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Did Connor O'Gara write this article to justify his picking UGA to lose earlier this week?
And he's doing pretty well there. Before Spurrier, people said no one could win at South Carolina, but he proved them wrong. Mullen has done the same at State.
I think he's made State a legitimate destination for coaches like Spurrier did at South Carolina. And don't rag on towns. Every SEC town has its weak points. Except Athens of course haha.
I think Notre Dame is becoming a sort of coaching white elephant. After Georgia got past them, a lot of really good write-ups came out detailing how being independent is actually hurting them. The school is losing recruiting battles. Does the coach who goes there want history and tradition or a set up to win national championships? If I were him, I'd stay in Starkville.
I'm worried too. I think both teams are hungry. I really can see the game going either way.
What a sad fan. Y'all went and did this to us last year. Have a beer, take a breath, and move on buddy.
I'm picking the bulldogs to win. #Dadjokes
Georgia shouldn't have moved up, Vandy should get some love, and Mississippi State certainly deserves to be in the top 20. Next week, they're going to bring a tough game to Athens! Looking forward to it!
Yeah. We will see. Our list or injuries will hopefully have a few names less by then. Looking forward to that big game in Knoxville!
Man I remember when this was THE game in the SEC. It's been a minute.
ESPN: "How can we make college gameday even less watchable?" This show has been terrible since Chris Fowler left.
I love the feel of LSU and UGA playing each other. Two fun fan bases who get along really well.
We're only on week three. Let's stop firing coaches before they're fired, deciding bowls before they're played, and declaring teams national champions before January.
Agreed. Lots of work needed on that side of the ball. Playing with a very green freshman QB last week, I'm not too upset with how they did, but the whole unit needs to make some big strides.
Joe Cox, please tell someone at SDS to stop posting that obnoxious video at the top of every article.
The video you guys put on the top of every article is really annoying.
fuzzyvol, I had to read that sentence twice to get it. It was oddly phrased with the dashes.
I agree. If you're the new coach, your job is to fix problems, not highlight them.
We will see. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm glad he only sprained it and didn't need surgery! Tech fans are actually the worst.
The SEC swept all of this weekend's ACC opponents. I like that! Hope y'all knock off Clemson next week.
As a Georgia fan, I struggled thinking who I would pull for. I just can't stand Tech and their obnoxious fan base. Seems like I was pulling against Tech more than for Tennessee.
This is what he said about Georgia when we'd get players suspended: "I don't know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended."Looks like it's around 10 now for the school he's an ambassador for.
No. The year Chubby ruined his knee, your Athletic Department received complaints from several programs and subsequently fired their turf grass manager.
I hope our players' knees can handle the shoddy patch of grass Tennessee calls a football field.
I don't think he'll say out loud "I'm not saying because I don't want Harbaugh to know." He might be giving us a little white lie. I don't think it's unheard of for a coach to misdirect.
Also, I can't help but recall UF's ambassador's quote regarding UGA once upon a time: "I don't know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended."
I like seeing Kirby call it like he sees it. Maybe get Herschel to make a visit and practice with those kids and show them how a man in his fifties can outperform them.