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Cal just dug the hole deeper today. Saying ‘my bad’ is not an apology. It’s a very condescending way of saying ‘I can’t believe I’m getting criticized for stating the obvious. I’m so smart and y’all are so dumb!’ That’s what ‘my bad’ says.
Looks like Coach Cal caused irreparable damage between himself and Coach Stoops. Pretty arrogant and stupid of him.
I hate stuff like this. If a coach really said that, on the condition of anonymity, that coach isn’t much of a coach. If he doesn’t respect his competition any better than that he will most likely get beat by that competition. But how do we even really know that was said. This kind of journalism ticks me off. Basically anybody can make up anything and claim ‘sources say’. We have seen how that has worked out in sports and the stuff that really matters the last few years. I’m calling BS. I think the writer believes that so he gave his opinion added leverage by saying an ‘anonymous coach’ said it.
Pulling for Anders. Nope he can become more consistent, however. And not completely trusting that plant leg can’t help that. Wouldn’t shock me to see McPherson win the job at some point. He could be great!
You act like recruiting is over. We have 19 more spots to fill! That’s why we are ‘ranked’ low right now, which means nothing. If you take the average ranking we are 4th in the league I think. How about waiting until Feb to make your judgements. Even then it is an inexact science at best. If Pat Dye’s classes were ranked out of high school his early classes would have been about the same in all likelihood. The things recruiting rankings don’t take into account are a kids work ethic and want to. Harsin will get very good players willing put in the work to be great. Wait and see.
I’m glad he brought up Goodman. The articles he wrote were malicious and without merit. I knew it then and we certainly know it now. Auburn handled the virus as well as anybody and better than most. Goodman is just a typical millennial authoritarian that thinks he should be able to tell everybody what they should do. Harsin is a standup man with conviction and dedication. He is going to win and win big at Auburn. The development of our players from year one to year two is going to be obvious to everyone soon enough. And as for the kids that transferred they had been pampered by Gus for too long and it was addition by subtraction. Tanks said at media days they were cancers. His words. Not mine. And we did bring in some transfers that will be immediate impact players this year. Especially on defense. And our recruiting isn’t bad. All of our commits are four stars. And all these kids still have a senior year of high school left! By signing day we will have a very good class. People like Harsin are driven to be great and take no short cuts. I’m glad Finebaum is sticking up for him. The lies that have been spread about him by the Jimmy Rane and Kevin Steele folks are reprehensible. I hope they pay the price for that one day.
And if you rank it by the average of each commit, which if you are going to rank them this time of year that’s how you should do it, Auburns’s class is in the top 4 of the league I believe. I don’t check those things like I used to. Like I said. Useless info at this point of the year.
Recruiting rankings this time of year of the height of useless info. You can’t rank classes now! When some teams have 20 commits and others have 6 and nobody has signed anything! Auburn will sign a very good class when all is said and done. It was a top 20 class last year and will be much better this year. We won’t finish last in the west this year on the field either. Not even close. Auburn will be the surprise of the conference to all the people just listening to the fake news. Some of us know better. War Eagle!!!
Thanks for saying that. Nothing I see or hear about Harsin remotely resembles anything Tbone says. Nothing I hear the players on this team or anybody that has a chance to sit down with Harsin remotely resembles anything he says. And like I pointed out before Harsin has an extensive history prior to coming to Auburn. If he was anything like that wouldn’t that have been an issue somewhere before? I think Harsin will be Auburns best coach in 30 years for the reasons you state. It is a rotten shame there are some people trying to tear him down with pure lies. I believe this all comes from the Jimmy Rane/Kevin Steele faction. I sure hope they are exposed for the backstabbers they are one day.
First we have a high speed moped chase, and now we are the Gamecocks! LOL!!!
This isn’t bad PR. The mental picture of 6’7” 2fitty on a moped eluding the cops won’t let me quit laughing!
Well I know what the players on this team say. I believe them. The truth will come out one day and the folks that spread these vicious lies will be exposed.
This is a false narrative you keep pushing. Everyone that gets a chance to meet Harsin raves about how he is nothing like what they have heard. Cris Doering went on and on last night about how impressed he is with Harsin and how he has completely changed his mind about the type person he is. What you keep spreading is awful slander. The players on this team love Harsin as do this group of coaches. Harsin didn’t just drop out of the sky into Auburn. He has an extensive history from Texas to Arky State and of course many years at Boise. Nobody from any of those places say anything of the sort that you accuse him of happened with him at any of those places! Did he have to run off some malcontents? Sure he did! Every coach worth his salt has to do that to establish their own culture! Saban sure as heck did! Kirby! Go down the list! And both of those coaches had bad first seasons! It is well known that Jimmy Rane wanted Kevin Steele. And when he didn’t get his way he pitched a hissy fit and launched a slander campaign against Harsin! So quit toting Yeller Fellers water for him please! And if you truly love Auburn how about supporting Harsin until he at least has had a fair chance! If my hunch is right we will see a big improvement in the win totals this year. But regardless of the win totals he has us heading in the right direction and has instilled a culture of hard work and accountability. Gus was all about scheme and let those things slip! I couldn’t be happier that Bryan Harsin is our coach. He exemplifies what an Auburn man should be better than anyone we have had since Pat Dye! War Eagle!
No it doesn’t. And I don’t compare Harsin to Dye lightly. I loved Pat Dye. And if he were alive today I am more than confident he would be a huge Harsin fan. They are cut from the same cloth so to speak. Pat developed great players. They didn’t necessarily come in great. A couple did. Like Vincent Jackson and Tracy Rocker. But even Vincent wasn’t highly recruited. Bama offered him, but to play linebacker. And told him he wouldn’t play for at least 2 years. Nobody knew who Bo was until he took the field. The hot shot running back that year that came to Auburn was Allan Evans.Now everybody knows Bo. I bet you have never heard off Allan Evan’s. If there were recruiting rankings back then Dye’s classes would have never been ranked ahead of Alabama or Georgia or Tennessee or LSU. But he took the kids they overlooked and turned them into great players. Now Bo was great to begin with but most of the others were not. What I’m saying is how do you know Harsin’s recruits won’t be great? They haven’t even seen the field yet! And even going by the rankings his class last year wasn’t bad. 17th I believe and that was with less than the full 25. So how about just give the man a chance? Harsin is a winner. He is a winner because he works his tail off and demands the same from his players and coaches. So did Patrick Fain Dye.
Best comment of the bunch!! Bingo!! The sports world is the echo chamber of all echo chambers! There are no dissenting voices!
And some recent history for those that laugh. 1992 Auburn 5-5-1 1993 Auburn 11-0 2003 Auburn 6-5 2004 Auburn 13-0 2012 Auburn 3-9 2013 Auburn 13-2 But I prefer to compare this to the early Pat Dye years because Harsin reminds me of him more than any coach we have had since. Dye went 5-6 his first year. With close loss after close loss. But he had a huge culture change. The next year he went 9-3 and the next he went 11-1 and we really should have been National Champions that year. The difference is back then we didn’t have social media and the backstabbers didn’t have a microphone!!! Harsin will win this year, Green will get his extension and the backstabbers will be exposed after this season! War Eagle!!!
The ‘they’ you speak of is actually only one man. Yeller Feller has orchestrated this entire bunch of lies because he wanted Kevin Steele and Allen Green did what a great AD should do and hired the best man for the job. Don’t believe all the fake news. Good will win out over evil when this is all said and done! War Eagle!!!
The o line wasn’t bad last year. It looked bad when TJ became the starter because he has zero mobility. Before Bo got hurt it was pretty good. But bottom line is we will have grown men on that oline this year. And I actually have a good recipe for crow! When the season is done I’ll give it to ya! Lol! War Eagle!!!
I am happy that the rest of the country thinks we will be a pushover. It’s the internal negativity and outright lies about Harsin that has bothered me. But that will all be put to rest soon as well!
The pessimism is coming from fake news! Which is completely detached from the reality of what is happening with this football program inside that locker room! There has been a culture change for the better and we have much more talent than people that aren’t paying attention realize. I’m extremely excited about what Harsin is doing and the possibilities for this year and beyond! A lot of people will need to figure out how to make a crow taste good! War Eagle!!!
I’m glad Mullen is no longer in this conference. Never could stomach him.