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The difference between living in Knoxville or Lexington alone makes UK job better. Tennessee is a has been, a wanna be, nothing more.
Our third noon start in 6 weeks, what a joke. Still no respect.
I'm stunned the cops didn't take shot at one. You know, fearing for their life.
These are clearly the league's best teams. I fear what may happen when we play both.
Oh my. That was oh so sweet. Guarantano for president.
We are built to RUN RUN RUN. Let's pass when we have to and lose the WR screen.
Saban wouldn't get it done with that kind of attrition.. players and coaches.
We need to run more on 1st down. Too many 2nd and longs with all the first down passing. And for crying out loud trash the WR screen. We average negative yardage on that play, plus we're going to get someone killed.
I was in the stands Saturday. Both State QBs throw floaters without any zip. A recipe for disaster.
Let's see.. we run for 400 and lose but only 140 total offense and win. That was a weird game. At least we beat somebody.
The bible is literature not literal. But you are literally ignorant.
They didn't sell the original 17k. Floridians are smarter than I thought.
Remember when people weren't so IGNORANT and actually cared about others. I cheer when you fools are infected. I hope it terrible. Think about someone besides yourself for once.
Now that orange julius has the plague the rednecks may fall into line and don a mask. It's a tough ask I know.
3 turnovers and we will lose every time. It's as simple as that.
It's not the police. It's the murderous police. BBN you know better.
The only thing that matters is this year. Time to write new history.
About 1 in 5 chance. But we can dream.
Longevity wise yes. That year with Cadillac and Brown... it's not even close.
We have beaten the chickens 6 of the last 10.
No he is saying these punks are going to infect everyone else. Use your brain Einstein.