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Look at Stoops' contract and buyout... he's out of FSU's price range now.
Dunbar is 20 miles from my home... they are on state probation for throwing a game to get another dayton city league team in 2017 to get both teams in the playoffs. Didn't work out for either team. The football program is always making news for the wrong reasons.
Covering the Vegas number is not a bad look. Are you jealous.
It was roasting in the stands. Luckily we escaped injury free. Get better this week then get ready for Florida.
Not great but that's ok. Secondary has to get better. It was hot today but we survived with no injuries.
Please give us just one top ten class... sometime... anytime. Please.
Obviously you've never been to Baton Rouge or Oxford.
That's rich coming from someone that is stuck with Joke Bentley.
Lol.... the chickens are a joke. Should cruise to a 6th straight over you bozos.
If Hoak wins the job then OSUCKS is in big big trouble. Not that wouldn't give me a huge smile.
I can't wait to see Bentley either. He is the gift that keeps on giving(away). 6 straight for the Cats.
You are a real fan. Those 7 or 8 Saturdays are all that matter in the fall. If you're not in the stands you are just a casual fan.
You're going to a game. That is the experience. Why the obsession with wifi and insta. Four hours offline won't kill you.
I haven't missed a home game since 2002 and only 3 in 27 years. Either you're a real fan or you're not. The couch experience does not compare.
That's why we beat Mizzou for 5th straight year. 6 straight against the chickens this time.
Having religion is ok.... but not playing hoops when Sunday is your conference's day should not be tolerated. Plus it's not a real religion.
Six straight Wildcat wins over the chickens
Will stomp the chickens for 6th straight time
Give us Auburn's roster and you would see why!
Mizzou??? Give me a break. These guys are about to drop a fifth straight to UK. This one is in Lexington. South Carolina??? Are you kidding me. Looking for 6 in a row against the chickens. Keep up the disrespect.
Gunnar if you can't play for us how in the hell do you expect to play in Columbus?