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I don’t know, but the conference championship could be the Toilet Bowl
MSU’s meat science department should send them a side of beef as an apology
From several years ago when Bama seemed to be investigated or have players in the news for non-football related badness: “Scandal- Plagued University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.” I haven’t seen that acronym in a loooong time
That’s cute, buddy. The only reason it was even that close was due to a football field’s-worth of penalties and a couple of DB errors where they forgot to look around. Considering UW’s WRs were pushing off almost every play, we STILL won a sloppy first game. Take your 0-1 back to the Pacific Northwest and let that Seattle rain hide your tears.
We just can’t have nice things... those bushes JUST started looking good again!
Spined** sorry, I’ve had a few brewskis in celebration
Those bushes are spines holly. That’s not a fun place to be stuck hahaha
"Bc how I dress????" Seriously dude? Gonna shoot up a school because people don't like your style?
Oh yeah? Well.... you wear braces! ...that's all I have, he made mincemeat of us, jeez. Our players need to learn tact and discretion, or else be able to back up what they say [Goes home to cry in the shower]
Yup. Definitely a local franchisee thing, not corporate.
UT-Martin got Auburn's old Russell unis after we switched to UnderArmour
Yeah it's a bit ridiculous. When I was in undergrad less than a decade ago, the IRON BOWL was $45 face value. I love Auburn, but they really need to stop charging prohibitive ticket prices.
Sadly, unless its a BIG game, the stadium doesn't quite get full enough to warrant the significant structural changes that would be needed to increase capacity. There's an underground creek running north-south under the stadium, and is one of the reasons we haven't enclosed the endzones. I agree with the comment about throwing off the symmetry of the stadium, they should have transferred the old screen to the north end zone, where we still have the same one we had in the 90s.
I completely agree. UAB was set up to fail by the Board of Trustees. Sad, especially with the new coach sending them bowling this year and showing lots of signs of improvement.
The UA BOT refuses to let UAB compete with UA(T) on ANY level regarding football, whether it be in actual games, or more importantly, with regards to recruiting of coaches or players. They have kneecapped UAB for as long as they've had a football program, then use the lack of financial success to force the UAB president to shut it down. This is ridiculous. UA will never let UAB be anything more than its med school cash cow, and it's terrible. UAB should break completely free of UA both academically and athletically, but there's no way that the BOT will allow that to happen. UA needs UAB more than UAB needs UA(T).
someone's misinterpreting history... They weren't fire hoses, they were sprinklers. VERY POWERFUL sprinklers, but sprinklers nonetheless.
Could it be wishing Treadwell a healthy recovery? Condemning a tasteless photo used by a newspaper associated with Auburn only by proximity? Excitement about being ranked as high as we were? Defending our team against media and other fans' attacks about the imagined maliciousness of Kris Frost on a freak play? Seriously. The fellow fans I'd been talking to last week were pissed at our defense for allowing as many points as they did, and our team as a whole for earning 145 yds in penalties. Just because you lost a close game on an unfortunate play, you don't have to be a bitter turd about everything.
what exactly were Auburn fans' actions after the Ole Miss game that you're upset about? Get over yourself.
actually, you're right! supervising editor is a Bama grad, and the sports editor is from Ohio
It is. It has virtually zero readership, and doesn't represent Auburn or the fanbase.
Also, "literally 1 yard away from winning?" No, they were literally 1 yard away from scoring a touchdown to go up by 3 points, with 1:30 and 3 timeouts left for one of the most prolific offenses in the country to get into field goal range or better. Did you WATCH the game? Auburn's O was having its way with the landsharks, particularly later in the game. Look, I like Ole Miss. I respect Ole Miss. I feel bad for Treadwell. But it is a HUGE leap of faith to consider a TD on that play the end of the game.
One of the biggest positives I see in Malzahn is his great ability to make in-game adjustments to his game plan. Saban is one HELL of a coach, motivator, and game-planner, but when something goes wrong, he just doesn't evolve as well during a game. Fluidity is a major advantage in the current state of college football.
As big an Auburn fan as I am, and as much as i like Nick, if i had a vote it would go to Dak. Reliable as both rusher and passer, carries his team, and very clean record off the field. It could bring credibility back to the award
I still have faith in Will. I think he has the potential to be a very good coach once he figures out the right identity for Florida. His defense is always stout, but just gets worn out due to being on the field all game. As soon as they find a consistent rhythm on offense, Florida will be a force to be reckoned with.