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Gunnar if you can't play for us how in the hell do you expect to play in Columbus?
I have unfortunately I was only 13 years old... it's not like its never happened.
Yeah... because who wouldn't watch the best players play at the highest level
I bet Kelly Bryant loves hearing this. He should have done some better research. But hey, it's all good... this probably extends our streak to 5.
His complete lack of conditioning and fundamentals cost us many many games in the 4th quarter. He threw more interceptions than he ate big macs.
How about Randall Cobb.... fat boy is a stain on the program
Keep lorenzen as far away as possible... most overrated UK player of all time.
Even in Lexington those making less than 30k have a hell of a time affording gameday... even worse for a family.
Why would you have any interest watching the best players in the world.
How is Florida ranked ahead of two teams that beat them when everyone lost 3 games.
I never would have thought this would happen 6 months ago. #11 sounds nice. If only we would have shown up in Knoxville.
College coaches have to recruit and develop players and schmooze with boosters etc.. NFL coaches are only about the football. GMs acquire the personnel and the players are excellent. Kingsbury will improve Arizona.
Get a grip.... no disrespect... the military has nothing to do with it. It's about the trigger happy cops.
I drove 900 miles and didn't expect it. But it was so much sweet.
He is going to teach an ethics class. Only in Columbus
Unimpressive... he barely played. How can you make such an uninformed statement. He would look awesome in blue. Perfect for our style.
The guy is a legend and ultimate teammate. I would love to have him on my team. I can dream anyway.