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As much as I hate to say it, you are spot on about Jalen Hurd.
I agree mlaz. I love my Vols but damn I get tired of SDS posting meaningless articles about the Vols. I'm not surprised they don't post an article every time Butch farts.
Also, even though I hate UGA. Gurley was a class act and better RB. Well deserved young man!
It's obvious that Dooley Noted is a Troll and not even a UT fan! What Vol fan uses U-T vs UT? And most importantly ALL UT fans knows how to spell Jalen's last name. It's Hurd not Heard you idiot! Pay this jack wad no attention.
I really hate this time of the year! I love my Vols, but all this hype is getting ridiculous. We haven't even played a game, and these sports articles have already but gave UT the SEC East without even playing a game. The latest polls have us at #7. Why???? Until UT beats Florida, Georgia, A&M and Bama, then we will deserve to be in top 10. I do believe we have a great team this year, but have to close out games better than last seasons losses! Go Vols!
I totally agree with you both.I can't blame the guy for going for his "dream" job, but it's the way he left that pi$$ed me and many Vol fans off. Now Dooley on the other hand........ I'll just leave it at that.
I agree THEDUKES51. I believe Georgia is gonna be tough this year. Not sure what Florida is gonna bring to the table as of yet.
I wondered the same thing but according to, "Johnson says he was not asked to give his side of the incident in 2001, as he was overseas at the time." TIFWIW.
Dobbs just got to work on his accuracy this offseason!
Dang, that was a low blow! LOL! Man, hopefully this will be our year to get that win. 11yrs is long enough!
OMG! No just NO! It was a matter of time before Gruden's name came into the mix. LOL!
Word on the street, is that there was some off field issues that CBJ had a problem with. Had to do with chasing the young girls and them being on campus with Jancek around the recruits and recruits family. Take it FWIW. But I really don't see CBJ setting us back for next year with the firing Jancek, especially with all the expectations for 2016.
buddha22, Good observation. Yeah there is definitely some pressure being thrown his way. I believe our D took a step back this year. Still very productive, but gave up a lot of plays. I also think recruiting has a lot to do with it.
Debord will get and deserves another year. I think he learned his lesson about sitting on leads, Just can't let off the gas until the game is a wrap!
The hatred is strong in this Guy. LOL! I don't like all the media hype about UT this early. But I agree Tennessee right now is the best team in the East. OTOH, Tennessee gotta finish these games off in 2016 and should be no problem winning the East.
Here we go again! Media hyping us up again. Then UT fans will take all the blame for the hype, if we don't win the East.
Yeah back to being overrated! LOL! Most teams would love to have their schedule every year.
He lost me when he said "it's great that Notre Dame being back is great for the sport"!
DD2, How would you remember how UT was back then? From your profile pic that would've made you like 2 years old! Ummm, Keno. They already got that spot locked down this year.
Yes, they are a vastly improved team. * 2014 OU beat us by 24 pts, and OU went on to lose 4 or 5 games last year. This year, after blowing the 17 pt lead and some costly penalties, we lost by 7 in 2OT to one of, if the best team in football right now. *2014 Bama beat us by 14. 2015 UT had the lead with 2 minutes left in the game. Look at what UT did to the same Iowa team that is currently in the playoffs right now, in the "Gator" bowl. I don't think UT is ready to make a run at a Natty Title, but the days of losing 6-7 games a year is over. You guys can call it what you want. We are trending upward, that's a fact.
Great post ASET! I still believe Bama is our biggest rival in the SEC to this day.
All teams do have "THOSE" fans. Like I said I don't think we'll win. Can we compete? I think so, but don't think we can finish it off. Depends on if CBJ throws the whole playbook at them. We have the talent on offense to keep it close. Defense will have to somewhat try and contain Henry. Not likely though. But CBJ has proven to get way too conservative in the long run. I hope UGA does beat UF this weekend. As much as I hate y'all, I hate UF more! LOL! Good luck, I'll be pulling for y'all.
# 8 UGA lost 38-10 remember that......... shouldn't you be trolling over on the Florida section? Nevermind, will probably lose that one too.
Are you kidding? 3 weeks ago your fans were talking about how UGA was going to beat Bama. You drop 2 straight games and squeak by Mizzou, now all of sudden UGA is struggling. Give me a freakin' break! UGA has the most delusional fan base. UT was in every game against UGA over the last few years. One of those games finally went our way. I don't think we'll beat Bama, hopefully we'll play them closer than what UGA did. Good luck rest of season.
BBN, Get off the pipe man! LOL! UK got beat by a medicore Auburn team (no offense AU) last week. You had to go to OT just to beat Eastern Kentucky!
TexDAWG, I must have my blinders on because I watched the whole game and did not see the step to the face.