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We may lose by a 100. I don't care. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. G's down
Where else should they go? 6-6 the reward is an extra game.
Way to geaux. That proves you don't want Dumbo for a coach.
UGA has a metro area nearby nearly the size of the entire state of Mississippi. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.
Kentucky Wisconsin will be the turnover bowl.
We haven't earned any respect. If we don't win Saturday the season is lost.
This just in, every campus in the country is left. Been that way forever. Wake up man.
If we play like that we will get smoked next week.
No motivation. No defensive adjustments. Totally embarrassing.
Levis terrible. Rodriguez would drop a 100 dollar bill.
Fast break football is causing players to be on the field too much. We must always err on the side of safety. How about a minimum time between plays.
Hopefully expansion doesn't kill this crossover rivalry. Always one of my favorite games.
I've seen both teams first hand. This is going to be ugly.
UCF beat no one. Winning at ND will be good enough if they go 13-0.
You need a history lesson. Never, I repeat never, in the course of history has fascism been anything but a right wing movement. Know your facts not just the words.
Should have been no fans for next home game. The loss of the entire gate is justifiable.
Fast break football is a gimmick. Teams that don't have the horses try to use it for mismatches. Go down. Get your subs in and play. It's football, extra snaps will cause extra injuries. Play like a man and this would diminish.
It's within the rules. Why all the crying. If you want to play fast break football the defense should go down every play.