better teams and could back it up. All Mullen did was pine the bear and believe me, bulliten bird material for UGA and a little bit of something that sits in the back of Kirby’s mind isn’t going to go well for Dan.
UGA vs Oregon didn’t make the list? No UGA vs Oklahoma??? Pffftt....
Doesn’t matter who was right. Airing the dirty laundry like this makes UF look worse than Steele whatever his reasons were. It doesn’t appear the coaching staff got ahead of the fallout with the team. There already should have been a social media policy in place for “events”.
Cuz they pulled it out of left field and it didn’t happen? They weren’t attacking him and belittling him?
Fields left UGA at the worst possible time (right before signing day) to the chagrin of their fans. Yet his former teammates congratulated him, wished him well, didn’t crap on him at all even if some fans did. This is another level. Those teammates cut their buddies throat QUICK!
Dan Mullen coached Aaron Hernandez (closer than Meyer) for multiple years. Let that sink in.
@AUforLife Do you have any information to share about UGAs glass house? Or are you just saying that as a knee jerk response? What are we all missing? Also, we hate UF. They are arguably a bigger rival than you guys. We like kicking them while they are down because we know they would do it right back. Oh yea...,they lost a 4 Star 2021 recruit who recommitted like 2hrs ago in Jackson.
Lol. You guys get so worked up about some teams fan (who happens to be a writer) being unrealistic. This is the normal goofy offseason championships poor teams claim. Just have a chuckle a the guys expense and move on. 0% reason to be upset about that stuff.
I just hope we can catch up to their scheduling ( schedules Oklahoma, then Florida schedules Colorado).
Dang! The billboard material for UGA is piling up baby. Unsolicited all off season. I was worrying that the Dawgs wouldn’t be up for the UF game this year after the last few years of beat downs....but Mullen and the rest have sure helped UGA a LOT. Why talk Florida? Why not show up and beat us? It’s all a paper gator.
68-20 the last two years.....and I think Kirby’s never been beaten as D Coordinator in like 7 yeas vs Mullen but yea, sure, he’s going to start “THIS YEAR!”.
Chicago gun deaths...... Check the total after this weekend. Bet it’s higher than the last two national school shootings combined if not more but not a peep from the national media. Why? Because it’s minority vs minority in low income areas.
Could t have happened to a crappier person. Good riddance. STOlen guns + dope and tweeting police murder fantasies are all forgivable if he can run fast with a football.
Stokes looks like he’s gonna full in nicely for Deandre. Really exploding on the scene.
Whoever made the mistake of not bumping softball for college football should probably be removed at the network.
Why would the article say he didn’t respect Mullen???? He said he respected Saban in response to a story! He worked with Saban for 12 years!!! Not Mullen! You took that to mean he disrespected Mullen?!?!? Talk about some garbage reporting/writing. Straight up fake news.
We can go by assumptions all we want. Here are actual facts: UGA has dominated UF the last few years. Spurrier and Meyer didn’t lose to UGA much at all NOR UGA coaches. Mullen loses to UGA often and has never beaten Smart as a head and assistant coach. Florida wants Spurrier/Meyer but the FACTS show they have an anti-Spurrier. The talent disparity is getting wider.
It’s kinda sad actually. Mullen wasn’t an anti-UGA guy and never had been. He was brought in to be the “new Spurrier” and has awkwardly bumbled around and played the cringy “UGA hater” that Florida fans demand. It isn’t natural like it was for Spurrier. It was personal for him being beaten up by UGA as a player. Spurrier always had a chip on his shoulder about UGA. It’s not there with Mullen. His UGA jabs aren’t really returned or even cared about by Kirby and he’s been steamrolled the last 2 years playing Kirby and UGA.....and for a decade against Kirby’s D at Alabama. This next year looks no different and it almost seems 100% like Mullen is playing to the Florida fan trying to re-live the glory days with his UGA jokes that fall flat. It doesn’t fire people up or make them mad at UGA like Spurrier....people hated how cocky he was because he had a mouth AND WON! UGA will drop 35+ on UF again this year and Mullen will think of a fresh joke again this next year...for the UF fans.