From the hills of Georgia's northland beams my noble brow.
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I would say Ole Miss is the preppiest west school.
WAS a control freak. I'm glad you guys got rid of him. Auburn deserves a better AD.
More than half your student body isn't even from Alabama. No school has more "new fans" than yours.
If your fans show up and get loud, I'll pick you guys to win.
I'm trying to imagine this matchup, and I can't figure out who is likely to win.
He's very talented. It hurts to watch a young talent go out so early in the season.
Two articles below this on the main page is an interview with Megan Mullen detailing the agony of interacting with the Florida fanbase. I'd be surprised if they go back there.
This is tacky. You should be a fan no matter what. You think having a bad coach turns recruits away? An empty stadium is even worse.
I thought Tennessee was gonna do to Kentucky what they did to us last year, winning on a last second hail mary. It's good for Kentucky that they didn't.
This sucks for the players. They didn't sign up for this circus.
Was your comment an attempt to make me regret saying something positive about your team?
Agreed. Classic uniforms are the way to go.
SEC Nation misses the mark. I still think it's absurd that they went to Vandy at Bama instead of Miss State at Georgia. Finebaum's crush on Saban probably had a lot to do with that.
That's a good look uniform-wise. I hope both teams make a good showing for the sake of the East doing better.
Wrong. Two years ago we beat you 52-20. 32 is greater than 28.
Is this supposed to be encouragement? Or are you saying "Georgia will always be what they've been for the last thirty seven years?" It feels like you're saying "stay hungry and stay focused."
What has your team done lately? Lost twice to us. Don't make an argument that your team can't back up.
We're looking forward to hosting you here! Come on down!
#17 is starting to sound like BamaTime.
Do y'all even remember the last time you played in Athens?