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I wish the hype would stop. He’s got to really improve his accuracy to have a chance.
Lol, UofL is so sad. I kinda wish they would come back to life a little bit.
It’s ok, the tax dollars will just go to neighboring states. Kentucky doesn’t need the money. What a joke
Eight Titles, you are by far the most annoying UK fan on this site. Everything you say is hot garbage. Such a sad life you live.
Cal’s buyout is more than Saban’s remaining contract. So he’s not going anywhere.
UK is desperate for depth at the OT spot. I would be shocked if UK didn’t pursue him heavily
Because Team A beat Team B, C, and D previously, there is no way they could lose to them in the future!
We did for about a week or two. Then injuries kinda stalled the mojo. Now I have no idea what to expect.
University of Louisville Athletic Department has entered the chat.
I agree, if UK is 100% healthy, they are a very hard team to beat. I really don't want to play bama though. It is hard to beat a team 3 times in one season.
I understand Coach K was a good coach, but man I am so glad he is gone after the postseason finishes. I can't think of any other coaches that had a farewell tour like this.
I think the key is to recognize early when Keion Brooks is having a bad or quite game and keep him on the bench as much as possible afterwards.
And Mizzou will be another game UK can't sleep on. Vandy is probably the only game that can be considered a sure win. So UK beats Vandy, the 3 cupcakes, and UofL (4 cupcakes?). Saying UK couldn't win 2 out of the other 7 seems like a stretch. I think the absolute floor for next season is 6-6. Most likely 7-5 or 8-4.
I agree with all your points. I think cornerbacks and OT are the biggest weak spots on our team. Both are littered with inexperience. I'm hoping the front 7 will be good enough to help out the cornerbacks. OT is my biggest concern, I hope we find someone in the portal.
I love this. Classy. Auburn fans probably would have not done the same.
I think JJ Weaver is an interesting pick, especially with Jacquez Jones and DeAndre Square coming back. That being said, JJ is definitely talented enough to be the defensive MVP.
I’m happy for him but man I am really sad this happened.
Anyone has a chance. It's just really hard to beat this team when fully healthy.
With no TyTy or Toppin, they definitely have a shot. Take your ridiculous insults elsewhere.
We just did open the pocketbooks for him, giving him $1.1 mil starting next season. The problem is you can't open up the pocketbooks much more for an assistant. Outside of Veneables, Elliot, and Elko, every OC/DC made $1.8 mil or less last season (lol at Grantham making $1.8 mil). I don't think that will be enough to keep other schools from hiring him away.
A lot of UK fans I talk to already assume he is gone after this upcoming season *if* he shows the same playcalling ability that he did this past season. It's a weird sensation when other teams want our assistant coaches.
Every time my anxiety kicks into high gear about losing an assistant (or Stoops) or signing a recruit, I remind myself that all of this is 100x better than the Joker days. It's relieves some of my anxiety almost instantly.