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Regardless of whether or not you like LSU or not, Coach O is a likable guy and he seems much more real to our fans. He's a guy I'd like to have a beer with.
Kirby Smart is doing alot of knocking but really needs to kick the door in. He's too soft though. If Georgia does win, it's because Clemson, Ohio State, or Alabama just ends up having an off year. Georgia has so much talent but they desperately need some fireworks on offense.
Not to mention, the seats they alotted to our fans and the band were in the nose bleeds where the sun set on that side. Then during the pregame, they defaced Burrow's jersey by shooting a cannon through it. It was so satisfying beating them and I dont care to play them again.
I think 24/7 Sports did the best hypothetical pod system: Pod A: Florida Georgia Kentucky S. Carolina Pod B: Alabama Auburn Tennessee Vanderbilt Pod C: LSU Miss State Ole Miss Texas A&M Pod D: Arkansas Mizzou Texas Oklahoma - You would play all three teams in your pod each season - Play 2 games against each other pod - Host every team at least every 4 seasons
We got a pretty good glimpse of it during the opening game of the 2019 season. One thing I will say is that regardless of all the differences we all have within the conference, we still all look out for each other because for the most part we were all raised with southern class. There is nothing culturally similar between UT Texas and any other SEC school. The SEC got to this point by strengthening each other week in and week out, UT doesnt care. They are a major contributor to why the Big12 is where they are today.
TAMU has more total wins historically than Florida.
^That was a grammatical s**t storm. Sorry
See...Mizzou fans are clearly still still havent learned the Ole Miss saying, "we may not win every game, but we never lose a party". They dont care.
If that does happen then I'm just going to start calling our conference "The Conference" because geographical proximity means nothing. It's already bad enough with the red-headed stepchild (Mizzou) in the SEC. They arent in the south, much less even close to the southeast. Mizzou is closer to Detroit and Canada than it is to half of the schools in the conference!
Yes it absolutely was as bad as people thought. OLine film is the easiest to judge performance on because it also affects the rest of the offense. There was zero 2nd level job assignment/blocking going on at all. I dont know how many times I saw Mississippi State linebackers blitz A and B gaps and go untouched.
Myles is not the reason we lost against Miss State nor Mizzou. In that goalline stand Mizzou made, our playcalling was awful. Go back and watch it and tell me what Myles should have done differently that would have resulted in a win. Every play we ran was very predictable and easily defended. It's not like Myles had three open receivers that he overlooked or overthrew, he just didnt have many options because most were blocking due to our oline playing so poorly.
Doesnt matter who you put behind center if your OLine cant block.
Brennan lacked the "it" factor... What else was Myles supposed to do? He played in three games, threw for 11 TD's, 3 INT's (one was an end of the game endzone hailmary in the MSU game), and over 1,110 yards all behind an offensive line that admitted they were playing awful, a defense that couldn't stop a U-14 flag football team, and an OC who didn't last one season with us. Yes, Max looked comfortable playing, but there wasn't much asked of him either. I dont really feel like Ive seen enough of Max to really be confident he's the one when really the only two games he started in, we snuck by a mediocre Ole Miss and won a game against Florida (who lost the game more than we won). As odd as 2020 was, holding Myles to the 3 games he played in isnt fair.
Yeah I definitely agree with you. To add to that theory, what drive does a past DC late in his life have to prove himself? None. If anything, Pelini's firing should put some fire under him to resurrect his legacy.
I have a feeling it has something to do with recruiting. Will Campbell tweeted out "Baton Rouge tomorrow!!", deleted it, and then Cregg was fired. Either Campbell knew he was getting fired and is waiting to visit with the new hire or he cancelled his visit because of Cregg which also got him fired.
“Rumor from LSU fans a few months back was that he needed to take two summer courses to become academically eligible” That was for the possibility of Gilbert returning to LSU to play in the fall. He never started those summer classes. He may not be eligible at UGA for the fall as I have no idea which classes transfer over.
I dont think anyone is really surprised by his transfer though. Brennan and Johnson are just better and with 5* Howard planning to come to LSU, it's probably just for the best for him.
Very true. It's the world we live in now. "Recruiting Rankings" dont help one bit with this problem because it gives some players a set of expectations to just walk in and play immediately. Some just dont want to continue working hard to elevate their game because they feel they deserve to start because they were a 5* in high school. Just not the case. Usually when a player tweets, "respect my decision", that just makes me feel they feel entitled.
It sure is nice to have the number one Tommy John surgeon in the country in your alumni base.
Youre dead right. I made the same comment above before reading this. Cant forget which conference you play in and in the SEC, that can happen.
It's not. The biggest factor to me was a watching a team with their eyes set on the possibility of making the playoffs and forgetting that every game matters in the SEC. Florida was playing a team that had nothing to lose and that can be dangerous.
It makes for a very compelling point as to why he chose to go to LSU in the first place haha.
Yeah youre very right on that. I say this all the time but as fans we sometimes forget that alot of these players are kids. Many of them may have physically matured way disproportionately to their mental maturity. He's an 18 year old kid that moved 8 hours away from home for the first time during a covid lockdown. I can very easily see how any of those rumors are true. JUCO's are great avenues for kids who just arent mentally mature enough to go to a university where their freshman biology class doesnt take attendance and has 800 students in it.
Two names that were not mentioned in this article: - Saban - Waddle
Unless Sark gives him an offer he cant refuse, I very strongly doubt he leaves.
Well not many fans of ours believe Coach O would hold much of his own if there was a one v. one coach off against the big names. We're cognizant of O's strengths and weaknesses. This is what he does bring to the table and has proven to be a pretty successful model: 1. Allowing staff more control to perform the job they were hired to do. 2. Recruit at a very high level. 3. Bring the best out of the players he has. 4. Recognize when there needs to be a change and make it instead of waiting to see if things improve. It won him a national championship regardless of how much credit you give Brady. O stuck his neck out on the line to hire a young guy because he believed in him. We view him as a a CEO of the football team and should get credit where credit is due.
UGA has no room to throw shade at LSU. It’s perplexing how Kirby can con so many talented players into believing they can go undefeated at any point. I feel so bad for all those kids.
I’m not super excited about the hire either. Just seems like we don’t really have any better options.