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One mistake people make often when setting goals is they forget that they have to be attainable.
Regardless of whichever position McClendon was competing for, he didnt "opt out" of the season for reasons related to COVID.
We have a team of survivors. Honestly, the more that get it in the offseason hopefully means the less that can get it in the middle of the season.
It's interesting that we use "opt out" for any and every player that leaves the team. This isnt opting out. He's transferring to another school just as TK McClendon is so that they get more playing time. Theyre getting beat out by freshman. Using the term "opt out" makes it seem like he's forgoing the season to enter the draft. Jenkins was getting buried in the depth chart and so was McClendon. McClendon wasnt going to beat out Arik Gilbert and Jenkins wasnt beating out anyone in any position he played.
Well said. Serviceable is a very accurate word to describe him and there's nothing wrong with that. I think it's very naive to crown him a Heisman QB just yet. In a way youre almost giving the kid undue pressure as a fanbase by expecting him to win the Heisman. Florida fans need to put this into you think having an elite QB in the likes of Trevor Lawrence, Burrow, Tua, Lamar Jackson, or Kyler Murray would make your team better? I think we can all agree the answer is hell yes. Kyle Trask is not in that class of QB's. Not saying hes a bad quarterback, he's just not on their level and that's ok.
Might as well just go ahead and retire his jersey
Also, Florida fans think Kyle Trask is the next Joe Burrow and that he's about to break all his records.
To the team's credit, there was a insane difference in overall team improvement from 2018 to 2019. We pretty much had the same players in 2018 and 1. OLine couldnt block to save their lives and 2. all the receivers had a significant amount more drops than they did in 2019. Only so much you can do as a QB if your OLine cant protect and your receivers drop passes all the time.
We'll see. He's pretty expensive for a stacked RB room including 2 rookies they drafted last draft. He's an ACL tweak away from being cut.
I agree. You dont have to go that far back to see how recent the closeness of the games were. 2015 - Ole Miss (W) 2014 - #24 LSU upset #3 Ole Miss 2013 - (Unranked) Ole Miss upset #6 LSU 2012 - LSU won by two scores 2011 - LSU destroyed them 2010 - #5 LSU beat (unranked) Ole Miss by 7 pts 2009 - (unranked) Ole Miss upset #10 LSU 2008 - (unranked) Ole Miss upset #18 LSU You can go on for years of close games but they very easily could be right back in the mix.
Just because Ole Miss has had down years the last decade doesnt mean Ole Miss isnt a rival. The rivalry has history and teams just dont all of a sudden stop being a rival and end calling the matchup "The Magnolia Bowl" just because of a few bad years due to obvious sanctions put on Ole Miss. One thing that fuels rivalries is the team's hatred for another team causing them to play on another level resulting in closer games and potential upsets. All it will take is for Ole Miss to beat LSU one time and all the s*** talking from Ole Miss is going refuel LSU's forgotten hate for them. I still cant stand them. The thing about Bama not being a rival is that hardly anyone has beaten them in a decade so discrediting the recent rivalry is unfair. The only regular season games Bama has a star next to are Auburn and LSU.
@AggieRider, I know yall are relatively new to the SEC but Ole Miss is arguably LSU's 1st-2nd biggest rival depending on who you ask who they hate more. I know Ole Miss has been off the last few years due to sanctions from the Freeze era, but if you look back in history Im not sure there has been more upsets from both sides than any other rivalry. The rivalry mainly comes from older people that hate Ole Miss more than anything. LSU/Bama rivalry has only come recently in the Saban era because we are two large power house teams with a narrative. That was not a surprise to me that the Ole Miss game last year was a little less comforting of a win than fans wanted.
I agree. It's easy to write us off by having no chance by looking at the negatives. If we would have had mediocre recruiting classes to fill the shoes of players that left then I'd be a little more weary, but we dont. We havent had a .500 season in 20 years and I still dont think it'll happen this year. We have a model and plan in place that has elevated LSU to the next level and that plan didnt change because Brady, Burrow, and others left. The last thing you need to give LSU is constant doubt because Brennan is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder just like Burrow did last year.
At the end of the day, you really should be able to do whatever you want to. There's no rule that states non-student athletes on academic scholarship have to stay in college for a certain amount of time in order to drop out and pursue their career. It's just exclusive to scholarship student athletes who want to play at the next level. Do I think there are that many football players that can be ready at the next level right out of high school? No, but having rules in place preventing the option tells me it's more about the money and less about being in favor of the student athletes. I think if youre going to do it, it should be like basketball.
Well we havent seen the last of our players to opt out. I think we're about to see the entire team opt out because of this point; If Myles Brennan burns a year of eligibility this season, a breakout happens causing the season to end mid-way through, then he only has one year left to play. I think the fact we have an absurd amount of our offensive line in quarantine two weeks before their first game just because they believe they came in contact with someone positive has been detrimental to the confidence that we can play a full season.
I dont know if you listened to the interview but he did NOT sound happy.
Ive always said that about our fans. They need to stop being so judgmental and hard on these guys because they really are still KIDS. Ja'Marr cant even legally buy alcohol for another 6 months. You have grown a** men ripping Chase because he chose to opt out on a season that very easily could be cancelled one month in. He's already said he wants to keep #24.
We just need to get football started so everyone can get focused. Definitely a major blow. - Chase: I get it. Makes sense to me. - Shelvin: Has always had an issue with losing weight and O has verbally become irritated with it. I get the feeling he got on campus and Pellini was stern with him and told him he wont play until he loses weight (which he wouldnt do). - McLendon: Moved from TE to a crowded DE room to get more playing time and got beat out. It makes sense for him.
Rumor around the block is Tyler Shelvin is next to opt out. Not good
Does the "returning to the field" comment imply he is returning to play for LSU in the 2021 season or NFL I wonder?
This isnt a surprise. Best of luck to him. Tough when you have classes like we've had that are immediate impact players. I just didnt forsee him getting much playing time regardless. Just may hurt depth.
Yeah I agree. I was actually a bit surprised earlier when he said he was playing this season. His draft stock won’t rise in a season like this. Probably going to have Boutte or Palmer take his place
Sorry for the poor grammar. A little hungover from hurricane parties
Honestly if you cant just take a knee to cancel culture and not allow the process to play out without all the hard facts. Once there is a conclusion to the investigation, that is the point when you make your determination.
We appreciate any prayers sent. We may be rivals on the field and have harmless banter on these sites but at the end of the day, I wouldnt wish this on anyone. From what we've seen so far, damage is catastrophic in Lake Charles. Sounded like many people heeded the warnings to evacuate but we'll see. Just sad. Hopefully we can get football started to bring something for us to keep our minds off the destruction.
It's really not. In a matter of fact, I feel like he hasnt been transparent at all. Not surprising at all. You dont just all of a sudden go from decades of mediocrity to all of a sudden having top 10 recruiting classes and being in the conversation during March Madness
Probably because everyone is doing it. You need to be honest with yourself if you dont believe all the major players in college football and basketball arent paying players (whether that's in gifts to families, boosters hiring players' families to exec boards for "consulting", paying players or families after their time playing, allowing families to stay in houses owned by boosters, or whatever). Schools have been paying players and "paying players" encompasses all these gray area, indirect benefits that player families are benefiting from.
@Booches94, this is why having Scott Woodward as the AD is bigger than people outside of LSU realize. Joe Alleva would have royally screwed this complicated situation up. You know why LSU is having success like they are? It's having an excellent AD with a background in law who grew up here and bleeds purple and gold. I have faith we'll be fine
The preseason rankings are more horse s**t than Ive ever seen. I understand us going down to 3rd or 4th but it's pretty disrespectful to put us behind Georgia and Oklahoma. Georgia is 1-4 against LSU in the last decade and Oklahoma hasnt beaten us since 1950. After destroying them worse than we did Vandy or Ole Miss, some how polls think they have drastically gotten better during covid.