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If Dan Mullen wanted my advice (and I know he doesn't), I think he needs to wait until post games to make his grievances against officiating. Halftime complaints look bad even when they truly are bad calls hurting your team. Otherwise, I think he's doing a wonderful job and getting Florida back to where it needs to be.
I hope y'all whoop Clemson. I don't care for Dabo. He acts like he's Andy Taylor, but he's really Tony Soprano.
Phil Fullmer is slimy. He weaseled his way into the HC job in the first place, and he probably is going to do it again. Tennessee needs to figure out its future, not dwell in the past. You think this 69 year old man is magically going to recruit in today's climate? I doubt it. He should never have been hired as an AD. Live in the now Tennessee. I want you guys to be better.
I don't see anyone stopping Georgia from winning the East, but I think it's wide open who will come in second. If they manage the toughest schedule in the country well enough, they'll get some love.
I agree. I think if South Carolina can play with intensity and avoid careless errors and penalties, they can compete in the East.
God forbid they miss a movie, but we don't hear peep about them missing class.
Florida actually has a real in-state rival. As bulldog fans, we can't even imagine a player picking Georgia Tech over us right now. But things can change. It sounds like the player just felt more comfortable at FSU. That doesn't automatically make Florida a mess. Cut the 18 year old kid some slack for being a little indecisive.
I think coaches should find more ways to remind people that they're dads/husbands/friends/people.
The reason why I don't see him retiring is he would have to move. If you were Nick Saban, would you retire and then watch someone else be "the guy" in Tuscaloosa? Also, if you're the next coach, do you want the former coach living where you're trying to be the king of the hill? I think his coaching exit might mirror that of Bear Bryant's.
Georgia Players make more money in the NFL, but I wonder if our coaches point that out when trying to recruit against specific schools. The UGA Athletics Department also academically advises our players in a way that makes them nearly finished with a bachelors by the time they leave early for the NFL, but I guess that isn't as flashy of a headline.
It's Dan Mullen's second year-- things are going to be bumpy still. Even the troll fans from UGA probably know that. Trolls grow stronger during talking season.
Snowflakes all of them. I didn't even bring up Kirby Smart sabanfanman. I'm gonna assume you're one of two different types on here: a fan from a different school who wants to make Bama fans look like heels, or BamaTime's best friend.
I don't love Calipari, but at least he doesn't possess the gall to ask a player to aggrandize his coaching career at the expense of a player's family and his ability to provide for them. Let the kid go and earn.
I can't put an exact date on that, but I do know when LSU stopped being one. It was about the time Nick Saban's recruits left Les Miles' roster.
There's an enormous gap between what you think you know and what you actually know when you're 18. For instance, thinking only one program is blowing smoke up your a$$ when actually every program in the country is blowing smoke up your a$$. That being said, I hope Oklahoma works out for him. Maybe they'll put more muscles on his arms instead of just tattoos.
I went to the rose bowl, and though my liquid diet that day has my memories somewhat hazy, I remember it as a phenomenal experience. But why don't we stick the game in Atlanta every year? Flights are cheap and plentiful (LAX is garbage), the CFB Hall of Fame is there, the venue is phenomenal. Just my opinion though.
I really don't think we settled. He was the next man up. I don't know if Chaney was trying to leverage an offer into a raise, but I know for sure Georgia had no interest in matching what Tennessee was offering. I wish him all the best, and I hope Tennessee gets back to form and helps the SEC East be a force again. It's boring when Georgia being the division champ is a foregone conclusion. I like winning and all, but we need our division to step up.
Why would he ever leave? He's worshipped as a minor god, the cost of living is nothing in Tuscaloosa, he has total control, and he's not terribly successful in the NFL. There isn't any amount of money that would make him leave. And yes, Terry Saban has made it perfectly clear she's happy in Alabama. If I were him, I'd never leave.
BamaTime's comments make more sense if you imagine he's posting in a sad, wood-paneled room strewn about with empty generic mountain dew containers and a filthy jizzrag at his feet.
I'm excited we're playing Texas because it should have some recruiting benefits. Our student body already has so many kids from the Dallas and Houston areas, so maybe a Georgia win will boost our football recruiting there as well.
Mark Richt has lost control of the Texas A&M Aggies.
And yes, Alabama will probably BTH outta us haha.
I think overrated is reaching. We aren't as good as last year, but we've earned our spot.
He's a great hire. Fans need to breathe and give him a chance to get his foundation set. I think he'll end up doing really well there.