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Yeah I think one of those teams is going to come away with the win. Ole Miss winning at home against an evenly matched Texas A&M is hardly an "upset" to me. TAMU just has a better coach and a good enough team to beat them.
Once again, it has nothing to do with our 1st string not playing well. It's about our 1st string being hurt. We've rested our first string almost all season. "LSU let Vandy put 38 on them, their defense must be terrible" Yeah and that was with us resting majority of our starting defense. Everyone talks about how good Auburn's defense is but we held Florida to 28 points too. When we have Shelvin, Ika, Divinity, Queen, Phillips, Brooks (or Chaisson), Delpit, Stingley, Fulton, and Vincent (or Stevens) on the field healthy, we're good. Marcel Brooks is an animal.
LOL. You are very uneducated on the subject to be making relevant takes.
Part of the decline is probably contributed to both the refs, players, and coaches having a better understanding as to what constitutes a targeting call as well. Seemed like in both the NFL and NCAA last year, everything was targeting.
Yeah I agree. I'm more worried about us playing @ Ole Miss. We have a history of playing close with them no matter what the rankings are.
Texas A&M has an unbelievably hard schedule! Not easy to be much better than they are at this point. They could easily lose 3-4 more games - @ Clemson (L) - Auburn (L) - Bama (L) - @ Ole Miss - Miss St - South Carolina - @ Georgia - @ LSU
They would probably bore me too if my quarterback couldnt complete many passes past 10 yards...
No it's not the same but it's really a moot point. The point of this article is that all the stats are neck and neck. Both are playing very well.
I'll give it to MSU, Davis-Wade is loud with their cowbells. I refuse to believe the LSU/MSU game will be 30-27 barring key injuries. They have proved nothing that warrants such a close score. What makes you think MSU is going to hold LSU to such a season low? Just based off your take that LSU is due a weak performance with as many players we have had get healthy in the last couple weeks? Based off your take, LSU will have a similar performance to Kansas State. Sounds like click bait to me.
It'll get better with Shelvin healthy. Probably wont play much against MSU to be safe
I did not know that stat about Burrow. Holy cow. That's dominance.
Must be a "Tom" thing...
Tom Herman kisses his players.
I think the offense would have looked like it was flowing better and kept us honest with Frank's legs. He would have thrown more interceptions though. Probably a wash with Trask's knee not being healthy
ESPN came up with their own proprietary metrics to create an "ESPN total QBR" that deducts points for offensive penalties and sacks. I have no idea why that should affect a QBR but it does. Sports Reference is probably the best I've seen for stats, not ESPN.
You have got to be effing kidding me. Miami is a dumpster fire. I'd love for him to go to the Saints and learn under Brees
It's not as much that our offensive line is "playing better" as much as more of our injured and suspended players are coming back healthy. First game Ed Ingram is back, it immediately makes an impact.
They forgot about the new construction tax California passed this year
Special teams is excellent. Avery Atkins if 51-55 on kickoffs resulting in touchbacks. That's wild
If you look back at other articles in where we needed to improve, we have. Oline is getting healthy, run game picking up, defense playing better (second half we moved to man defense, Trask picked us apart in zone in the first half).
Give me a break. We had terrible drive extending calls go your way that resulted in points for yall so dont sit here and whine about how that call decided the game. Doesn't change the fact that your quarterback threw an awful pass that ended up being intercepted. People are saying that it was probably a miscommunication with the receiver or it was route run wrong on why it was intercepted. No. Your receiver ran to the end of the endzone and gave up on the play and then Stingley broke to where the ball was being thrown (into double coverage yards left of the receiver). Your flat footed receiver looked like James Harden out there trying to prevent the interception.
So you'd rank Burrow as the 6th best quarterback in the SEC?
Passing QBR as of today: #1 - Joe Burrow (218.1) #2 - Jalen Hurts (215.9) #3 - Tua Tagovailoa (214.3) #4 - Tanner Morgan (195.1) #5 - Tyler Huntley (187.6) There's really not much difference in the top three then a pretty big drop off after Tua. This is not the total QBR though. Just interesting.
Good luck! Yall have some hard games ahead of yall. Wont be a cake walk to the SECC - @ SC - Georgia - @ Mizzou
No it was a wash I believe. Both teams had missed calls. Like my old lineman coach used to say, "It's not holding unless it gets called" lol. If you nit pick film, players hold every play.
I was at the game and I really didnt find that it was "Death Valley" loud until maybe the second half. It was kind of odd
It will be a great game. Both offenses are electric and Terrance Marshall (our top receiver) will be back by then. It's really going to come down to who can create the most turnovers. LSU didnt have Chaisson last season and it showed. I didnt think LSU had a chance last season, but I think it'll be a little closer this game.
If anyone heard a comment from a Bama fan along the lines of, "Well LSU has clearly improved from last year and we're excited for the challenge. We're still number 1 and we're going to prove it. Good luck" then half of these comments wouldnt warrant a response. Instead youre taking the stance of "LSU lost 29-0 to Bama the same year they couldnt score more than 31 points against an FCS team thus there's no difference in teams." Lack of respect and arrogance may just lose yall the game alone.