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Please stop hyping this game. I don't want Georgia to pay attention to us.
Or keep it at 12 and still expand the playoffs. More football!!!!!!
Hey UGA, if you want to not prepare for that UK game this week, that would be great. I know you may be angry about the loss last week but please take it out on your buddy GaTech next week.Thanks.
"Yes, there are some Kentucky fans who care more about football than basketball."Thank you Tye for having a brain. I am one of those fans and I am so tired of hearing UK fans don't care and we are just a basketball school. UK football has to have one of the most passionate fan bases when considering how traditionally poor the product is.
And the big thing this article forgot to mention...Snell is a true sophomore.Basically, he's going to shatter every UK rushing record.
Absolutely INSANE that Joker Phillips is that high on the list. He should be 20+ easily on this list.
Wow, at least someone has class unlike Jurich. See how it works Jurich?
I would rather win ugly than lose.
Well, I'm glad he flipped his commitment now.
Taking care of Florida is what Saban would do to fix our team? Changing the outcome of 1 game will turn our program into a powerhouse?
F you Urban Meyer. Stay away from our player. That includes you too Bama. HE'S OURS!
I beg every bowl committee to not pair us with Ga Tech again. I don't want to see half our team get game ending injuries in the 1st quarter because of their dirty blocking.
It's sad but true. I'm pretty sure it was half the reason we went to the TaxSlayer Bowl last season. These bowls are trying to make money and they know UK fans will show up...unless there is a conflicting basketball game.
Well, we lost to them last year and barely beat them this year (of course we barely beat everyone). They definitely aren't a pushover. Good luck UT.
Also, how was Ty Chandler rated higher (22 carries, 120 yards, 2 TD's) than Benny Snell (27 carries, 180 yards, 3 TD's). Not saying Chandler didn't play well, I just want to know how this formula works.
Interesting who the best player on defense was. Still the best even though he was ejected!
Does this make you worried about the SEC Championship game? Because if there is one defense that could contain Hurts scrambling, it would be UGA. Man I can't wait for that game.
I can't wait for the sec championship game. This will be the best one in a longggg time.
Sure there's a reason, it's UK football. We could go 6-6
Kentucky is king at winning ugly. Honestly, I'm so happy we are winning but I hate that every one has the play with my emotions for 60 minutes.
Either way, it doesn't matter. Most embarrassing drive in modern UK history.
I think that's the point. Would he be the same RB is he carried more of the load? That's what everyone asked about Snell coming into this season because last season we had 3 RB's and lost 2 in the offseason. Well, Snell has not had the same season as last season and I think a lot of it has to do with him carrying a bigger load and not having as fresh legs.I think this is why Johnson is #1.
I don't know if you should question someone's intelligence when they are correct...
The reps are paying off. This is getting kinda scary. Dear Lord, what's gonna happen next. I'm afraid a Pulitzer is coming.
Thank you for finally leaving Stoops out of the hot seat list.
I wonder where a walk-on at Bama would be on the depth chart at UK.