From the hills of Georgia's northland beams my noble brow.
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Good question. Birmingham is like if Columbus was the capital of Georgia.
I'm glad that it seems like Georgia didn't do Jacob wrong and Jacob didn't do Georgia wrong. Everyone should be better off.
Doesn't he already own a lake house in Georgia? Does he do anything except draw a paycheck in Alabama?
I like all the "next men up." They've already shown great skill, and it's time for them to be the names we talk about.
The announcers also called Jake From "Jacob Eason" a couple times haha. Does anyone else wish we could get some young people with better recall calling games? Don't even get me started on the CBS crew.
Remember that time Joe Mixon broke a girl's face by punching it? His punishment was playing in the sugar bowl and pretending to punch players when he celebrated big plays. That school is all about integrity.
Oklahoma fans travel well too. I hope there are way more of us than them, though.
This article makes Auburn and the athletic department sound flighty, spoiled, and petulant. Auburn fans, does this bother you? I'm not talking specifically about Gus, but the last 17 years. It seems like the author is saying "way to make a good decision for once" and that seems harsh. Someone correct me if I'm seeing something that isn't there.
"Obvious fats." Sounds like an apt term for Alabama fans.
The guy who's team had to depend on OSU losing more than one game is talking trash.
Hey everyone, look at the Alabama fan calling someone an ignorant hick. 59% of your student body is from other states because the school gave up on anyone from your state being able to both walk and chew gum at the same time. Does anyone else think #17 is Harvey Updyke?
Oklahoma will be going up against a top defense in the best defensive conference in the country. My outlook for this game is more optimistic than Mr. Cox's.
I'd be wary of hyping history as your program's hallmark. That's what Notre Dame does, and that seems to be all they have.
I'm not trash talking, but the lettering for the Auburn end looks pretty crummy. They should have done it in a brighter color or highlighted it or something.
I do too. I hate seeing any player go out with an injury. He's a true competitor and he wants to play.
I wished Mullen had stayed in Starkville. He's going to get paid big-time, and I guess you can't fault a man for that.
As a fan, I expect my team to win every game. Losers expect to lose. I'm not mad. Congrats on beating your big brother team without a fluke miracle or paying Cam Newton's dad.
Rushing the field makes it look like you didn't expect to win. In other words, it's a bad look.
I would say Ole Miss is the preppiest west school.
WAS a control freak. I'm glad you guys got rid of him. Auburn deserves a better AD.
More than half your student body isn't even from Alabama. No school has more "new fans" than yours.
If your fans show up and get loud, I'll pick you guys to win.