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You have totally misconstrued everything I said. I'm not saying anyone should leave their families behind at all. There plenty of things more important than football. I'm saying that this is something that can be rescheduled, perhaps November 19th because both schools have cupcake games that week. You are taking this to its extreme expecting the worst in people. Travis says they're hiding from the game, if this isn't the case then they need to reschedule it. According to you they need to cancel the Missouri game because we all know it will take more than a week for a million people to get everything under control and back to normal.
I was evacuated from Hilton Head and am now in Asheville NC so I understand the impact of what's going on. I think it's more the fact that there are plenty of options to get the game in. LSU offering to play it on Sunday or to host it in Baton Rouge (which I realize could have a fiscal impact on Florida) but options none the less. Yet doesn't seem as though Florida is interested in any of those other options. Would be curious to find out why.
Del Rio obviously hasn't seen that every other team is still playing at their regularly scheduled time. Not saying Travis' statement is true but can you blame him for speculating?