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As far as turnovers go, we dont have very many. It's been part of the reason for our sucess. Having turnovers can kill drives and momentum and Burrow has done an excellent job keeping a level head after an interception or so. This team expects so much of each other. Not to mention, have you seen Burrow's death stare he gives teammates for mistakes and turnovers? Sheesh players dont want anything to do with that.
What do you not understand about Athens, GA being closer to Atlanta, GA than Baton Rouge? Theyre talking about fans from UGA vs LSU having to drive to the SECC
I think we can all agree that Mississippi is much worse than Alabama.
We would probably have better stats on defense if the best ranked offense we played against all season was ranked #44 in total offense (Arkansas State).
Total Defense: UGA - #4 LSU - #35 Total Offense: LSU - #2 UGA - #55
LSU is now healthy on defense and the TAMU game showed this.
The way I've always looked at matchups is 1. the difference in (LSU's offense vs UGA's defense) vs (UGA's offense vs LSU's defense) and 2. how have the teams progressed throughout the season (performance and health). Comparing LSU and Georgia's defenses matter little without introducing the opposing team's offensive quality. Yes Georgia has an excellent defense but they shutting out a broken Kelly Bryant-less Mizzou, loss to South Carolina, and barely beating TAMU 19-13 at home shows me that Georgia is simply LSU in previous years. At the end of the day, it all goes down to who scores more points and I'll bet on LSU with this one.
LOL let us know how the Pay Day Loans Toilet Bowl goes. Maybe next year teams will play more fair Bammer
What I admire about this post is the class from an opposing fan base. Every fan base has rednecks but Ive always felt like LSU fans are most similar to UGA and Auburn fans. At the end of the day it's a game and harmless banter is fun. Also to add to the "kockiness" comment, there's a difference in confidence and cockiness. Cockiness implies rudeness and arrogance which is something I dont see in us. I see confidence and swagger which has been the difference in this year. Our entire team, staff, and fanbase has bought in harder to this season than Ive ever seen and its something you need to win. We're confident we're going to put 100% on the field and have all the tools to win. No excuses.
LOL i'm glad we can agree on something!
ehh its between Swift and Najee Harris on that one. CEH has the Patriots 3rd-5th round written all over him as I said earlier. Clyde has been told his entire life he's too short, not big enough, cant compete in the higher levels and that grit and drive goes alot further than being told youre the best constantly.
CEH has the Patriots 3rd-5th round pick written all over him.
I wonder what it's going to take to get LSU to pass "the eye test"? Was the TAMU win enough? Do we have to beat the Ravens to be considered the best?
"So he got pushed out." -The Bama Narrative
What did you expect when the rest of your conference is pretty mediocre? Your best game so far has been against #13 Wisconsin who had lost to unranked Illinois the week before. That week was #2 LSU vs #9 Auburn who were both undefeated at the time. That's just part of being in the SEC.
See Bama's position is exactly where LSU thought they would be if they lost to Bama. Say all three SEC teams win out and UGA loses to LSU in the SECC then they will drop out causing an LSU/Bama rematch.
He definitely has a case but keep in mind, he does have a 51% completion rate passing on the season. That's pretty bad. He certainly has the speed and vision to run but a wildcat QB can only win you so many games if you cant pass the ball very well. I'd vote Derek Stingley Jr as SEC Freshman of the year and wouldn't think twice about it. He walked in day one and unanimously won the starting spot over 5* seniors.
You know what's funny about pretty much every comment section on SDS articles post-LSU/Bama? - Bama fans went from being the most talkative fan base on any and every article they could write on to non-existent. At least Florida and Auburn fans stayed on after the game. Was the loss that traumatic?
Bama has shown before that they can win with a back up
No kidding. LSU had alot more fans in Vandys stadium than they did for our game.
Yeah good luck with that. Plus the kid would be in the 2023 class. If LSU keeps the ball rolling, Id vote LSU has the upper hand. The kid lives an hour from LSU and like any other player wants a chance to win a national championship (something Ole Miss cant provide).
Someone needed to step up. I dont think Aranda is the problem, it's been lack of leadership and maturity. There is definitely a void in leadership after Devin White left.
I love hearing boomers criticize millennials about everything they feel is wrong with our generation. They forget who their parents are. All goes back to parenting.
Bama just got beat on more than one facet of the game. Sure it doesn’t help that starters were injured, but that’s football. Florida had the same whiny excuse. Every team has injuries so join the club.
That’s called an excuse. Doesn’t explain dropped passes, sloppy penalties, and our defense getting pressure on Tua.
The fact that LSU is 4-0 on the road and Bama is 2-0 shows we were truly prepared for this matchup
You're very right. That was a fine example of why everyone has been talking about their strength of schedule. This team has already been on the road and won hard games.
Man you arent kidding. #22 was a strong number for both teams.
Take away Tua’s fumble on the first drive, he played about as well as you can play. You can sit here and blame the loss on Tua’s ankle all you want, but it doesn’t explain the special teams turnovers, costly penalties, and many crucial dropped passes. I caught myself saying, “ geezzz I can’t believe Bama’s WR’s dropped that”. Tua did his part.