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It sure is nice to have the number one Tommy John surgeon in the country in your alumni base.
Youre dead right. I made the same comment above before reading this. Cant forget which conference you play in and in the SEC, that can happen.
It's not. The biggest factor to me was a watching a team with their eyes set on the possibility of making the playoffs and forgetting that every game matters in the SEC. Florida was playing a team that had nothing to lose and that can be dangerous.
It makes for a very compelling point as to why he chose to go to LSU in the first place haha.
Yeah youre very right on that. I say this all the time but as fans we sometimes forget that alot of these players are kids. Many of them may have physically matured way disproportionately to their mental maturity. He's an 18 year old kid that moved 8 hours away from home for the first time during a covid lockdown. I can very easily see how any of those rumors are true. JUCO's are great avenues for kids who just arent mentally mature enough to go to a university where their freshman biology class doesnt take attendance and has 800 students in it.
Two names that were not mentioned in this article: - Saban - Waddle
Unless Sark gives him an offer he cant refuse, I very strongly doubt he leaves.
Well not many fans of ours believe Coach O would hold much of his own if there was a one v. one coach off against the big names. We're cognizant of O's strengths and weaknesses. This is what he does bring to the table and has proven to be a pretty successful model: 1. Allowing staff more control to perform the job they were hired to do. 2. Recruit at a very high level. 3. Bring the best out of the players he has. 4. Recognize when there needs to be a change and make it instead of waiting to see if things improve. It won him a national championship regardless of how much credit you give Brady. O stuck his neck out on the line to hire a young guy because he believed in him. We view him as a a CEO of the football team and should get credit where credit is due.
UGA has no room to throw shade at LSU. It’s perplexing how Kirby can con so many talented players into believing they can go undefeated at any point. I feel so bad for all those kids.
I’m not super excited about the hire either. Just seems like we don’t really have any better options.
TV ratings/money. That's why. Theyre making it all too obvious now. Not that I believe Cincinnati would have stood much of a chance in the playoffs, it adds to variety and gives value to playing/winning games. Sure they dont play in a great conference but they still went undefeated and brought UGA down to the wire when they were playing their best football. The committee shows unbelievable bias towards certain teams just based off money. Prime example is Texas. Theyre always ranked higher preseason to give them hype when they havent fielded a great team in over a decade.
It's just all too convienent for Ohio State. How is it that (for instance Bama) can go an entire 11 game season and only have one game that was affected by protocol (to then get made up), and Ohio State gets to start their season late, just flat out cancel 3/9 games they were supposed to play, then still make the national championship? If youre having covid issues on your team again then that tells me you have some issues following protocol and shouldnt be rewarded for it. I dont care how good Ohio State's "eye-test"'s BS. What makes it smell more like BS when your conference has rules in place like the amount of games you have to win to be in the conference championship and they just said, "well it's Ohio State so we'll change the rules right before". The NCAA should say, if you cant field a team, next man up Bama vs. Clemson.
I agree. Coaching aside, it’s tough to win with the lack of depth, youth, injuries, and opt outs that we had. Majority of the players playing and on our roster are true freshman/redshirt freshman. Fine example is Bama last year having true freshman have to step up on defense. If Moses and I want to say McKinney hadn’t have gotten hurt, we may not have won the game. So I just don’t think fans can ask much more of the team until next season.
I wouldnt be surprised if our OL returned so they have the offseason to improve and become more in sync similar to the OL from 2018 to 2019. For Zach, "STAY IN SCHOOL AS LONG AS YOU CANNNNNNN" - Chris Farley This team has the potential to drastically improve in this offseason seeing that alot of the freshman have gotten so much experience.
Remember which DB's those receivers had to go up against last year? - Kristian Fulton - Derek Stingley Jr. - Kary Vincent Jr. - Jacoby Stevens - Grant Delpit Jacoby is the only one we have retained for a full season with Stingley being missing alot.
It's not like Max wasnt getting his chance before. He had his fair amount of playing time and just took a couple games to be more comfortable. In Finley's defense, he looked more comfortable and scored the few games that were split time games.
No they werent prepared at the beginning of the season. As for the MSU game, Evans had to start after transferring to LSU two weeks before the game, Ward had to play after not practicing for months due to just getting back from surgery, Stingley got sick the night before the game and didnt play, and Flott had to play out of position so that we could just have Evans play man. All of this contributed to having to rush a different game plan and play with what we had. That's just a bad situation to be in that shouldn't cause the firing of a coach. Yes we gave up 609 yards to a team averaging 513 yards per game. Not great, but enough to beat the #6 team in the country. Keep in mind, UGA gave up 571 yards too. They could keep the throttle going on alot of these teams theyre playing but they arent. We dont need a new DC, we NEED more players to add depth. We basically have first string and that's it. At least last year we had depth to keep players fresh.
With 66 scholarship players on the team in general and then add significant injuries to the mix, you can only do so much. A significant amount of those numbers are true freshman too. Firing a coach who walked into a dumpster fire after the season wont fix the problem. This is the SEC and with the youth on this team, you have to keep this in perspective. Our fans need to let the process work and stop putting gas on the fire.
Pretty obvious the culture at Florida hasnt skipped a beat...
It's really just not fair to anybody. Everyone has been concerned because of coronavirus and you shouldnt get to start your season a month after everyone else and still get a CFP ticket when there are other undefeated teams out there that have followed COVID protocol and gotten beaten up playing games. The real conversation should be WHY does Ohio State deserve to play in the playoffs?
Something tells me he was cut. Probably a costly move with all the negative press we have going on as well as needing to have a full class.
It's funny hearing that from an Ole Miss fan. Everyone expects results like this from your team yet it's a train wreck in Baton Rouge.
Bama should bring us a pack of cigarettes and dinner to our locker room before we play. It's the least they could do before they do what they do to us on the field.
I immediately thought the same thing. Theyre desperately looking to make up lost money from viewership. If you arent USC, Texas, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, or more recently Clemson then they really dont care.
Texas A&M's 5 keys to success against LSU: 1. Show up to the game 2. Have a pulse 3. Play football 4. Not have a COVID outbreak 5. Have fun
Even though Arkansas was probably playing harder than they ever have against Florida, I just dont trust our defense to win the game. If Arkansas can put 38 on Florida, I can see them putting 50+ on us.
It sucks that it's happened but we all knew the season would be like this. We're lucky we're even able to play the games that we have. It sucks because both fan bases and teams look forward to this game every year.