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I disagree. Even SDS did an article on Drew Lock's 10 best games and all of them were against non-con, bad SEC East teams or a really bad Arkansas team. He also never beat UK. Do you know how many really good QB's never beat UK? None.
All the turnovers make me sick. I was confident about beating UofL all season. Now I don’t know. We just can’t take care of the ball. That game was a lot sloppier than the score indicates.
I already like this team 100x more than last years team and we’ve played 1 game. This team will be good and should go deep in March. Hate losing to Duke though
We still got the first down after that. Still amazing the refs are hesitant to call a face mask but not hesitant to call unsportsmanlike after getting a justified ear full
Curious what people think, if UF loses to UK in week 2 next season, is Dan Mullen fired?
Connor, if you think UofL has a chance, you have lost your mind.
Our starting Nose Tackle got injured in the second series of the Florida game. I have been very pleased with how the back ups have played in his absence. Another D lineman got injured in the LSU game. Sucks to have these injuries, but if there is a position group on UK that has “young promising talent” it’s our D line. Still inexperienced though, especially in huge road games like this.
Speak for yourself. I love the checkerboard. At least it has a cool history unlike UT
Yea, just like Mizzou's two East championships
I haven't watched Arkansas much but even Kirby talks about how physical we are every year. Arkansas also runs a 3-2-6 and I don't know how every team doesn't run it down their throats all game.
Wow, I thought rushing the field was for big wins. OU is pathetic.
This is the winner. I completely agree and feel the same way about the game. It's either going to be a really close game or UF beats us by 20.
There were more punts in the Florida-Tennessee game. Sometimes it really shows that SDS needs to step their game up.
It's pretty simple, if you want to pass the ball, you need a QB that is decently accurate. Levis has had moments where he looks amazing and he's had moments that make you question everything. His arm strength is elite, but his accuracy can be very shaky at times. Sometimes he is slow to make decisions too. There have been times where he doesn't trust his abilities and he makes ugly throws (the INT in the USC game). If he would trust his abilities, set his feet and throw, he would be much better off.
Crmson, frat parties are different than college parties. The world would be better without Greek life.
I agree, how Levis isn’t on this list is beyond me. He needs to set his feet and trust his mechanics. When he doesn’t do that, he makes some pretty bad throws.
You haven’t seen Wan’Dale run the ball more because he doesn’t like running the ball. That was a big reason he left Nebraska. He wants to be a slot WR, and he’s very good at it.
UK has the leading rusher and receiver in the SEC. That alone should scare teams. We also lead the SEC in turnovers. If we can clean it up, we have a chance to beat just about anyone. Also, UK always has a chance if Todd Grantham is DC.
They have predicted UK to the Liberty bowl since week one. I can almost guarantee we aren’t going to the Liberty bowl. Gator, Dukes, Music or Outback will pick us before we fall to the Liberty bowl.
Are you and Mcat the same person?
AP has never favored UK because of history. It’s how it will always be.
I will say Coach Drink is not wrong. Why play Boston College? Why should any SEC team play Boston College?
Yea UF O line is much much better than USC O line. We will see what this D is made of this week.