Charleston Gamecock

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Dawgs have been classy all year! I'll be at the game and appreciate the level of it!
SC was terrible. Half our team was either injured or didn't play. This is no excuse though! Other teams have the same issues. We lack depth and talent at depth. This was an issue with recruiting and coaching. Bentley is a good QB. Not great but good. Was glad to see Florida beat Michigan cause I despise every other conference! I hope every other SEC team wins like Auburn did! SC needs to figure things out..... Said a big SC fan in Charleston!
You want someone to play for you? This is your man!He will clean your clock and smile! This p3ssy crap in the NFL is stupid!
I'm tired of losing to Clemson! I live in Charleston which is a beautiful city. Columbia is a dump other than the SC campus. Maybe that's why we cant recruit?
I wish I was either a meteorologist or sports analyst...... Would have been a TV Evangelist but don't have the sex drive! Good luck Saturday!
Columbia is not a food destination. I'm from and live in Charleston which is a whole different story!
Sounds like an NCAA violation to me! Bet he got free smothered and chunked on his hash browns!
Notre Dame is always over rated. Vandy will take this one to the limit. But SC wins by 7.
Dawgsofwar. Yes UF whooped us. The whole team had the flu. That being said, I agree UGA has more talent. We shall see what happens Saturday.
You are an idiot among your own fan base....... Much less ours
What a d!ckhead response! Spurrier owned u in history. I have a ton of respect for UGA and where they are now. Being too "cocky" can bite u in the ass. Look forward to week two.....
SC will take the Dawgs to the limit this year! We have talent and discipline! As, I lie on my cousin's couch in Atlanta! GO COCKS!!!!
If I had tits, I’d milk this article....
This is as stupid and absurd as most of the articles here when it's "talking season"! Go COCKS!
A&M looked liked playoff contenders in the first half!
Fear the chicken! Good QB, strong at receiver/ tight end, backs are strong . D will be better too!