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Nothing against Georgia, they just dont run a gun slinging offense.
I agree. Put yourself in Arch's shoes. With money not an object, Texas is on the rise, they have a solid coaching staff that runs an aggressive passing offense, theyve recruited out the ass for offensive lineman and wide receivers, Austin is an awesome college town, and he'll get a chance to play in the SEC when they join soon. He's got a better chance of winning a NC while padding his stats than the rest of his uncles did. Compare that to Georgia.
We care probably just as much as yall care to be honest. Neither of us feel like he's the missing key for our programs. I personally feel like we missed out on Holstein but there was no chance he was going to be Walker's backup again and we knew that.
You're right. Bradshaw warmed the bench for Phil Robertson. This is a great quote from Phil on when he played against Bama at LaTech: Phil Robertson: They won the national championship that year. Beat us 34-0. They picked me off three or four times, but I slashed ’em up pretty good. We were a small school and I remember how efficient they were and what a charge they had coming at me. You’ve got to remember, in those days you could head-butt, everything. They chewed my tail up and I mean good. Alabama showed up. I was asked what it was like playing Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide and I said, “When the ball was snapped it sounded like a clap of thunder.”
You cant compare why Bradshaw went to LaTech in the late 60's to why Manning didnt go to LSU in todays age. No one would have ever heard of small town kids like 5* LB Tackett Curtis from Many, LA back in the late 60's due to the exposure these kids get today plus the ease of travel. Also, New Orleans is basically on a different planet relative to the rest of Louisiana. The politics are far far left and the people are quite eclectic. It's no shock to me that he really felt at home in Austin.
Not to mention, it's not like Newman has an abundance of elite athletes either.
@bayou Dont forget how Arkansas had Darren McFadden in the 2005, 2006, and 2007 seasons. He was one of the greatest college RB's of my lifetime.
I didnt even see this and commented with a very similar post above. TN fans think theyre good in baseball when truthfully, take this season away and you have a very mediocre baseball team with a history of losing seasons.
It's very true. You had one season where you dominated the regular season. Congrats. Tennessee isnt even in the same conversation as LSU when it comes to winning in baseball. Regional appearances: LSU - 34 TN - 12 Regional Champions: LSU - 25 TN - 5 CWS Appearances: LSU - 18 TN - 5 National Championships: LSU - 6 TN - 0
I see Emery being LSU's next great back. There's a reason TDP and Kiner left
I agree with this take. I didnt take much stock in his staff not wanting to join him down here though. Like most supporting staff, theyre not looking to make a lateral move professionally, moving across the country to rebuild a program when their current employer is giving them a promotion. Can you really blame them?
LSUSMC said that because it's not the first time that's happened with TAMU. It's been "their year" every year for the last 5-7 years and have shown nothing but mediocrity. Freeman inherited a top 10 team, Kelly inherited a complete dumpster fire. What's your point? If it's talking sh** then you didnt do a very good job of it
Yeah we'll see. Yall had a good year in an off year for alot of SEC teams. Good luck next year because you're going to need it.
Nor did the umpires, opposing teams, and opposing fans coming from your team and fans. What else did you expect? When you incessantly talk sh** that's what happens. It has nothing to do with the winning and everything to do with their demeanor and attitude.
There's a difference between kids playing with passion and flippant attitudes/responses to calls you dont agree with. It showed their vulnerability in their inability to keep their cool during adversity. Entitlement is not a championship mentality and it caused them to loose their focus. Now all your teams have you circled on their schedule next season just because you act the way you do.
LOL... More like any list WITH Arkansas isnt much of a list.
Yes. That is what he's reffering to. Passing Bear's 6 would make Saban as the undisputed greatest coach of all time even though many believe he has already done that.
I agree. Of course "The Alliance" is against a 12 team playoff. Why wouldn't they be? When Texas and OU join, imagine trying to go through that gauntlet like we have to week in and week out. I still havent heard any logical reasons as to why a 12 team playoff just wont work when a larger playoff works for all other divisions of college football, the NFL, and just about every other sport.
I mean he could but that would mean he would have to sustain winning like this another 15+ years just based off the frequency in which Bama has won with him coaching.
Not to mention once news breaks, it's a rat race to see who can write the article faster.
I bet he was helped out a little bit but a million dollars? Dont believe it.
I'll be pulling for Bama. After 2019, I absolutely hate Texas fans. I hope yall embarrass them so badly that they end up firing Sark.
One game I could do without is the Arkansas game. That participation trophy that's been collecting dust in our trophy room just takes up too much room.
May not be a bad idea to introduce a 4 team playoff for the SECCG where the team with the most wins in their pod progresses to the playoffs. If there is a tie within the pod, the winning bid will account for strength of wins/losses and best overall record.