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Yeah you definitely dont know what you're talking about unless youre referring to some of our 3rd and 4th string true freshman. What got us to the championship was us rotating so much depth to stay fresh. Good luck next year because if yall walk in doubting us, yall will get hit in the teeth again.
Is that sarcasm? If not, go look up all the articles that have been written about him having looks from other teams. A couple weeks ago it was UNLV. He has said since he got to LSU that his goal is to be HC somewhere eventually. Not a shock once so ever. Brady is somewhat of a shock
His low center of gravity, ability to squat 700#, agility, and quick speed will suit him well as a 3rd down back in the NFL. I think he'll have a longer career than Derrius Guice
I wouldnt be surprised if someone like the Panthers traded a ton of draft picks to take Burrow in the #1 spot. Burrow carries alot of draft stock to be traded for a team that needs a rebuilding year.
Its another reason why Joe Brady is such a valuable hire for us. The competition for recruiting the fast offensive players just got a little harder for us because they will be recruiting harder than ever in our state. If Mike Leach had been hired 3 years ago, Myles Brennan (our backup) probably would have gone there. He threw for 165 TD's in the highest level of football in Mississippi in just 3 years of varsity football. He's the type of kid Leach loves. He wont transfer but would have thought twice about it if the hire happened earlier.
LSU needs to continue playing almost mistake free and come out hot like we have all season. Clemson has too many elite athletes that can make big plays. I am most worried about getting burned deep and Travis Etienne. No one talks about Etienne having something to prove against us. Sure we have gotten even hotter as the season ended but theyre no joke. The same exact things were being said about them last year before the national championship against Bama. Clemson started out slow last year almost losing to an unranked team which woke up a beast.
Jesus that is huge... He's a coach I'd like to play for.
Sounds like they have a case of the Bama Blues to me. Just excuses for losing.
I think getting Terrance Marshall Jr back healthy was huge for us too. Chase has the speed, Marshall has the size, and Jefferson is the third guy you have to worry about. Not to mention they dont drop many passes and know where the gaps are in the defense. Having to worry about them opens the field up for our TE Moss and RB's to catch the ball in open space if Joe doesnt decide to run. I just dont know how you stop that especially with the pass protection Burrow gets. Even when he gets pressure and rolls out to the sideline to loft up a cringeworthy pass youre like NO NO NO...YESSS HOW IS THAT A COMPLETION?!?
To add to point #7, LSU also started using a weightlifting analytical program that has been huge as well. John Robinson has been one of the most influential behind the scenes guy that is highly trusted by O. I've been told from multiple people inside the program that we may have been where we're at without him. So happy to have him here. I think Joe Brady partly wants to stay at LSU just to learn from him and get that invaluable experience he provides.
Its ok to say you wanted to be promised WR1 the second you stepped on campus as a freshman and that's something that we cant promise as whole heartedly as Maryland can. Its a tough decision to move that far from home with that many unknowns. Clearly competing for a national championship is less of a priority than being the star of the show for him.
Youre 100% right and I think all fans forget sometimes how critical we are of our players because at the end of the day, they are kids. As far as me being upset, I'm far from it. I'm happy where we are so I have nothing to complain about bud! Probably wont be the last for any of us.
Im not trying to throw jabs at yall at all. It's more a jab at the transfer portal and the fact that commitments mean nothing to kids these days. I completely understand changing your mind due to a better fit but just keep your recruitment options open instead of playing games.
He has "transfer portal" tattooed on his forehead with the commitment issues he has
Thought the same thing except Ohio State is right there with them, we're just winning the awards. Joe doesnt care about the awards as much as he cares about beating Ohio State. That will be his award
Give it another 10 years and that wont change lol. Their excuse? Oh well we dont lose at partying so yeah! Us? Well it's fun to be good at both
That play Clowney had on that Michigan player may go down as my favorite play of all time. USC got screwed by that spot by the refs to give Michigan a first down after going for it on 4th down. Clowney didnt get touched and he lit that running back up harder than Ive ever seen someone get hit and recovered the fumble himself. Hes an animal.
Youre right! Even I thought his numbers would go down as the season progressed playing against better defenses and when other teams got more film on us. Nope. I was wrong. He's got the stats, athleticism, accuracy, IQ, leadership, grit, and respect that the Heisman committee is looking for. He absolutely deserves it because he's worked for it.
Has anyone been in the field level suites in the Falcons' or Cowboys' stadium? Cant imagine they have a very good view.
Matt Luke is a very good coach and it's sad that people like him cant get at least one more year to prove themselves. When your program is in shambles like it was, it's very easy to allow a program to drop even more. Ole Miss did great this season with the sanctions plus a true freshman QB. Losing against Miss State was the nail in the coffin for him. I think long term Kiffin fits Ole Miss' personality much better. He fits in with Ole Miss boosters and if he can get the right staff around him, he will do well.
I wouldnt count out Bama either but there certainly is a ton of momentum going into LSU right now. LSU is now getting all of the best recruits from Louisiana plus cherry picking the best national recruits that Bama was going after in previous years. Coach O does such a great, humble job at fostering a family oriented, winning swagger that reminds me alot of what Clemson has done. If LSU wins the NC, all the staff is going to get PAID giving them little reason to leave. Grass isnt always greener on the other side.
As far as turnovers go, we dont have very many. It's been part of the reason for our sucess. Having turnovers can kill drives and momentum and Burrow has done an excellent job keeping a level head after an interception or so. This team expects so much of each other. Not to mention, have you seen Burrow's death stare he gives teammates for mistakes and turnovers? Sheesh players dont want anything to do with that.
What do you not understand about Athens, GA being closer to Atlanta, GA than Baton Rouge? Theyre talking about fans from UGA vs LSU having to drive to the SECC
I think we can all agree that Mississippi is much worse than Alabama.
We would probably have better stats on defense if the best ranked offense we played against all season was ranked #44 in total offense (Arkansas State).
Total Defense: UGA - #4 LSU - #35 Total Offense: LSU - #2 UGA - #55
LSU is now healthy on defense and the TAMU game showed this.