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Piggy back on the playground. Jonathan Taylor never played a down at Bama. Saban booted him.
Salary outlook: $9,048,638 Reuben Foster #31 San Fran 49ers You need to borrow some cash bro? #ReubenWillBeOkay
He's twice as good QB as Dobbs is. Not smarter, but better football player. Elway will make him relevant.
Mountain Dawg, Congrats on your 1 total draft pick this year. You guys really are dominating the SEC East. Wear them black jerseys soon vs Bama again so you can get that ass kicked.
Tell Leonard to keep his head on a swivel when the Jags play the 49ers. Reuben gonna knock his block off like he did on kickoff 3 years ago! #Bama9top79NFLdraft
Captain Kangeroo, You cite maturity issues on Foster after trouble Mizzou players/draftees have had last several years. Pot calling kettle black. Hypocritical don't you think? 49ers had Foster #3 player overall and Solomon Thomas #2 and got both. I don't think GM Jon Lynch gives a rip about your foolish comments. Mizzou still sucks.
Well Mr. Helper...I didn't know you wanted to get into the discussion... But since you did, the anonymous scout is a coward since he makes statements untrue slandering a young man who never was once in trouble in college and won the Butkus Award for best LB in college. I would further inform anonymous scout that Reuben is loved by his teammates and coaches and hits like Ray Lewis. That being said, Missouri needs go back to Big 12 where they actually can compete because they won't ever win an SEC football championship Fact Mr. Anonymous
Leonard, still feeling that earhole shot Reuben put on you on that kickoff return in Baton Rouge 3 years ago? Lol
***3-star bUTch strikes gold...oh wait, another 3 - S T A R
bUTch gonna 3-star bUTch! #LifeChamps
Jimbo, you need to worry about Urban Meyers Buckeyes before targeting Bama.
Lots of injuries last year but blamed it on S&C Coach and he's gone. McKenzie needs to be healthy. I don't think Tuttle plays this year his leg bad. Kongbo tries to replace Barnett. Hoke helps DL. But, this is still a line of scrimmage league. Not sure Vols have enough depth in front 7. Bama, LSU, UGA will be 3 sure losses. GTech, Florida, and SCarolina tossups. Gonna say Vols win 2 of 3 tossups and finish 8-4 regular season behind UGA in SEC East.
2016 Bob Shoop: "NOBODY will run the ball on us this year!" 2017 Bob Shoop: "Humble pie tastes good".
^Doubtful kid even beats out Dormady. #bUTchLifeChamps
Enjoy your probation years Colonel Reb. Hugh Freeze fixing to get a 'Show Cause' from NCAA. Everyone knew when you cheaters signed Tunsil, Ncemdiche, Tony Connor, Treadwell, et al they was being paid. #paythepiper. And yes Guarantano a "punk" just like Swag Kelly and Johnny Manziel is.
Booger McFarland quote: "Tennessee has zero chance of winning SEC East in 2017". #LifeChamps
Another loudmouth punk, just like Kongbo last year. Lots of bravado from the New Jersey thug. Hanging out with Johnny Manziel last week had to be a good influence. Hope he starts instead of Dormady so he can find out what SEC ball all about.
Said no to 6 NFL teams this off season. Why are you surprised NO means NO! He wants to beat Bears records you goofus. Until then he has unfinished business. Bear 6 NC, Saban 5. He ain't done.
Poetic justice. How sweet it is to see Foolmer get shanked after he did the same to ole Johnny Majors! Glad to see his blood boil red. Could not have happened to a better guy. Hope he never goes to a Vol game at Neyland again. He just didn't have the "experience" for the job. Lol
"Sorry about your luck Phil"... Signed Albert Means
"Sorry about your luck Phil" ... signed Albert Means
Translation = Volnation brace for the Great Pumpkin to take over as AD within 10 days.