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I agree. Pelini was laughing his way to the bank when he was coaching at his hometown college of Youngstown State. He was getting paid $1.75 mill a year I believe in the Nebraska buyout due to his salary from Youngstown State being $250,000 a year. He got to live in his hometown, not necessarily have to rebuild an FCS program, less stress, and his kids got to graduate from his high school alma mater. Nebraska's buyout finally ran dry last year and now he's back at LSU. Pay the man.
Who? The players? There's only 20-30% of kids aged 18-23 that are actually registered to vote. I think that's pretty cool that Coach and the team came up with that.
"But, but...we never lose a party!" -Every Ole Miss fan
Southern and Grambling have unbelievable bands. Theyre impressive to watch.
If Death Valley is in the conversation every time for best home-field comparison with another stadium, that says enough for me... I will give credit to Davis-Wade Stadium though. For the size of their stadium, those cowbells are LOUD.
Yeah those games suck. It's always super hot. It always seems to be either the Auburn or Florida game too.
Kind of funny how yall had home field advantage last year and still lost.
It makes me wonder how UGA isnt better than they are with all the talent they have. I feel Like UGA is what LSU used to be and thats having anything but a vanilla offense with loads of talent to occasionally make plays.
What's funny about this is if the tables were turned, Bama fans would think it was classy banter. Now I'd agree it would have been trashy if they were flipping him off and saying eff Bama but they werent.
Yeah I definitely dont agree with your Pellini take. He's coached at LSU before and had a dominant defense when he was coaching. Aranda got alot of hype as a coach but our defense has steadily trended downward in the rankings during his tenure. Talent can carry a defense a long way. He's just an old fashioned coach that in today's society seems like a hot head. We seem to forget these players are still kids and they need a little yelling to wake them up. That was something very lacking from Aranda.
One thing people tend to forget sometimes is that it matters very little how good you think either team is when it comes to rivalries. Ole Miss is that for us. You cant sleep on LSU/Florida any year. Cant wait for the game.
I believe this is a method of LSU not making a repeat Matt Canada hire. More or less seeing if Linehan is a good fit for OC without giving him full reins just yet
A poor system will hurt any quarterbacks stats at the NFL level. The right system will bring the best out of the players you have to work with. You cant take away from Joe brings to the table though. It was pretty rare that I saw Joe put a ball in the wrong place whether that was from accuracy of his passes and/or decision making. I was shocked at many of the throws he made this year due to how dead on they were. But to say you have a "level of concern rating of 7/10" that he wont be successful in the NFL sounds like a reporter is looking for attention and has run out of things to right about.
TAMU is 1-8 against LSU since theyve joined the SEC and their one win went into 7 overtimes at home. Based off recent recruiting, change in culture at LSU, and history of rivalry, I wouldnt bet TAMU to win that game.
Same question for you, do you genuinely believe Trask is just so good that you’d be shocked if Emory starts over him midseason?
Im really going to be honest with you, Trask is good but he doesnt scare me. Do you genuinely believe Trask is just so good that you'd be shocked if Emory starts over him midseason?
Yeah that is a bit odd. I kind of wish they were because Id love to throw shade to them. I cant stand Ole Miss fans. "We may not win all our games but we never lose a party" yeah ok. Kind of makes me appreciate LSU even more because we excel at both.
Coach doesnt sound as confident in Trask as the rest of the UF fan base
Yeah I feel you on that. Kind of tough with the original structure having a smaller lower bowl causing a need for endzone upper stands
Never seen a game in Bryant-Denny. What's yalls feelings on 4 smaller boards vs 2 bigger ones? Im sure there's not really a cost difference, just wondering on the fan experience.
DT film I didnt see much of, but LT film I saw.
Yeah I get your point, but in his defense I bring my gun everywhere I go and sometimes forget I even have it because im so used to having it on me. Ive accidentally left a bullet in my bag going through TSA before and you would have thought I had a bomb strapped to my chest by the way they reacted.
Im not going to lie, I dont even know what this event is that he's planning on skipping
That's a tough call there. Chase is no doubt elite, but one major factor that benefited him most last year was having 4 other top receivers that defenses had to respect. Stingley is a lockdown corner and will likely get reps on offense this year due to his raw talent per O. He was so good that most teams resorted to throwing the ball to Fulton's side (who is excellent himself)
Mizzou needs to win more games before they have room to talk.
It's truly an unbiased opinion. Bama forgets they have to come to our house Tua-less this year. Burrow leaving hurts LSU just as much as Tua does for Bama.
I never said he would, only said he has the potential. With your mentality, you might as well recruit players with terrible stats just as hard as players with outstanding stats because it means nothing to you.