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TAMU is 1-8 against LSU since theyve joined the SEC and their one win went into 7 overtimes at home. Based off recent recruiting, change in culture at LSU, and history of rivalry, I wouldnt bet TAMU to win that game.
Same question for you, do you genuinely believe Trask is just so good that you’d be shocked if Emory starts over him midseason?
Im really going to be honest with you, Trask is good but he doesnt scare me. Do you genuinely believe Trask is just so good that you'd be shocked if Emory starts over him midseason?
Yeah that is a bit odd. I kind of wish they were because Id love to throw shade to them. I cant stand Ole Miss fans. "We may not win all our games but we never lose a party" yeah ok. Kind of makes me appreciate LSU even more because we excel at both.
Coach doesnt sound as confident in Trask as the rest of the UF fan base
Yeah I feel you on that. Kind of tough with the original structure having a smaller lower bowl causing a need for endzone upper stands
Never seen a game in Bryant-Denny. What's yalls feelings on 4 smaller boards vs 2 bigger ones? Im sure there's not really a cost difference, just wondering on the fan experience.
DT film I didnt see much of, but LT film I saw.
Yeah I get your point, but in his defense I bring my gun everywhere I go and sometimes forget I even have it because im so used to having it on me. Ive accidentally left a bullet in my bag going through TSA before and you would have thought I had a bomb strapped to my chest by the way they reacted.
Im not going to lie, I dont even know what this event is that he's planning on skipping
That's a tough call there. Chase is no doubt elite, but one major factor that benefited him most last year was having 4 other top receivers that defenses had to respect. Stingley is a lockdown corner and will likely get reps on offense this year due to his raw talent per O. He was so good that most teams resorted to throwing the ball to Fulton's side (who is excellent himself)
Mizzou needs to win more games before they have room to talk.
It's truly an unbiased opinion. Bama forgets they have to come to our house Tua-less this year. Burrow leaving hurts LSU just as much as Tua does for Bama.
I never said he would, only said he has the potential. With your mentality, you might as well recruit players with terrible stats just as hard as players with outstanding stats because it means nothing to you.
If his college stats the next two years are anything like they were in high school, thats an easy bet. I wouldnt sleep on a player that has been constantly ridiculed like he has. He dominated high school ball to the point that his stats are in the top five of QB's nationally of all time. You dont just go out there and throw 165 TD's and 15,000+ yards in the top level of high school football in Mississippi
It actually gives taller players a huge disadvantge because if youre 6'4" trying to get lower than him, you end up having to commit to the tackle so hard that he makes you miss. If you do try to tackle him high, he's just going to carry you until two more players can take him down. He has the dirtiest spin move i think Ive ever seen.
Dale Weiner (ex-head coach of Catholic High in Baton Rouge) said to a few parents after a game in highschool that Clyde is the greatest running back he's ever coached. I thought that statement was a little farfetched but he may just be right. Notable RB's Dale has coached at CHS: Travis Minor, Warrick Dunn, Derrius Guice
I just have no idea how UGA has gotten three #1 recruiting classes in a row and is still barely in the conversation
This type of article is going to turn into a body count for schools like Bama, UGA, and LSU rather than one player in particular if they keep making it easier to transfer.
Makes sense! Gotta make sure those coaches stay in contact with them all the time so others dont snake a few. The state of Florida just has a ton of people in general that translates to talent. With Florida State being down and Miami being average, Florida should be raking in recruits
Yeah there definitely was alot of magic from last season, I just think our games against UF, Auburn, Texas, and TAMU can all go either way. It's part of playing in the SEC and not one of those 4 teams have a clear cut advantage over LSU. We werent the only team to lose big players, it all goes back to recruiting and who can fill those spots. Look at all the impact players Auburn and UF have lost
Clowney straight clowned on offensive lines. I will show my kids the hit he had in the bowl game against Michigan one day.
I have no idea how this season is going to pan out. I believe the "LSU could lose 3 games" narrative just as much as "LSU wins out as Brennan shows he has something to prove" I agree we've lost alot of players and coaches, but the more I look at who is replacing those losses, it makes me wonder how the season will turn out. Sure we lost Brady, but we gained Linehan. Lost Aranda, but gained Pelini. You can make predictions but we have no idea. I think one positive we have is that we wont have to rely on hardly any true freshman at all.
It's a little early to be calling this class impressive with seven 4*s and five 3*s. Saying an early start is more accurate. In the 2020 class they finished with one 5*, sixteen 4*s, and six 3*s. Stay at that pace and there wont be much room for all this instate talent UF fans are banking on. Also, when UF fans say "instate talent", are you including out of state kids going to IMG too or just kids who grew up in Florida?
No different than talent coaches dream to coach at places like Bama and LSU. They will have no problem replacing him as influential as he may have been. Did he add value? Sure! Does that mean Bama is going to lose 6 games next year because he left? No chance.
TAMU has no excuse to lose more than 3 games this year. I'd be shocked if they did. Seeing that everyone is playing with a chip on their shoulders this year against us, I wouldnt be surprised if we lost 2-3 with the schedule we have. - Texas - @ Florida - Bama - @ Auburn - @ TAMU