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Same. Between this, Landon Young returning, and a great (for UK) recruiting class, I am getting really excited for how good the Cats can be next year! Let's hope Terry Wilson comes back strong and better than ever.
What about one of the service academy coaches (Calhoun, Monken, Ken N)? I know, I know, triple option football isn't sexy by any stretch; however, all three have proven to win games with insane recruiting restrictions (overseas service, height and weight requirements, etc.) and run tight-ship programs, which based on my MSU friends and posters here is a big reason Moorhead was let go. Also, just because they run straight up triple option doesn't mean they will run straight up triple option at MSU. With all the RPO wrinkles in the modern offense almost everyone runs some form of the option. MSU has also proven they can run the ball.