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Just like the actual “home” court helped Florida beat UCF, right? Auburn had the crowd but not the home court. Auburn University is located in Auburn, Ala. not Birmingham. Injuries could hurt Houston more than playing Auburn two hours from Neville Arena.
I could see the two permanent opponents based on proximity. It still keeps some historic rivals together but all helps with travel. Ala - AU/Ms St Ark - Mizzou/OU AU - Ala/Fla Fla - Uga/AU Uga - Fla/ SC UK - Vandy/Mizzou LSU - A&M/Ole Ms Ms St - Ole Ms/Ala Mizzou - Ark/UK OU - Texas/Ark Ole Ms - Ms St/LSU SC - Tenn/Uga Tenn - Vandy/SC Texas - OU/ A&M A&M - LSU/Texas Vandy - Tenn/UK
Auburn was the last SEC team to make the Final Four in 2019.
Florida excuse makers like you is why I'm a Gator Hater
This is a ridiculous list. None of these would be unwatchable. These might be Western Carolina @ Alabama-Tuscaloosa Lamar @ Texas A&M Abilene Christin @ Miss State Murray State at UGa Towson @ Florida sucks UT Martin @ Florida sucks Tennesse against everyone - hope you lose all 12 (not UAT or games so 10) thats about it
Whenever you can get any of your mascots to circle the stadium as Auburn does with Nova, Spirit or Aurora then we can debate
Since Auburn has War Eagle we beat Mizzou by default. Plus you can actually drive across campus 3 hours before kickoff in Columbia. Try that in Auburn, Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, Athens, or Knoxville
Solid hire Tiders. You will be happy in a few years
Wish you guys were on the other side with Duke and we meet next week. After beating Kansas and North Carolina it's just fun to be mentioned with the others in the elite 8. Hopefully this becomes the new normal. WDE
I would not trade Bruce Pearl for any coach in basketball. Greene needs to lock him up for as long as he wants to coach.
The Big Ten protects Purdue/Indiana and the Pac 12 protects the California rivalries. I do not see why the SEC can't protect AU/Uga and UT/UA and let the others rotate more. Another solution is to do away with divisions and we could all have more rotation. Each team could have 3 permanent opponents and 5 rotating opponents. This would allow everyone to have a home and home during a 4-year window.
Went to Columbia for the Auburn/Mizzou game in 2017 and had a great time. Yes, it was a little different than Athens or Oxford or Knoxville but still fun. Happy to have Mizzou and A&M in the SEC. Hope we can get Oklahoma State and Oklahoma if/when expansion happens again.