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I definitely think hype and resume got him to #3, but would you take Jake Bentley, Jarrett Guarantano, or Tom Flacco over Kelly Bryant? Only one I'd say as a maybe is Jake Bentley. Yes his passing leaves a little to be desired but his dual threat talent gives a different element to his game. It sounds like yall think of him no better than Brandon Harris.
If you dont think he's talented enough to be #3 on the list then where do you think he should be on the list?
Yeah but he ran for 11 touchdowns for a total of 24 touchdowns. Yes he doesn't have the same team talent at Mizzou as he did at Clemson but it shouldn't take away from the immediate impact he has as an athlete at Mizzou. He no question will have to prove himself, but his resume has contains alot of wins. When you compare him to Trevor Lawrence, sure, he's not as good.
Just another SEC gauntlet season ahead of us! Being an LSU hopeful, of course I would like to think we'd have a better season this season, but it's going to take alot of luck avoiding injuries. Our oline stays thin and all it takes is one chop block on an interior olineman to change the outlook on the season. We are disproportionately stacked on skilled positions and it's always frustrated LSU fans. If we had the skill and depth at oline that Bama has, there wouldnt be many questions about our season.
I think Franks improved a little in the offseason but he wont be in the conversation with Tua or Fromm as top QB in the SEC. Having reps with talented receivers goes a long way but I still think he will have his fair share of interceptions playing against the SEC defenses. I know Florida fans are happy they dont have to play Alabama this year unless it's in the SEC championship.
Bentley is a maybe on that conversation vs Ian Book. In Ian Book's 2nd season last year, he had 19 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing with 7 interceptions and a 154 passer rating. Jake Bentley was ok his 2nd season with his 130 passer rating. I know he doesnt play in the SEC but I'm not taking Terry Wilson over Ian Book just because he plays Wilson plays in the SEC.
I can't wait to hear what Florida fans say about Franks if he doesnt produce this season...
Not saying LSU has had great quarterbacks but I would have taken 2017 Danny Etling over 2017 Feleipe Franks. If Joe Burrow wasn't in the question, I think Myles Brennan would have had a more serious look at the starting job if he was in a quarterback battle with Feleipe Franks at LSU.
I don't find Franks to be anything special. What Florida has is a great coach for quarterbacks. Nick Fitzgerald had his worst season stats wise with Moorehead coaching him last year at Miss State and had huge stats with Mullen coaching. Franks played much better under Mullen and I don't think that's any coincidence.
Yes it may not be serious but ankle sprains tend to linger.
It shows how much LSU has relied on the running backs. Leonard Fournette had 40 rushing touchdowns between 2015-2017 and Derrius Guice had 29 rushing touchdowns between 2015-2017.
Coach claims York is looking great in practice but we'll see how he kicks under pressure in the games. Racey McMath is a solid WR/TE option to back up Sullivan at TE.
Yeah I agree with the fact that the players certainly have a target on their backs but it sounds like Mullen could have done a little better job explaining what "doing alot" entails. Sure, Mullen is not directly responsible for what his players do. But at the end of the day, he is the head coach of kids primarily 18-21 who need direction. Alot of these kids are moving to this university away from their parents, and Mullen needs to be there just as a parent would be to a certain extent. He's the eyes and the ears for these player's parents and some need a push whether that's how to act in a new unsupervised social setting or even academically.
Georgia Southern would have been a bigger threat but with their star DE and star QB who lead them to 10 wins last year out due to their arrests, it's going to be hard for them to compete. They run the triple option so it could have gotten interesting.
I think the MSU game deserves a little more respect than that. I think we will win but it wont be some blow out. MSU is not a bad team and we have to play them on the road the weekend after Florida. There's alot of hype going into the season for LSU and things could change fast after a couple injuries. Remember back in 2013 when #6 LSU lost on the road to unranked Ole Miss? Not saying it's going to happen but the main key for Orgeron is keeping the team focused week in and week out. This wont be an easy season and if we focus too hard on Texas, Florida, and Auburn, we may find ourselves losing to one of these teams the week leading up to these games.
Yeah the rule was put into place to make sure the confetti doesn't trigger or offend anyone.
Worst fear as far as LSU football is concerned.
I will give it to Miss State, their stadium is VERY loud. The LSU game is make or break for MSU's season
8 team is the way to go. Just imagine Bama's only loss is to Georgia in a regular season game by a field goal, LSU's only loss to Bama on the road in overtime, and Georgia's only loss to Bama in the SEC championship.
You get what you pay for. Pruitt is the 8th highest paid coach in the SEC. With that being said, Tennessee could really benefit from shelling the money out for a proven elite head coach. They definitely have the money for it. He just doesn't have the experience to pull Tennessee out of the hole they're in.
Barstool Sports frequently rails Darren Rovell because he's a clickbait sports beat writer. He's a living joke.
Yes but the point is Georgia should most definitely not be a neutral site game. That's like us playing Bama in New Orleans at the Super Dome as a neutral site game. Do you feel like Florida has a hard schedule?
I wish SDS would rank the SEC school's fanbases in their own list basing the list off best to worst.
I'd agree with Bama being on there. Their fan base has more people who didn't even go to college there talking sh*t than any other university. I'm sure part of that comes from not having a professional team anywhere in a close proximity but still.
Yes they do this year but this article is about the 2020 schedule.
Florida may have the biggest joke of a schedule in the SEC. LSU at home and Georgia in Jacksonville. I don't know how they got away with only having 4 true away games.
I think our worst fear is how much beer is going to cost in the stadium this year (like I'm going to stop sneaking in a flask).
It was the scout team defense and no one was in full pads so there's no tackling below the waist. Not to take away from the nice juke and good visibility for a true freshman, but it's nothing to put in the pre-season hype video.