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Good luck to him wherever he lands but quitting mid-season isn't a good look. The team that showed up for the end of the season was so much better than that.
Sarkisian following in the footsteps of Aranda into the dumpster fire of a conference that should be renamed the Little 12. Both of them should be smarter than that.
Boutte is a stud. Johnson's right there with him. Great to see all the young guys step up to the challenge. Lots to work with moving forward. 'Don't let the door hit you in the butt' the cop outs and others who flopped early in the season.
"Trash had his worst game of the season against the worst pass defense in the SEC." ...technically, that was mostly against the backups to the worst defense in modern SEC history but that's nitpicking. So glad to see Max Johnson get a chance. Yuge performance for a first start against a top 10 team in the swamp with 2nd & 3rd string receivers, TE & RBs in the fog. Not much more could have stacked against him.
Absolutely agree. Just another of the many bad coaching decisions this year if they don't give him a shot.
Silence from those 2 punks was golden. Jamie did great and should get more opportunities.
6. Enough booze to be blind drunk by halftime.
Johnson makes better decisions, too. Time to see what he can do with a start. If this is a prep year for 2021 (which is looking like wishful thinking with all the sh!t hitting the fan) then not seeing what Johnson can do as a starter is just another in the long line of bad decisions coming from the coaching staff.
Sloppy game for everyone including the refs. Finley managed to not screw up. Don't think he played a very good game. Lots of bad decisions, throwing into crowds, doesn't move around in the pocket well. He's a freshman so not the mosdt surprising performance. But, Max Johnson should be getting playing time. Poor player development decision. Finley having an edge in practice doesn't equate to his being a better player in games. Give Max a shot.
It's gotten all too repetitive. "It's on me." Stop letting the players off easy. They know how to block and tackle. Nothing about the offense or defense is too complicated. Stop letting the coordinators off easy. Start chewing some azz, coach.
Looks we fielded a random group of guys picked up from around town right before the game. What happened to a talented group of football players who already know the basics of tackling & blocking? Our D can't tackle a to-do list. Our O can't block the view of a TV. WTF is going on?
Maybe we can get the rest of the conference to chip in for Bo's salary. He's making them look great. KY holds MS St to a safety but we gave up 600+ yds. Make it stop.
At least keep him away from our D if we have to keep paying that massive salary. Maybe he can help carry the teams bags w/o f'ing that up.
...record setting bad. What numbers will the real offenses put up against us?
Youth & inexperience will improve with time. My main concern is the coaching. Pelini and Ensminger have no excuses.
Gotta hang much of this on the coaching. Young & inexperienced players didn't help but that was part of the challenge to begin with. We've known all year that would be the case. Coaches didn't adapt on either side of the ball. Just kept trying to do the same things that weren't working.