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Learn what communism is before you go mouthing off. It's an economic system. It has nothing to do with the current situation.
Been to all but A&M... LSU best tailgating by a landslide.
Bayou tiger you are right Woodson is UK's best.
No they dont. Fat boy was an interception machine and cost us many games. Couch was the greatest 3 yard down field passer ever. Winning matters neither did. Hell, Bowden did more than either. Who cares if he couldn't pass.
We are going to need both of them. It's a long brutal season.
Think positively. We are riding a one game winning streak at Auburn.
Rodriguez is our best back. He is a hammer much like Bennie was.
Football will return. It's just not going to be this season. It will make next year even sweeter. The world isn't going to end.
Woodson was a stud. Peyton is Mount Rushmore material.
Leach shouldn't get any slack. Remember he locked a player in a paint locker at Texas Tech.
Stoops is going to be at UK pretty much as long as he wants to be. He has earned it.
I want no part of our kicker being. Poor,Chance. That's an automatic disqualifier.
I live in the present jackass. Those days are long gone.
I am soaking wet but it was awesome. Eat that paris.
What's a pass? I don't remember.