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After living in the Midwest for the last year, I forgot how you southerners come up with the stupidest stuff to rationalize not hearing the truth. It doesn't matter how Mizzou's class is rated, we still beat USCE, and we've been pretty good at keeping you from the SECE title. Now, all that being said, it has no bearing on the fact that Muschamp has been really good at underproducing.
I'm a believer in this. I love college football. I love some pre-Christmas MACtion and watching the Funbelt. Quit acting like a bowl game is some reward. This just in: college football is a business! Ask Nick Saban's latest home he doesn't live in! You don't like it, don't watch!
They have more commits than this is reporting. Offensive line was a need during the season, so I don't put much stock in who is leaving there. Also, Boehm will most likely play guard or tackle in the NFL. Odom has been out on the recruiting trail, and I don't see him not coming back with something. I just think if you look at where the team was weak this year and say "that's where they need to recruit," you're behind the times. They need a guy who is a sophomore or junior to fill those gaps. Here's hoping they've got them.
Don't worry, Muschamp will figure out some way to ruin him.
This amazes me about the SEC fan. Once a guy leaves, whether a player or coach, it can only be because he is a bad guy. I'd be more concerned about why he thinks the PAC 12 is a better opportunity.
Exactly right. ESPN wants content, Popeyes wants commercial time, and the schools want the money, the exposure to those little clips showing how they're a real academic institution, and the added practice time/exposure for the program.
I hear Texas A&M could give him some playing time.
Barry Odom is bringing in solid coordinators and shaking things up after being part of two very successful programs. I'd say he's by FAR a more proven commodity than Muschamp. I don't understand how Muschamp gets ranked high because he's been an abject failure before, so he can't be that bad, but other coaches who have managed to meet or exceed expectations and were retained somehow don't get the same credit for learning from their mistakes. Is Chris Wright the AD at South Cakalaki?
I think Odom is doing great. The offensive lineman was a decommit to Illinois, and the other hasn't played a down all year thanks to a torn MCL. I look at him to make the program really solid.
Morse from Mizzou is also a major reason for the Chiefs' success. Chiefs Kingdom!
I don't see why they don't cut down the regular season by a game and do a much larger playoff. Howard Schnellenberger talked about how it built a lot of fan support and he was a fan. I'm not sure 32 teams is needed, but I think a minimum of 8 is needed, and 16 is best.
This is crazy. Are the fans in Gainesville mocking him or something? It seemed like the coaching staff was 100% behind the guy.
Can't say I'm really surprised. He might end up at Mizzou before it's all over. He may end up at Akron too!
This seems to have two motives, and I like both: 1) quality coordinate with a passion for the school 2) keep that Texas-> Mizzou recruiting trail open! M-I-Z!
He was, but I think if Herman is offered the Texas job, he leaves either way unless the BigXII lets Houston in.
I agree with this one. The argument is being made "we have a link between something and something else, but we're not sure what the exact factors are, so just go ahead with status quo." This makes no sense. We need more research, but we shouldn't discount what we already know. The kind of thinking that it only matters when you know the exact link is the kind of thinking that didn't dissuade families to stop their kids when they tried pick up smoking because not everyone who smokes dies of cancer.
1) if you think the NYT is liberal, you're most likely so deep into biased news sources, you've lost ability to discern rounded coverage from biased depictions. 2) telling others what you think they should do is just what you did. That's what the writer of the opinion piece in the Times did. Seems like you're the dope.
Kanell is a dope. The guy writing the piece is a scientist using science. As someone who has had concussions not from playing football and then have to get back into situations where I'm risking another, the threat of head injury is very real, and I'd challenge Kanell to go spend time with some CTE/TBI sufferers like the SCIENTIST who wrote the NYT piece does, and tell me how his call to arms is unwarranted.
I think when a Memphis paper announced Odom was no longer being considered, either Odom was the head coach, or had agreed to stay at Mizzou as the defensive coordinator.
I agree that he didn't say "the best thing for me is to leave" out of the blue, and the AD said "I agree." I do think that there were probably some demands made of Richt, most likely having to do with some coordinators, and he said he didn't want to do it. Everything I've read or seen of Richt shows that he's just tired. I don't think he'll be coaching next year, and he might take up Georgia on their offer to be a fundraiser/emeritus coach.
I like Temple's team, but im not sure a coach from an inner city Catholic school in Philadelphia is a fit for Columbia. My biggest concerns for Odom are his age and what his offensive philosophy is going to be? Who does he want as a coordinator, and how will that guy react to a guy who isn't even 40 telling him to do something different?
If you're Alabama educated, you're not a good fit. We need someone that can read and write above a second grade level.
Historically they haven't been good. When you look at the landscape of what makes a college a yearly contender (recruiting base, money, boosters, fan base, willingness to mortgage academics for athletics) Georgia has it all. It's honestly more attractive than Alabama in a lot of ways.
I was at both the BYU and Tennessee games. The crowd at Faurot was in it at the beginning, but the offense was so dreadful, the fans just said "thanks Gary, now I'm going to warm up."
I think they're looking at his team quitting on him and having no quarterback since Metenberger went pro as good reasons for the firing.