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Ahem.... Allen leads the SEC in passing TDs (18) and passing yards (1,861). Surprisingly, despite having Williams and Whaley in their backfield, Arkansas is only ninth in the conference in rushing yards per game (179.7). (BTW, these lines came from the AR v AUB preview on this site.) Crazy how some fan was right huh...
I would guess if you call it a "Blueprint" it doesn't win football games, but if you call it "The Process" you get multiple national titles?? Your logic blows.... That said, what Saban has done at Alabama is unprecedented and hats off to him for his success. I just hope his train gets derailed Saturday.
I wonder if other people watched the same TCU game as I did last week?!? They looked awful and ESPN had them on upset alert all night to SDSU. Granted, their style of offense doesn't translate well for the hogs, but I don't see a blowout. These are two flawed teams that will get better as the year goes on and at the end of the season, the winner will benefit greatly.
Yeah, I thought the same thing. I see either TCU or A&M being a W and LSU for an 8 win season. Anything else would be icing on the cake.
This might be the least researched article I've seen on here in a while. I don't follow the other teams as much and I really don't care where we are ranked, but at least read the post spring comments from the coaches. Arkansas' strength coming out was the receiving core and we really don't know where our RB situation is as rawleigh Williams and kody Walker didn't practice (they should both be starters). Ricky Town was in dead last of the qb battle, Rafe Peavey is the backup. So basically, expect us to throw more than usual and figure the ground game out as the season progresses. The defense should be better as we upgraded the DB coach with Paul Rhodes from Iowa State and return 10 starters. More experience from one of the best rush D's in the SEC should also be helped with the arrival Sosa Azim, an in state 5 star. Bottom line, I come to this website to learn, not to teach. Do better.
First of all, how can you rank tailgates and not have Ole Miss #1? That's just a given. Also, having Texas included solidifies that this is a joke. I live in Austin and the tailgates are on blacktop in 100 degree temps. You have to guzzle beer just to stay hydrated. Finally, if they took alternate sites into consideration, Tailgating on the golf course of War Memorial in Little Rock is often more fun than the games themselves.
Mack, if you keep these posts up, a "Find Her" gallery will be needed next!