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The Big Ten protects Purdue/Indiana and the Pac 12 protects the California rivalries. I do not see why the SEC can't protect AU/Uga and UT/UA and let the others rotate more. Another solution is to do away with divisions and we could all have more rotation. Each team could have 3 permanent opponents and 5 rotating opponents. This would allow everyone to have a home and home during a 4-year window.
Went to Columbia for the Auburn/Mizzou game in 2017 and had a great time. Yes, it was a little different than Athens or Oxford or Knoxville but still fun. Happy to have Mizzou and A&M in the SEC. Hope we can get Oklahoma State and Oklahoma if/when expansion happens again.
still mad about Cam #hailstate? it's been 9 years get over it
They will play at Gillette just like Mississippi State did a few years ago. Still State at least did a 2 for 1 not a home and home
It was Powerade Chris. Powerade - blue cooler, Gatorade - orange cooler. It's not that hard.
I think we both made valid points. In the end, Lindsey was Troy's choice. We can agree to disagree on if it was the best. War Eagle
wde0012 you make valid points but the same can be said about Grass. 29 years coaching in High Schools and colleges in Alabama
OK silly but... Aubie has won 9 mascot national championships (the most of any mascot) and was the first college mascot inducted in the Mascot Hall of Fame. Then our eagles - they freaking fly around the stadium before games. Top that Truman!
Like anyone with head coaching experience. John Grass from Jacksonville State or Brain Bohannon from Kennesaw State would fit well in Troy. They have also won football games!
I think he certainly could be an NFL QB but another year in college would help.
Gus is 53-27 in 6 years which is an average of 8.8 wins and 4.5 losses per season. Gus seems to be 8 and 5 every year. I don't see any reason to not expect 8 or 9 wins at the most. If a QB doesn't emerge 5 to 7 wins could be a reality.
Kiffen checks several of those boxes. 1 and 2 for sure, 4 and 5 maybe
Let's make Rodney Garner the HC and Gus the OC at current salaries. Win/Win
It's not just losing to Army. It's allowing Army to drop 70!
Really? Why would Gus be on the hot seat if 6-6 was good enough. Typical Bammer
No, why what would Memphis do for the SEC? Just because State and the Rebs recruit Memphis? No SEC Network without A&M and Mizzou