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With an Over/Under of 34, I'll take the under all day long. Final 6-3 Mizzou
Thank you!!! I was literally screaming that as I read this article...
I truly expected to see the Mizzou offense in the Duds category here. They deserve it.
Bravo, I like it! What's not to trust about these two fine upstanding examples of our youth today, or their greasy attorney?
Right? I think Mizzou wins, but I don't think they have a chance in h*ll of covering the spread.
Please tell me you are being sarcastic, because the only other options are that you are blind or incredibly stupid.
Soooooo freaking ready for football season to start again!!! Come on!!!
As soon as I read this line, I stopped reading... "The receivers and linebackers are virtually brand new, while other personnel groups remain intact from last year’s 11-3 team." The receivers are brand new, yes, but to say that 236 combined returning tackles, and that from only 2 of the 3 starting linebacker, is NOT brand new. I don't know what kind of research you did before writing this article, but you need to do more and try again because this is garbage.
Of course preseason polls are biased, and a joke, but you are complaining about something completely different from what the article is saying or implying.
You seem to fail miserably at reading comprehension. This is not a made up from nothing list. This took preseason polls, versus final rankings, but he very much disclaims that it is by no means a measure of saying which teams are truly better than others, just which teams get historically ranked higher, or lower than they end the season. You might not like the results, but that doesn't make them invalid.
Kansas having more arrests than wins over the last 5 years just makes me laugh! Mizzou sure could stand to move a bit lower on this list though...
It's just pre-season, it's not like it matters. Look at how far off these guesses have been in the past. We aren't getting much love from the media, but how is that surprising, or news? I for one am just excited for the season to start so teams can let their actions on the field do the talking!
Wow... This is hilarious. Idiotic, but hilarious.
Respect is earned, not given. If we keeping winning, then we will receive respect. If we continue to lose odd games like to Indiana at home, then we won't. It's that simple really. And as the new Tiger on the block, it's expected to have to do more than the established teams to earn recognition and keep it year after year. I for one can't wait for fall to get here!!!
I still can't figure out how you avoided that cost hanger, because as idiotic as you are, it's impressive.
Sorry, I'm a used to UG fans bashing or backhanded complimenting MU, not using satire on here. My bad. I like Richt for UG and he's done a hell of a job, especially with recruiting over the years. Every team has that one game, or two each year that they wish they could get back and redo, so we definitely understand that, but to desire a new coach simply because of one bad lose here and there? That's silly. Mizzou fans suffered through too many bad bad horridly bad years to get down too hard on Pinkel unless he suddenly starts having consistently bad years with no sign of recovery.
Looking stupid for not wishing to see a successful coach get fired? The stupidity has no bounds for you Bama!
Hahahahaha riiiiight. Goodbye douche
Bamatime, when you get done finger-f**king your cousin, why don't you just do the world a favor and suck-start a .45? Heaven forbid I have a typo! Douchebag, you give your team's fans a bad name.
Gee, he's 23-5 over the last two years with 2 SEC East Division #1 finishes. Yea, Mizzou fans should definitely be calling for Pinkel to be fired... that sure makes sense.
Remind me again, how did all of those tough games work out for them? Oh, that's right, a lose. It's good to challenge yourself, everyone should do it, but it looks a hell of a lot better when you challenge yourself and win. Rivals being what they are, the only it off conference true rival Mizzou has is KU, and playing them would not help our power ranking at all. This year we do play a "tougher" non con schedule to a certain extent, so we will see how it works out.
Bama, I know that you have a hard time grasping the English language, but he said the East, not the conference as a whole. Mizzou has to win the East in order to even have a chance to win the conference. But then, you are just a dumbass troll.
Welcome aboard gentlemen! Can't wait door the 2015 season!!! Go Tigers!
What top D-Line prospects would NOT be interested in playing at Mizzou??? After how their line has churned out high quality players over the last few years, this seems like a no-brainer!
When you are likely going to be a high 1st round pick, you don't risk another year in college to possibly miss out on that kind of payday. To stay would be stupidity!
Wow, didn't expect to hear that this morning. Can not wait for game time!!!