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The Quarterback position does not appear to be a problem; Offensive Line does.
No Kentucky FOOTBALL coach should be making three million dollars
MISSOURI is in the SEC? Next, you will probably tell me they are in the East? Right?
Chris has the opportunity to do big things at America's greatest football program.
All ALABAMA has to do to prove this Bozo wrong, is beat the Seminoles.
Freddie should do fine at Ole Miss...until the sanctions kick in.
He is accustomed to winning...should fit right in at ALABAMA.
As soon as Jalen Hurts develops a passing game, he will be DEADLY...if he can hold on to his starting job. Tua is already in camp.
I agree that most of these games are garbage....well, ALL of them are. But, Alabama vs Mercer is the worst of the bunch? Gimme a break.
Could be this player looked up to see who won the last THREE SEC Championshps in a row and said, "Hey. If I want to win championships, I'll go to ALABAMA."
Foster is a great player, but he has been decimated by injuries his whole BAMA career.
This will be a major step UP for Les Miles.
Najee wants to win championships. He'll don the Crimson and White.
I see no controversy here, except that Kiffin did not target this great receiver more. You can safely bet that Calvin will have many receptions on Monday night. Too good not to.
I'd say three SEC Championships and Three consecutive trips to the College Football Playoff sorta speaks for itself. Good Luck, Lane. You did a great job at Alabama.
Lane has done a great job at ALABAMA. Three SEC Championships and a National Championship speak volumes, but the play calling in Atlanta yesterday was abysmal.
False-start penalties and delay of game should not be tolerated at ALABAMA !
Alec is okay. He picked up a National Championship ring at the University of Alabama.
Miami (Ohio) is a pitiful team, but they out-played the Bulldogs up and down the field.
...with apologies to 17 is coming. (I did not see your post)
Seems he forgot the most important 'KEY': Dog-assed luck!
This is good news, but the Crimson Tide will greatly miss Eddie and Shaun.
This is a poor match-up and a boring game. Oklahoma 45 Auburn 10
Washington has an excellent team and a superb coach. BAMA 34 Washington 21
I love this guy, but he has done absolutely NOTHING at Arkansas !
Three SEC Championships in a row make a pretty nice "mural", too.