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I like Dabo because he is willing to stand up to the mob. There is a lot to be said for having the type of culture he has developed in that program. Very few kids leave so why would he need to go to the portal anyway? Count Clemson and Dabo out at your own peril. I will be pulling for them and I suspect they might surprise some folks this year.
That’s assuming the teams in 24 will be the same as they were in 23. It never happens that way. Some teams will be better and some teams will be worse. We won’t know until the games are played.
Every year is different. We don’t know how good anybody is going to be this year so grading a schedule is as worthless as preseason polls. I agree with the Texas fan. SEC fans have said for years ‘ it if they played in the SEC they would lose 6 games a year!’ Now they are in and folks are tripping over an ‘easy’ schedule. Can’t have it both ways.
Good for Dabo. I admire anybody willing to stand up against the mob.
SOS is always flawed. People seem to take that as the gospel but it’s not. It’s based on ratings and we all know ratings are flawed. Garbage in garbage out. The ‘strength of schedule’ is just as much a matter of opinion as anything else.
Brian Kelly is the most overrated and overpaid coach in college football. I don’t have a problem with what he said, but he will never win a natty because he just isn’t that good of a coach. And for the record I don’t believe Freeze will either.
We haven’t been good at the receiver position since 04 and 05.
Chuck needs to be gone too. He is protected because of his race. Were he another race he would have been fired a long time ago for saying the exact same things in reverse.
Too bad the comment section always gets hijacked by the resident psycho. But good luck to yall too! Maybe we can have the rubber game in the natty!
Don’t pay attention to psycho Ron Florida fans! I’ll be pulling for Florida in every game unless we meet again. Golden is a class act and a great coach! I hate what happened to that kid! Hopefully he will make a full recovery. Congrats on getting back to the dance Gators! And I couldn’t be more proud of Bruce and our guys!!! War Eagle!!!
Would really be nice to be able to comment on any article without the psycho Ron involved. Especially when it involves Auburn. But Auburn is peaking at the right time! War Eagle!!!!
I’ve been saying for years it is stupid for the SEC to have its championship game on Sunday. It never helps with seeding and yes that first round game is much tougher because of it.
He is referring to the first round game psycho! And the only reason we won is they missed 2 out of 3 free throws with a couple seconds left! But you prolly don’t even remember that game.
The NCAA just keeps stepping in it. They need to go back to just 1 signing day in Feb. Not add another in June!
I would be fine with 16. But I also like the idea of the top two teams being rewarded with a bye the first round.
And actually yes a good many are getting paid NFL money or even better! The NFL minimum is like 350 grand I think. A lot of kids are getting paid 7 figures right out of high school.
Do you honestly believe these guys are still ‘student athletes’? Please! Maybe the walkons and 3rd teamers are. The stars aren’t hitting a lick at a snake for their ‘grades’!
Put players at risk? Give me a break! They take that risk every time they play! Nobody is forcing them to play basketball or football! They can get a real job if they like. The rest of what you said is correct but it is also like saying water is wet! Everybody already knows that!
And don’t give me the ‘it’s too many games for these kids’ mess. They are paid professionals now. Suck it up buttercup.
For all the people on here saying 8 is enough, college football needs more meaningful post season games. Not less. The bowl games not associated with the playoff have become an utter joke.
Not always. They looked great against Ole Miss, Arky and Georgia on the road. Terrible against Florida bammer and Miss State on the road.
I have no idea how this game will go. Auburn looks great one game and terrible the next. I sure wouldn’t bet on it either way.
Stupid idea. Punish the team and all the other millions of fans became a few students rushed the floor. Just fine the people storming the court. We have cameras everywhere now. They can be identified and charged with a misdemeanor crime fined several hundred dollars. Take away their beer money for the semester and it stops immediately. Not too complicated.
Coaches have never ‘owned’ anybody. Nor have they ever had ‘total control of their lives’. That’s total hyperbole and ridiculous. Players have always been able transfer. They might have had to sit a year but there were exceptions to that as well. And nobody has ever forced anybody to play football. NFL players can’t just leave a team to go play for another team at anytime. They have to sign a contract. Since the college players are now officially paid professionals they should have to do the same. Since ‘college’ football is dead just go full blown NFL model.
That’s funny coming from the resident psycho! LOL!!!