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I don't think most rational Dawg fans expected Kirby to come in and win the East this year...although once again it was there for the taking. The discontent is coming from a few negative trends Kirby is showing. He has 1 good win (Auburn) and 3 bad losses (Vandy, Ole Miss, Tech). His Defense hasn't made positive strides, which should be expected given that's his strength. His offense was far too predictable, although he had a freshman QB. Moving to year 2, there needs to be a marked improvement in all phases from the team (discipline, talent, production) otherwise he will have earned the hot seat he is quickly heating up.
The fact that you didn't list UGA in your list of the next 4-5 after Bama is why we're now looking for a new coach.
Jacksonville...formerly known as the Gator Bowl. Maybe we'll do better than the last time we were there (earlier this season).
No one has talked about the possible weather impact on the game yet. If this hurricane running up the East Coast dumps 3-5 inches of rain on Athens between now and game time, you could be looking at a sloppy track. This plays to Bama's strength of larger, more dominant interior linemen. UGA will need to get to the edge, at least somewhat to have a sustainable running game. Wet could limit that which IMO favors Bama.
Not a chance!!! We will never get the Blackout game out of our minds and you are the defending champs so any real Georgia fan gives complete respect to Bama. Hopefully this is the year of the Dawg though!!
No disrespect to LSU but Ole Miss has the best win of the season and as such should be #1. LSU's win vs Auburn has lost some currency and MSU, while decent doesn't IMO put them over Ole Miss.
One bold prediction: Chubb gets his yards yet the Dawgs Coaching staff finds yet another way to choke a game away against the Gamecocks... Oh wait, that's not all that bold now is it.
Forgot a category: Coaching - South Carolina: The Old Ball Coach has taken teams with better, equal, or lesser talent and found ways to beat Georgia. South Carolina has won 4 of the last 5 in the series and on at least 3 of these occasions, coaching made the difference. With Richt's stubbornness to continue on exclusively with Lambert, this game easily can turn with a couple of bad passes.
I am a lot more concerned playing UT than I am playing AU at this point in the season. I think if you ask most Dawg fans they'll say the same thing.
Don't be fooled by anyone saying this game should be easy. We all know how the OBC gets his cocks up to play.
You guys are FAR too good to not be in the Top 25. That should change in the next week or two.
Not a chance!! Dawgs -16??? I think UGA -6 is alot closer to me although I understand why they went higher with USC losing their starting QB last week. There's also the Richt factor so if we do get up by 2 TD's he'll go conservative.
Seriously? SMH... Hows this for a bold prediction....UGA 52 Vandy 7 Franklin doesn't coach there anymore...its a 3:30 game on CBS...Lots of energy from a team tired of getting the "Under Achiever" tag. Vandy is no better than UL Monroe.
I would enjoy hearing the theme from "Jaws" play when they bring Vandy out with the new uni's on Saturday...that would be classic!!
A little more fodder for our UGA "Apologists" that maintain that UGA fans should not expect to be a National Championship Contender some if not most years. Assuming these numbers are correct (ehem SDS), if you look at the SEC teams that have won National Championships in the past 20 years, Georgia ranks 3rd in all time winning percentage and 2nd in Bowl performance: Alabama — 864-299-42, .734 winning percentage; Bowls: 35-24-3, .589 Tennessee — 811–367–53 .688 26-24, .520 Georgia — 751-387-50, .653 28-18-3, .602 LSU — 731-388-47, .647 23-22-1, .511 Auburn — 708-411-43, .628 22-14-2, .605 Florida — 664-397-37, .622 21-20, .512 Yet year after year, anyone that questions Mark Richt is labeled a traitor to the program and advised to go find another school to root for. I would counter that since these fans are more than willing to accept mediocrity, perhaps they should go root for someone like Tech or Clemson. The SEC is a dog eat dog world and if you don't have that mentality you are rarely going to be at the top.
Please stop posting articles (lists) like this SDS. It masks reality and makes it sound like UGA's season wasn't yet again...mediocre. Our "Power" ranking is #2 and yet we: * Didn't win the SEC * Didn't make it to the SEC Championship * Lost to our 3 biggest rivals in Spurrier, Florida and Tech (No slight to Auburn) * Lost multiple players (again) prior to the season due to disciplinary issues. * Went to a 2nd tier Bowl (formerly known as the Car Care Bowl) and being passed over by the Outback, Citrus, Music City, etc. Plus it will make the apologists for our program continue to believe that our performance this year is "good enough".
I thought we had the ninth best bowl game...until I realized this is only for the SEC teams...sigh. SMH
Original projections were for a 6 win UT team to play here...instead they place a 9 win UGA team here. Don't get on Dawg fans when we don't show up because this is a HUGE disappointment.
I'll call this now...the team will be flat and won't care about this game. Louisville will be stoked and Grantham/Petrino will want to continue on the recruiting base they started last year. A few missed opportunities, turnovers and trick plays later...UGA will be looking up at a 31-20 loss. Book it...and it will be accepted by 60% of our fanbase. "Gosh what a disappointing loss...but that CMR is such a nice, decent man" We'll get em in 2015....promise!! SMH
Agreed...punctuated by his "shining moment" being snatched from him by his head coach.
They won and we didn't...they get to talk smack this week (Mizzou). That will change when they lose to Bama by 20. This is the Tech game though...and they get to talk smack to us as well because our coach can't figure out to kick the ball through the end zone with 18 seconds left. And it will continue because we have too many CMR "apologists" that accept this level of coaching. Nine wins is acceptable to our program so until that mindset changes by the entire fan base we will ALWAYS underachieve.
There are thousands of Bulldog fans cheering for Rocky Top this week. Go Vols!!!
Switch with Mizzou...we'll take Ohio St. Let them have Nebraska...regional rivalry there anyways.
Can we not talk smack or do anything other than respect Auburn highly? They are ranked higher than us and if we don't bring our A game with 100% intensity they will run us off the field. Go Dawgs!!
It's a rules violation and if verified by UGA and the NCAA is on Todd to have avoided this. I just wish the NCAA would have come out years ago with stated punishments for violations. The NFL states that a Drug offense is a 4 week suspension...but in the NCAA it can be as little as a half in Manzel's case to an entire season for Dez Bryant. The subjective punishments is extremely frustrating to this Georgia fan. Here's hoping we see #3 in the back field again this year.
It wasn't a UGA fan that said CMR has was a USC fan. We're well aware of the numerous "Fails" over the years.
Yep....true Tommy....and it took us until the 4th quarter to figure out how to defend the middle of the field. Nobody has said this either but the weather delay I think definitely made us lethargic at the start of the game. The announcers mentioned that USC was jumping up and down while we were just hanging out....because as they put it...the visiting locker room was smaller. Whatever CMR...get your team fired up with emotion.
You mean after all the gang taunting by half of your team on that play? Spend a bit of time clearing the field after your stop and maybe you won't get those unsportsmanlike penalties next time.