From the hills of Georgia's northland beams my noble brow.
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Did this article have to write "champion starved" twice? It's true, but ouch.
This kid looks like a grown man already.
You're telling us our record is not anything we don't already know. A lot of people on here try to make comments that engage conversation or find common ground between the teams we love. You just come here to clarify that your team wins more than everyone else.
BamaTime all you do is dump on other teams. Isn't it enough for you that the school you pull for is easily and often the best team in the country? Do you have to heap ridicule on other fans to boost yourself?
Did not give me chills. And the music is the kind of song the middle aged alcoholic at a dive bar gets really into while singing by himself.
I rebuke all the jinxing powers that this ranking has in the case of UGA. Preseason hype is a curse.
For a fun, non-important article like this, this was pretty fun. Athens is very much like a little Austin.
Very well said. I'm still not sold on Jones as coach at UT. And before you get mad at a UGA fan commenting on another school, I want every school to have good coaches and the conference to be as strong as it can be across the board.
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. Hoping people will leave UGA alone so we can play our schedule free of the pre-season hype curse.
This guy had to pick between UGA, UNC, Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State. Talk about a high class problem.
Uga is great, but the trumpet soloist at the southwest corner of the stadium followed by the Larry Munson video gives me sincere chills. I've brought friends who aren't even fans to games, and they think it's something special.
They never should have fired him. He should have been AD or head coach emeritus years ago.
Knock on wood. I do not want this pre-season hype to turn into the curse it became on Tennessee last year.
Poorly researched article. You might have spent eight minutes writing this.
We're not a disappointed fanbase. We had a bumpy eight win year with a first time HC. We're looking forward to next year!
I'm a proud Hoya and a proud Double Dawg. I would love to have a kid from my old high school making big plays in Athens. This kid will do well no matter where he goes!
That's an issue too. He doesn't have a lot of "touch" yet.
Haha my thoughts exactly. I'm not too worried about recruiting. A lot of calendar left before NSD.
Yeah this reminds me of Butch's "five star heart" mentality.
I would love to see some play-making receivers at Georgia this year. Eason has so many tools, but it doesn't matter if no one can catch the ball. Watching him put it in the hands of every receiver at Ole Miss last year and none of them completing the pass was beyond painful.
I think I'd feel bad for Ole Miss if Hugh Freeze would own his problems for one. single. moment. I'm sure in the long run, it's better to play innocent, but there are only two options here: either he knew what was going on and looked the other way or he didn't know what was going on which means he isn't in control.
I think it's odd also. I think if SDS is going to list five best off seasons and five worst off seasons, then Georgia should be in the good list, if not simply the four teams who are neither good nor bad.
Poor kid. He put a lot of thought into doing the right thing, and he is made to feel responsible for the loss of a scholarship. I hope he comes to Georgia and has a great career.
Saban is such a piece of garbage. He has made college football something awful.
There are few things more embarrassing than a headline that reads "Wide receivers try to catch the ball now"
Amen. If they had open tryouts this week, I'd drag my out of shape 28 year old butt there and go for it.
"And when the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pastures!? Ducks fly together!"