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This was great move. We aren't afraid of OU. Definitely not texas.
Michigan is the top rated public academic university in the country. Northwestern is an equal or even surpasses Vandy. If you're gonna make an argument at least get your facts straight.
Not a chance of us leaving. As much as I hate to bring it up, there are other sports and we are the king of the mountain in the second biggest revenue soort.
As a lifelong Ohioan, I can assure you OSUcks is not leaving the B1G. It would be sacrelidge.
This bums me out. Only because I have a finite amount of hate. This dilutes the hate I have for those who have earned it. I guess I will be forced to downgrade some of you from seething hatred to just vehement dislike. LOL.
97th, that's an upgrade for us. Look out.
You're a colossal tool. Communism is an economic system, period. It has nothing to do with baseball. You're making Vandy look bad.
Step away from the ledge. CC never said we were going 15-0, just that we would make some noise.
I love Robinson but I have to see us generate offense first. Cook is a stud. He's my pick.
I've been to all but Saturday night in Baton Rouge takes the cake. Even if we did get mauled.
It already happens... see Cam Newton.. Bama UGA and A&M all have fat wallets. The buying of players is just going to be ok now.
Heupel is a joke. It is going to be a sweet ride watching Tennessee suck for the foreseeable future.
Every time we beat Tennessee they fire their coach.
Not to mention there are 11 state universities in Ohio. It's AN Ohio State University.
You wouldn't know communism if it slapped you in the face.