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Keaten is a player. Pops is penalizing him because Destin is not SEC caliber. The old man is a bonehead. Good luck in the bush leagues.
You might want to read it again Sparky. I see all 14.
Stoops should be fired. The 10 win seasons are ancient history. 3-10 the last two Oct/Nov. The glacial pace of play is ridiculous. I know how bad it used to be but I am sick of this**** show.
No team wants a piece of Bama right now
I’ve seen my team lose in every stadium in the conference. No way Neyland is best. Probably not even top three. LSU by a mile… especially after dark.
Davis was a monster. But that was only the third best in UK history. Moe 299 Bowden 284. Davis is on his way to becoming a Wildcat legend.
That was the most delicious cupcake yet
Absolutely embarrassing. I was in the stands. Sure it was a cold snowing.. but it was not that bad. Pathetic showing from the ticket holders that stayed home, the students that didn’t show. But there is no excuse for a team with no fire or a coaching staff that can’t figure out how to score.
Rodriguez is his own offensive line. It’s been the same guys out there in front. He makes them better. Highly unlikely he is held under a 100. Only if the Cats fall behind big early.
It’s the cowboy hats, boots, yell practice and effeminate Texasness. You are easy to hate.
Milton is a stud. Reminds me of this guy Bama used to have. I think his name was Hurts. Lol
BlackandGoofy lay off the sauce man
I’ve been around way to long to expect it. But was caustiously optimistic.
Tennessee is rated properly. That was a huge road victory.
We have the game plan now. Don’t block in the first half and wear them out for the second. Great win Cats!