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We aren't going to win anymore. Too many people are predicting the upset and we are being mentioned in winning the east. Too much positivity so we are due for a let down. I have a Kentucky football gut feeling about this.I hope I'm wrong.
With the way Vandy's defense is playing, I think I would take Vandy at +18.5. I see this being a low scoring game.
I'm tired of seeing all of these predictions for UK to win. Please stop. We perform better as the underdog that isn't talked about.
Of all the games remaining this season for UK, I think I'm most scared of @Miss St. and then probably @Vandy. That defense is no joke.
Well, this is our first sell out since 2015...It wouldn't have been surprising to me honestly. Especially because our students are the worst. They care more about the frat tailgate parties than the game.
Ralph Webb is too low, and honestly, Snell is too high. He's still a damn good back but he needs to get some help from his back ups, he can't do it all by himself.
And now that I look at it, Florida's record since our game last season is 8-5. Interesting.
Next time you say Kensucky, remove the "t". It flows better that way.Anyways, last year was a fluke performance. Look at our record since that game last season. 10-4, with losses coming from @bama, vs UGA, @Tenn and vs GaTech (bowl). This team is much different than the one you faced a year ago.
McAdoo laid the blame on Eli for a delay of game penalty. Nice "click-baity" title though.
Mr. O'Gara, I think you are the only one getting carried away. Stoops was only referring to the South Carolina game. We had beaten them 3 years in a row, but during the off season, USC suddenly became the media's darling. The media was raving about how much USC, Miss St, and even Mizzou had improved in the offseason and could be contenders. UK (or Vandy) didn't get much attention. Why was it weird? Because we just went 7-5 and only lost 5-6 starters from offense/defense. Yet we hadn't improved in the offseason and USC had jumped us? Look at alllllll the pregame picks by the "experts". I don't think I saw one pick for Kentucky, everyone picked USC. That's why Stoops and Co. felt disrespected. No one gave us a chance.
Dear God, I do not want to play in the Texas Bowl against Texas. I know Texas isn't the same ole Texas but come on.
YES YES and YES. Grantham couldn't stop our run game with a Top 10 run defense. Also, we were 28 point underdogs and we destroyed their defense last season. He's not that good of a DC.
I think we just have a serious case of "playing to our competition". However, if we do that and win every game then I'm ok with that.
I agree, our secondary hasn't been great this season, but when teams are down late and considering our defense has limited teams to under 100 yards rushing in the first 3 games, teams have no choice but to pass. I know how good this secondary is and that's why I'm not worried about them.
This may have involved UK fans, but I do not see a single UK logo in the video. The only thing UK blue in the video is the tents and solo cups. Is there any other information that UK fans were involved?
I hate that he isn't on the field but, for what it's worth, he didn't play against South Carolina either. I think Eli Brown is a very good back up.
I want to win this game badly but my hopes of victory diminish every minute. We lost our starting LT at the beginning of the season. Benny Snell got banged up last game and probably isn't 100%. Now news broke yesterday that Jordan Jones, probably our best player, is out for the game. Injuries, along with an offensive line that hasn't quite figured it out, make me lose hope about a victory.A victory sure would be sweet though. Cats by 90.
We struggled against EKU and yes it was embarrassing, but for what it's worth, EKU has a ton of D1 transfers from UK, UofL, and another school named..............oh yea, Tennessee. They are a pretty good FCS team. Now don't get me wrong. We struggled, the score was way too close, and it was embarrassing.
I think you mean Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, UGA and Tenn dominate the Top 50 list. This is a pretty crappy list.
Everyone should watch those highlights. Notice how the future Heisman trophy winner fumbles the ball on the opponents 10 yard line (with the game in hand) which would lead to Kentucky's eventual game winning FG....as a 28 point underdog on the road. Also note how this player forgot which team to throw the ball to on 3 occasions. HAHAHAHAHA what a glorious day. You suck UofL and your coach is the biggest sh!t human being in CFB.
I hate lists where I know we will be #1 Because it's usually not for a good reason.
I think he was implying that we want to get up big on them in the 4th quarter and "put the subs in" which would mean Barker will be QB.
I don't think T-Swift belongs in any sports related video.