Peak Saban

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The grapevine says Deion has offered Arch Stanton $1 million to come to Jackson State.
Too funny. Kiffen is kiddin. Nick is all washed up. He won't win another Natty unless and until he structures his collective like Jimbo has structured his at A&M.
The NIL is still transforming into what it will ultimately be so it's too early yet to say precisely but we can see its shape coming into form and Saban with his remarks held that increasingly clarifying picture up for all to see.
I think what qualifies you Deion is all the money, partying and s e x. “Turns out living in mansions, buying sick cars and banging dozens of women — sometimes 2 or 3 at a time — ain’t all it’s cracked up to be” … so says Deion himself.
I don't love that bleach-blond hairdoo, that's for sure.
Too funny. Bengals advance. What did I tell you?
Brookside has one "police officer" for every 144 people. Sounds like a Commie h e l l h o l e to me deep in the heart of Dixie. If you get to know Southerners like I have, you come to realize they are really Commies in disguise and the disguise whilst crude is not great at disguising them and their intent.
Brookside, Alabama ‘has form’ when it comes to “questionable” actions under the guise of “official duties.” The town is running a “Ticket Mill;” where an outsized number of officers proportional to the town’s population purposefully write legally ‘questionable’ and often outright fraudulent tickets simply for the purposes of raising funds. Even other Alabama police forces oppose this practice as carried out by Brookside.
Good thing it wasn't Brookside. Just ask the Witts. I bet Brookside is where Nurse 8x5 lives. If not, he should. Sweet Home Alabama.
Derrick Henry is a beast. Once he gets started and has some momentum and a head of steam, he can't be stopped. His yards after first contact have always been sensational. That being said, I expect him to be rusty against the Bengals as in preseason rusty and as such, he will not make much of a difference in this game. I've got Joe Burrow and the Bengals in this one. They can smell it.
Imagine America before the European Invaders arrived. That's where this is headed. Or Deadwood late 1800's — hence the canned peaches. Deadwood where a dysfunctional and far from ideal order was established from anarchy.
Yes, the Mannings do have a prestigious and valuable brand to protect. How is it they are not the official sponsors for Lipton or Luzianne Iced Tea?
I think you'd be a great nurse for him getting him in tip top teabag health. Nurse 7x4.
What's important is to evaluate whether or not he can teabag female trainers as well as his perverted Uncle Peyton. The Mannings represent everything that is wrong with America.
Harbaugh is a good coach but I'm afraid he has Marv Levy Syndrome. He just can't win the big one. Such a tease.
Jesus, you're a nurse. Good Lord. Better to die at home than to suffer the likes of you.
It's pretty screwed up that wealthy boosters/donors are the ones paying coaches. At this point, college football just needs to be what it already is and will be for sure in the next few years — the minor leagues for the NFL. Just disassociate it from the university system at this point. To pretend it's a functioning component of the university system is a joke. I'm guessing that within five years I will be tuning it out entirely because of its increasing inauthenticity. The love of the game is going out the window and being replaced by the love of money. Narcissism is the name of the game.
It’s not just she professors guys. Any professor will do, be it male or female. It is interesting you singled out female professors as though female professors are the only professors who would a b u s e and exploit their tenure. Telling, in fact.
Doesn't he know that driving while black after midnight in the wee hours of the morning is illegal in Alabama. He should know that even though he's leaving for Texas, Bama fans are praying for him just as surely as they are praying for Jay Barker in the hopes Jay is successful in his next attempt to end Sara Evans' life.
Does he mean Stetson would beat them up if they said it to his face? How old is McElroy? 10? Get a real job, Greg, and yes I will be happy to say that to your face if you'd like. Go be a nurse. The nation needs nurses now more than ever. Not worthless pundits.
Good point about those tenured professors. My daughter is dealing with one at UGA right now. No accountability. It’s an a b u s e of the intent and sentiment of tenure.
I know I'm laughing. Hey Dac, go teach 3 to 6 year olds like my wife does and get back to me about working hard and putting your life into something. You'd last less than an hour, if that. Prima Donna. You've never "labored" a day in your life, Dac, and yet you make gazillions and have the audacious temerity to whine about it.
Prove that last statement, or at least prove such a thing is material. You can't. Voter fraud is not material. Also, it's everyone "who" is eligible to vote, not "that." In days of yore, you would have flunked that test and would not have been allowed to vote. You're a fan of black players so long as they can't vote or their vote and the vote of their loved ones doesn't count. Get some real cojones and just say it or type it. Don't hide behind false claims of voter fraud.
I think you're right, Connor. Lincoln Riley's contract is ridiculous but I think Smart's will exceed $100 million. My guess is $105 million and yes, he's worth it based on what some of these other unproven coaches are making.