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What's a pass? I don't remember.
Saban may have cost Tua his career and you're OK with that? You need a lesson in humanity.
Clearly football is all you have in your pathetic existence.
He moved like a 60 year old man.... Saban was asking to get him killed.
That's all I was saying... not wishing an injury on anyone. Win at all costs.. no character.
Saban just proved what a greedy arrogant piece of trash that he is. He could have dug up his dead grandmother and easily won today. He cares absolutely nothing about his players health. Tua had less mobility or speed than a fire hydrant. Bama got what they deserved.
He can throw some players in the paint locker. Go for it.
UGA definitely came to play. Where have those receivers been all year. What a time to break out. Congrats.
Religiously since 1982 and we have won 8 games only 3 times in those 37 plus years.
Amen brother. This is probably his best coaching job. Remember we were left for dead a month ago. 8-4 is still a distinct possibility.
Death taxes and UK beating Missouri. Fake southerners fake SEC team. Someone actually thought Mizzou could contend. Haaaa.
It has to be Bowden. He's our best shot. Load up to stop the run and try to eat up the clock. It's gonna be a nasty day anyway, wet and windy.
We are in big trouble this week. It will take a titanic effort and a couple big breaks to even have a chance.
I guess you were looking ahead to UK. Wink Wink. Great game chickens.
No doubt. Way too much passing. We aren't built for that.
I've held season tickets for over 30 years and it is extremely rare that I miss a home game. We are in a better position than we have been in that time. Stoops is worth every penny. We aren't Bama or UGA but we aren't miserable like we used to be. I'm a real fan not a fair weather punk like you paris. GO CATS!
The chickens have accepted losing to UK for quite awhile now.
Doesn't matter how Fromm plays. UGA should run them over. 300 plus rushing.
Look at Stoops' contract and buyout... he's out of FSU's price range now.
Dunbar is 20 miles from my home... they are on state probation for throwing a game to get another dayton city league team in 2017 to get both teams in the playoffs. Didn't work out for either team. The football program is always making news for the wrong reasons.
Covering the Vegas number is not a bad look. Are you jealous.
It was roasting in the stands. Luckily we escaped injury free. Get better this week then get ready for Florida.
Not great but that's ok. Secondary has to get better. It was hot today but we survived with no injuries.