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It's not a matter of talent with Bama going forward, Bama has that in droves and will until Saban finally exits. It's a matter of developing that talent and instilling discipline in that talent and garnering respect and total commitment from that talent. That was lacking this year and hence all that depth Bama likes to brag about was impotent when it was needed most. That's on the coaches, Saban included and Saban especially. The number of Bama players entering the portal this year is a bad omen and telling. The edifice that is Saban is beginning to crack. The respect is not there like it once was. Has C o v i d changed Saban? Maybe so.
Maybe Tua's parents should be dual coaches. They're like American Express, Tua never leaves home without them.
Are you kidding me? There is no excuse whatsoever for what this coward did. He has the choice to walk away. Instead, he chose violence and that speaks to his character or lack thereof.
Barker is 49? Jeez, I'm getting old. Who names their kid Jerome? What a scumbag. There is nothing more cowardly than wife battering with the exception of kid battering. Braxton must be proud. Will he follow in daddy's footsteps. These tendencies run in families.
Also, based on the poor ratings it's fair to say most agree with me that the national championship game had already been played and it was the SECCG. Anyone with a brain cell knew Bama and Georgia were number one and two in the nation by far and that no other teams came close or would come close. The number one and number two, despite the official joke rankings, played each other on December 4th in Atlanta and Bama won. Even though Bama won in what was really the true national championship game, I'm willing to concede co-champions. You should be thanking me for conceding that versus admonishing me.
I've been thinking about your theory since Georgia won this past Monday. It has much more credibility. How is it possible Georgia didn't show up for the SECCG? An investigation is in order. It really does look like Georgia laid down in the SECCG when you compare its performance in the natty to the SECCG. In this day and age, an age of endemic corruption everywhere and anywhere you look, I wouldn't be surprised.
Wow, Georgia "fans" and Bama "fans" are showing their true colors here and their lack of objectivity. All credit is due to Georgia for the win. Georgia had a great game plan and executed flawlessly. The Georgia coaching staff instilled a do or die attitude in the Georgia players and the Georgia players had enough respect for the coaching staff to take it to heart and execute. The same cannot be said for Bama. It's clear Bama's players do not have the same amount of respect for the coaching staff that Georgia's players do. Bama's execution was pathetic compared to Georgia. Had Bama's execution been flawless or nearly flawless like Georgia's, Bama would have won the game. All those dropped passes would have accounted for at least 21 more points for Bama. But, it's not an excuse and I'm not making excuses. Execution is a vital component to winning. Bama didn't execute. That's on the coaches. Saban is slipping and this year proved it. Bama was inconsistent and undisciplined all year long and it came back to bite them big time in the natty. As for calling me a troll, you're too funny. Every single one of you are the classic definition of a troll so it's the pot calling the kettle black.
Also, why on earth would you congratulate a fan on a team's win? A fan has nothing to do with the team's win. They're merely moronic spectators.
This article underscores just how impressive Bama's performance against the Georgia defense in the SECCG was. Bama slayed the dragon no other team in college football could. That was the true national championship in my opinion and in the least, in my book at least, Bama and Georgia are co national champions. Georgia's defensive front line is so impressive, it helps take the pressure off of what is a mediocre at best secondary. When you're snuffing the run game and enticing teams to try to beat you in the air yet you're pressuring the QB on every attempt, well, that's a winner every time regardless of your offense. Like Bama of yore, Georgia's defense sets the tone and tenor of the game. The only exception to that all year was against Bama in the SECCG. Still, all in all, Bama should have won the natty. Despite the key injuries to Metchie and Willams, had Bama executed flawlessly or near flawlessly, they would have had per my count 21 more points than they did. Failing to execute mitigated those points. That's on the coaches.
Bolden is not NFL material. He's not Danny Amendola the sequel.
Good point. We'll see if he's capable of being resilient and adaptive because he will have to be as a prerequisite to Super Great. A Super Great compiles great support staff.
True. Good point. The transfer portal needs an expedition staff to process all of this in a timely manner so all these possibilities can find new homes where they can be more productive and valued hopefully.
Exceptions to the rule are not the rule. Greg is an exception, albeit a boastful exception.
I didn't even know Arkansas State existed. That being said, I think I like the transfer portal. It allows a decent talent Mwikuta to bring his potential to a no name program rather than him underperforming for a more prestigious Power 5 team. It's a way of balancing the scales and spreading the wealth so to speak.
Yes, Dabo has already proven himself a great coach, but he's not yet a Super Great and more than likely won't be. Saban and Bear were/ are Super Greats having won as many national championships as they have. My guess is Saban will remain with Bama for another five to six years until he surpasses Bear's 323 wins.
Let's see if anyone gets this. When the conference commissioners meet to discuss the issue of expanded playoffs, which one brings the canned peaches to be shared by any and all?
I agree. Also, there should be no breaks between playoff games. It destroys the natural continuity and stifles momentum. I truly believe had there not been such a large gap of time between the conference championship games and the semi-finals of the CFP, the games would have been much closer and in fact at least one outcome would have gone another way.
Good points. I do know Monday has never been convenient for me and mine but we're not everyone obviously.
They need to move to Saturday evening so people can plan parties around it. Monday night is a terrible time.
You're right about Williams, my bad. Someone told me yesterday he wasn't going to go pro this year even though he is eligible. I was skeptical obviously. I agree with you he will go. That being said, it doesn't affect my conclusion. The times, they are a changin'.
That's something for sure, but it's not "left." If there were any true leftists around with any power or influence, most rich folk if not all would be six feet under. Look what the Russian peasants did to the Romanovs and the Russian aristocracy in 1917. They were "left" and when they finished with their purge, there were no rich folk left.
Thank you. I don't do fan. Bama is the team I prefer and follow. I dig college football for its authenticity. I have no doubt that authenticity is waning and eventually college football like the NFL will more and more come to resemble pro wrestling as Money and Vegas determine outcomes in advance.
Nah, it's the end of an era. There will be no more dynasties. I predict Georgia has two or three losses next year and doesn't make the CFP. If Saban keeps O'Brien and Golding intact, despite returning players and Young as QB and Williams as one of his receivers, the inconsistency and unpredictability and lack of motivation will continue. I believe if Sark was still the OC this year, Bama would have been national champs once again.
Lester Maddox would be proud. It's a shame he can't be there celebrating with all the unwoke Bulldog fans.
And no, I don't want an apology and I'm not owed one. Do yourself a favor and get your head out of Twitter and get it in the game. You're tweeting a video of you catching passes with one hand like some hotshot and last night you drop perfectly-thrown balls you're attempting to catch with two hands. Why? Why did you drop the passes? That's what you need to work on instead of tweeting apologies to fools who will pamper you like ranchers pamper calves before they chop them up into veal.