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“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” Before you go questioning Coach Freeze's faith or if he is a Christian look at yourselves. He made a mistake in judgement and actions. Now he is paying the price for those actions & decisions! Everyone sins! No one without it. Bottom line he knew this was a bad move on his part and did it anyhow. Thoughts are with his family who will pay the price for his actions!
I met him in Atlanta Friday night downtown. Super nice guy!!!
Not sure why you dislike Holly, She is smart and very good at her job.
Fuller Goldsmith is very wise for his age!! Good luck to you young man and praying for your full recovery!! Kenyon Drake shows how to be a class act each and every day!! Roll Tide!!
An one loss ND team?? Hahahaha!!! I thought that the media would have learned it's lesson about ND from the NC Game when they were demolished in every aspect of the game when all you heard was how big and bad they were!!! Well how did that work out for yall then? About the same as it will this year as well!! The fact remains that the Western Division of the SEC is the strongest Division in the strongest Conference in the Nation!! Like it or not you know it true you just don't want to admit it!!!