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That's seven teams from the SEC ranked SDS..
That's some seriously flawed logic. Saying UF is the 9th best D1 team in Florida based solely on record is incorrect. Are you seriously saying you don't think UF could have beaten FIU, Bethune Cookman, Jacksonville, FAMU, or Stetson?
My thoughts exactly.. these comments were made a week ago and the Chip Kelly stuff has really started to heat up in what the past 2-3 days?
Does anyone ever proofread these articles? "Is Sherit out fo the season?" “They do an outstanding there."
Actually.. I watched it a few more times and he starts to bobble it as the first foot lands.. that's a tough call.
I see what you're saying, but to me it looks like he had possession as the first foot came down and THEN began to bobble it, but never dropped it. I think since he did have solid possession when the first foot landed, the call would have stood. But we'll never know!
Are you like 12 years old? If so, you're excused.
Ehhh, I don't know.. no one has really made it QUITE clear yet.
Well, the problem was LSU was offering hotels and buses and flights and everything else under the sun to have the game played in Baton Rouge. Heck no, the Gators didn't want to play a game that could change the results of the East in Death Valley when it was originally to be a home game for UF. That would be handing LSU the upper hand. I do think they were under heavy pressure to either move or postpone this game, and with the only option being presented being a move to Baton Rouge, the Gators decided to postpone.
I don't understand all of the "Ooooh Florida is so scared to play in Death Valley" type comments. Why would the Gators give LSU home field advantage? Playing LSU coming off a huge victory against Missouri is already tough enough.. you expected them to agree to go into one of the loudest stadiums in college football and all but guarantee LSU a win? That would be ridiculous.
So a little talking and jabbering before the game makes the Florida players trashy? I don't always agree with what comes out of their mouths, but this is college sports. Don't act like Florida is the only team that does some talking before a rivalry game. Tennessee won, but don't act like they are some sort of innocent golden child. I'm sure Tennessee will do their fair share of talking when next year's game comes up, as they should. I don't think they wanted to speak up too much considering they hadn't beaten UF in 11 years. Don't take the fun out of it.. UF talked and they didn't back it up. All in good fun.
But either way.. major props to the Vols - they played the more complete game and they have a W to show for it.
Just to be clear, I am definitely not pulling the "Oh our QB was injured, that's the only reason TN won" card.. I just wish the game would have been between two undefeated & healthy teams. Very well could have been the same outcome. I do think Appleby was completely overwhelmed by the crowd at Neyland in the 2nd half once the momentum swung towards the Vols. Then again, no way to know how LDR would have handled that same situation. But surely, the Offense not being able to stay on the field for more than 45 seconds at a time absolutely gassed the Gator defense in that 2nd half.
I didn't really like Quincy Wilson guaranteeing a win, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of trash talk between rivals. To call the program "a bunch of trash" is pretty ridiculous. I don't think you have any proof that Florida has more "trash" than Tennessee. Nonetheless, congratulations to the Vols on a big win.
I would really have loved to see this game with both teams healthy.. Gators were without LDR and Tennessee was without Cam Sutton and a couple of other big defensive guys. Not sure if the outcome would have been different or not, but I think everyone would have preferred these teams to be undefeated AND healthy going into it. As a Gator fan, I have to hand it to Tennessee.. they completely demolished Florida in the second half. Dobbs was playing like he played last year and the Vols D really stepped it up. If they continue like that, they'll be dangerous.
Props to the reporters for keeping a straight face though. No way I could.. I bust out laughing every time he opens his uneducated mouth. Some of these players better hope they make it to the NFL, otherwise their careers past college will include repeating the phrase "Welcome to (enter fast food restaraunt here), may I take your order?"
If you think HIS Ebonics are bad, try listening to any post-game interview with Nick Marshall.