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or move Mizzou and Vandy to the West and AU and Bama to the east. Move around cross division rivals to get AU-LSU, Bama-Ole Miss, Vandy-UK/UT, and then I feel most of the others aren't really much of rivals anyway after that so just whatever they want.
I'd be skeptical to put Sark that close to Bourbon St...
Canada would be the best option out there IMO. Back when Gus first got hired I was hoping Auburn was going to get him from NIU over Lashlee
Auburn and Alabama to the east. Mizzou and UT to the west. Keep bama-UT permanent rival. Make AU-LSU permanent rival. Problem solved
And yet after from what I've seen around social media the majority of Mizzou students are pissed at this group trying to bring race into everything.
My personal favorite is Auburns running back named Kerryon; or the auburn "ruling class"- 2 Kings, a Queen, a Countess, a Duke, and a President.
would've been a better fit than freakin Missouri.
EDIT: final two games of the 1913 season
"Iron" Mike Donehue should be in the discussion too. Arguably 2 of the most impressive teams in auburn football history (1913,1914) were with him at head coach. Over those two years they went 16-0-1 and only gave up 13 points, all 13 in the final 2 games of the 1914 season.
yeah everyone at Auburn has known this for awhile. That's why when he has picked Auburn he's worn an Auburn helmet/fake helmet instead of an Aubie head.
I won't be happy until Tom Ritter is either fired or retires. He's by far the worst in the NCAA
Kenny Irons, Ben Tate, Ronnie Brown, Rudi Johnson, Brandon Jacobs*, Lionel James, Joe Cribbs. All good picks. If you want to go way back(and I mean WAY back) Kirk Newell could be added to the list. There's a reason AU is runningback U.
Auburn also has a bust of John heisman. I've heard it's the only bust statue of him anywhere. AU also has a tiger statue near the player entrance to the stadium
I would swap him and Amari Cooper on this list. Him and Julio should be back to back.
that's why I put "fair" in quotes
If the SEC's 4th-10th best teams can can hang with every other conferences 2's and 3's I think that makes a pretty big statement. Auburn would be considered 6th best in the SEC if we didn't split them into divisions and they nearly beat the B1G's runner up. Arky wouldve been 12th in the SEC and they beat the Big 12s 5th ranked team. Ill take that any day.
Youre a fan of an ACC team so lets put this in perspective. Imagine if 80% of the ACCs bowl games were Pitt vs UGA, BC vs Kansas St, UNC vs TCU,UCLA vs Miami, etc. now tell me that most of those ACC teams wouldn't lose by 20+. You honestly can't do it. Those teams would get killed, but thats what the SEC and especially the West has had to go through for the last several seasons. It just so happens that this year we didn't win the majority of them.
I mean if the SEC West got some "fair" matchups nobody would watch. Noone wants to see the west play teams that finish near them in-conference because when they do the SEC West wins 90% of the time(see UGA-UL, USC-Miami, A&M-WVU) and they still mange to either win or almost win several games they don't really belong in(see Arky-Tex, AU-Wisc). Just hanging in with these teams proves the dominance of the SEC West.
Sec west 5 loses to best independent that almost beat FSU Sec west 4 Loses to b1g 2 overall Sec west 3 loses to Big 12 co champ Sec west 2 loses to ACC 2 overall If sec west teams played teams that finished near where the sec teams did it'd be blowouts. Imagine auburn vs Rutgers or miss st vs duke or North Carolina, ole miss vs Oklahoma or wvu, lsu vs navy. I'm pretty sure almost all of these would be blowout sec wins
2009 and 2011 were some mean classes too. 09 had fairley, dee ford, nosa egua, emory blake, eltoro freeman, Lutz, O-Mac, stallworth, and demond washington. 11 was loaded with sammie coates, Reese Dismukes, Tre mason, greg robinson, therezie, and gabe wright. Both classes also had a couple big busts with Keihl and westerman in 11 and Tyrik Rollison and Dontae Aycock in 09. I think top to bottom the 11 class was better, it didn't have a Cam but it had more depth.
shoot, I can even name a couple of times the ball DIDN'T break the plane and it WAS called a touchdown. I've never seen anything like it, especially with such a clear view of his knees
I don't mind Gary too much, but anyone who's played football recently can pick apart everything he says wrong when he tries to diagram a play. Verne, however, is by far in the bottom two or three commentators in the business. He messes up names, it'll seem as if he wants a certain team to win, he's unoriginal, half the time it seems like he doesn't even know whats going on-its pathetic. I remember the 2010 iron bowl he kept talking about McElroy's shoulder being hurt when he clearly had a concussion and didn't have a clue where he was.
bammers are so unoriginal they even try to copy other schools national championships
anyone else find it funny that Maine hates BYU?
You do know what a position group is right? Well, in case you don't it is more than one person that makes up a position. In the iron bowl cooper had a great game, but as a group goes bama's receivers struggled. Only 2 players on bama's roster had more than 1 reception.
I used to joke about bama fans liking old ugly women but this just proves my point. You said she was a 10 not us.
TBA-still better than Verne and Gary. CBS really needs to fire those guys