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He is a great athlete and class act! We'll be seeing him on Sunday afternoons in a couple years.
Pruitt is being tossed around in 2 or 3 Head coaching jobs himself.
Well.... We all knew someone would come calling sooner or later. Just wished it would've been later!
aggierider... If you poll an UA or AU fans, it would be almost unanimous in asking the SEC to resend that waiver! I know I'd be more than happy to see the aTm game be on CBS before ours! Then I'd feel sorry for ya!
Correction. Meant to say 12:30 A.M. Now I've bumped my head! HA!
O.K.... I'm not sure I was at the same game that this girl was at. There were 2 or 3 times the boos were pretty heavy. But I thought those were because of some unpleasant calls from the officials. At one point I do remember some boo-birds coming from one end of the stadium. But I do remember looking up seeing the place still pretty full when the final second ticked off the clock. I remember this because I was surprised more didn't leave when we were 3 touchdowns down. Also remember thinking this is pretty good crowd considering it's 12:30 p.m. Maybe she saw something I didn't and saw a bunch of fans leaving. But it definitely didn't affect the post game traffic! It took me longer to get off campus than it ever has! And I stopped and helped a friend pack his tailgate up! One thing I did notice, too. After the bad showing in most of the games last year, the student sections stayed pretty full all night! There are ALWAYS gonna be "Those" fans. Every school has them. And they all suck! They leave early, verbally bash the coaches and players. Some will even boo what they think are bad plays. But I think this girl was either in a bad section with "Those" fans all around, or she bumped her head!
Honestly doubt that any of them would go to any school in the UA system after this. Whether true or not, the UABOT is seen as responsible for this action.
I'd love to see Miss St/Ohio St so we can watch another SEC team break one off in OSU's backside!
You have my sympathy. Thank goodness we've already had them 5 times this year! My suggestion.... Find your favorite radio broadcast. It'll be a little ahead. But might be worth it!
Just shows the Selection Committee is determined to keep out any chance of 2 SEC teams in the finals.
Les is a little over the top at times. But he is a good coach and a class act.
I'm kind of surprised Murray & Shaw aren't listed either. Not a big follower of draft lists and not really sure what NFL scouts are looking for. But, those are 2 of the better producing QBs in college football. Especially when you look at UGAs injury bugs this year!
One of the big things bowls look at is fan support and hotel nights. The Gator Bowl would love UGA because theirt fans will come to Fla, sleep in hotels and eat in restaurtants. If they go to the Chik-Fil_a, very few will be staying over night because they live within driving distance.
The fact that the lowest was at almost 88% says a LOT about football in the SEC! Would like to see other conferences top to bottom. Bet they don't compare!
If it was Harvey, they shoulda dumped him on Toomer's Corner in the dirt he poisoned!
Fuzz, I hate to say it. But thanks to SEC dominance, the rest of the country want a Non-SEC BCSNC. And will do all they can to make that happen. I'm actually shocked Bama didn't drop further. In my opinion, AU SHOULD be #2 right now. And the winner of the SEC Champ should take the #2 spot into the BCSNC! No problem with FSU being #1. Their schedule does suck. But they have wiped the field with every team they have played. OSU on the other hand, has squeaked by just about everyone they've played.
1st let me say, this is coming from a Bama fan. And last night is still stinging for many reasons. That being said Auburn should be ranked over OSU now. And whoever wins the SEC Champ next week should DEFINITELY be ranked over them! MIZZU an AU have both played twice the schedule Ohio St has! BUT.... The rest of the country is tired of SEC dominance and will look for ANY excuse to have an SEC-Free BSCNC. Personally, I feel that the championship game was played last night. (No offence MIZZU) Just like last year, the NC was decided in ATL.
Needs to be Oregon/SEC and Ohio State/SEC games to SHUT THEM UP!
I think Bama, Auburn, South Car, Healthy UGA. Mizzou, Texas A&M could take OSU to the wood shed. Ole Miss & Vandy might could make their lives miserable as well!
So, Oregan looses to, a then #6 ranked, Stanford and only gets dropped to 6th. But LSU looses to a #1 Alabama and drops from 10th to 18th? Don't know whether to think the polsters still have little respect for the SEC, or wanting to keep Oregan in the BCS talk, or keep a second SEC team out of the top 5!
Every team gets the injury bug eventually. But in the SEC East this year(and esp UGA), it's been an epidemic! We're all rivals to a certain extent, and I may hate you on Saturdays during the fall. But NEVER want these kids to get hurt! And I hope all of them are healthy, soon! There's an All-SEC team on the injured list this year!
Fox, Bama, and other schools have a similar problem. The students scan in. But instead of sitting in a seat, all of them crowd in as tight as they can in the lower level leaving the upper section empty. Granted, there are probably not 100% in attendance. But if you look real close at any student section, they're crammed in like sardines!
CM, think you need to re-read before you comment! South didn't say unranked. Just didn't give a #. Right now off the top of my head I can't give you aTms ranking either. Butu we all know their top 10. At least till this Saturday. As for Tenn keeping it close.... One can dream. And I hope they do! But I wouldn't bet on it!
As an Alabama fan, I hate to see him go. But LOVE to see him make a decision like tyhis and put his family 1st! WAY TO GO, KENNY!
Caz, Peyton wasn't during the BCS era. Otherwise, I'd be with you questioning why he wasn't mentioned.