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Heupel is a joke. It is going to be a sweet ride watching Tennessee suck for the foreseeable future.
Every time we beat Tennessee they fire their coach.
Not to mention there are 11 state universities in Ohio. It's AN Ohio State University.
You wouldn't know communism if it slapped you in the face.
Yeah, I showed up to pay respect to the greatest team of all time. I only hate you when we go head to head. Mostly because it's such a mismatch.
Best ever... not even up for debate. 11 SEC wins. Enough said.
He failed because he didn't have the best players. He wins because he has the best players. As long as he's at Bama he will have the best players, assistants, and the most resources. He is a tremendous coach but not all things are equal.
We don't have to say it... you make it quite apparent. But hey, I expect nothing less from the most uneducated and ignorant state in the UNION.
Somebody buy that kicker a car. I take back every expletive aimed at UGA during the game. Way to go.
OSU untested but Clemson not the juggernaut it has been. OSU will be jacked up. I see a close one.
I bet you can barely walk from the chair to the refrigerator for your beer. She is more of a man than you could ever imagine being. Also, that is not a dig on her.
A&M would be taken behind the woodshed. Just like Bama game. Would be a wipeout.
Sic em on a chicken. Watch those feathers fly. It's like playing Vandy, only not as close. Harris is a beast though.
Harris was a beast. But Vandy was more competitive than Carolina. They have a long way to go.
They are charter members. At one time they were the big dog.
Every team had difficulty. I refuse to make excuses. I am proud we competed every week.