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He said "connections", not relatives. Go look at his resume and you'll see what he's referring to. I've known Dave since around 2006 or 7 and would agree with Wolfman's brother
This is rather funny. Do your research and look at NFL draft picks/players per capita from all 50 states. MS is always in the top 10 and usually top 3-5. Budget is not a problem. OM is always in the middle of the pack in SEC on budget. The SEC is so far ahead of most conferences that with the Transfer Portal....he can fill out his roster until his recruiting efforts start getting rewarded. His 2023 class will be top 10 and likely top 5.
Actually, i haven't heard a single fan blame it on one person. part of it involved the old assistant under Nutt - David Saunders. Another part involved a car dealership (booster owned), and another involved a mentor of a recruit that had acted as a father figure for the recruit most of his life and gave him a ride to oxford a few times and to the bowl game in Birmingham. That's 3 different individuals right there. The funny part about all of this, is the David Saunders deal. He helped guys get ACT scores.....and admitted that those players ended up at OM, MSU, Bama, and Auburn. I wouldn't stir the pot too much.