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I do not agree. Sure, there is a sense of entitlement, but that isn't usually the reason people become drug dealers. Over 5 lbs of mary and 4 grams of coke. That just means the dude is an idiot.
Holy crap, were we watching the same game? Kentucky was up 10 with roughly a minute or 2 left. This Davidson team was one of the best shooting teams in America. They only needed a little spark to go on a run. Unfortunately, the little spark late in the game came from the officiating (not saying it was bad all around, but they sure did keep them in it at the end). First came the "shooting foul" on PJ Washington which was a horrendous call. Now we are up 8. They come back down and make a 3, now we are up 5. We get a steal and a dunk, now we are up 7. They come back down and we "picked their pocket" PERFECTLY, but wait, a "foul" was called. Another absolutely atrocious call that kept Davidson in the game. I think the game was not as close as the score shows. I don't think Kentucky played great but we definitely weren't "deeply unimpressive". That Davidson team could beat the majority of SEC teams on any given night. Maybe SDS should stick to football.
paris10, this isn't a Kentucky Football site. It's a SEC football site. Worry about your own team. UofL is gonna struggle without Jackson and with most of your secondary gone.
He improved as a passer throughout his career at UofL but he is not even close to the accuracy level needed for the NFL. He's also thin as a rail. I see him being the next Terrelle Pryor.
I think you got it right, however, I believe the best RB in UK history will soon change...
Holy cow. If Cali passes this law, that state will never produce the same top talent recruits again.
Not as much as normal Super Bowl ads. This was a local ad and I'm sure those don't cost as much as national ads.
Every hometown paper will try to dig up dirt if it generates clicks.
Can we have an article about "Which SEC position group of 2 stars has done the best" I just want to feel included.
A&M was perceived to be one of the best, if not the best, team in the SEC this season and they are near the bottom. Yes, Kentucky isn't dominating compared to previous years but that was expected and written/talked about by all the media in the preseason. I honestly don't get how or why anyone expected us to dominate when our 2 best returning players COMBINED averaged 7 pts and 6 rebs last season. I know UK teams are always young, but this one is extra super young (youngest in Div. 1).
Hey SDS, since you don't do this often, let me help you with this basketball stuff. First, #1 should not be #1 on this list. Considering the average years of experience on this team is <<<<<<<<1, it's not surprising at all that UK isn't the best team in the SEC. #3 should be #1. Also, Texas A&M should be on this list.
What happens when the Thursday Night game is abandoned 3 years from now? I bet the NFL still gets "their" money.
There is no one on this website that is more stuck in bubble than Bratton.
Wow. "Kentucky, Missouri and Vanderbilt don't care enough about football to get upset over the sport" Bold statement and one that is completely inaccurate. I could understand Vandy, considering they have a 40k seat stadium and barely ever get it half full. As for Kentucky, you are so far from the truth that it's kinda comical. We are most definitely a basketball school but we really do care about football. As for Mizzou, well I'm actually shocked you included them in this sentence. After all, since joining the SEC, they've got the same number of SEC East titles as UT has victories over Vandy (you know, that team that doesn't care about football).
Are you talking about your past season/off season or about the subject of this article? Only one was really hilarious.
Wow. Mention Lamar Jackson but don't mention UK in the "Who got him" column? I know we didn't last year but we did in his Heisman trophy winning season. In case you forgot, that was the game where the Heisman trophy winner lost to a team as 28 point favorites and coughing up 4 turnovers himself, including the infamous fumble.
She's going to the Undefeated?! If I had a dime for every time someone was shocked about this decision, I would be broke. This is just further proof that she's just as racist as the people she claims are racist.
Can we ban Paris' account and block his IP address? He offers nothing beneficial for the site.
Signed a 4 year - $11.84 mil contract which included a $6.75 mil signing bonus....and he's trying to rob someone? Not much information is out yet, but if this is true, this is about as stupid as you can get.
This ranking is fair since we have no idea. Although it should say Terry Wilson or Gunnar Hoak
Based on the police report, this just looks like the woman was angry and out to get him. She doesn't want him to get in "trouble trouble" but she wants him to be "scared a little". That just tells me this is a load of crap and the girl is lying through her teeth. Also, Francois called the police.
Isn't he a little old for football? He should stick to basketball instead of trying something new half way through his life.
I second this. I really don't like how the media thinks UK should be in a panic because Barker transferred. UK fans really didn't like him.
For what it's worth, our "probable replacement" at QB that transferred would definitely not be the fan favorite. Majority of UK fans would rather see incoming JUCO Terry Wilson or Gunnar Hoak get the nod. There was not much room left for Drew Barker in UK fans hearts. What little love that was left was just because he was a local kid. I'm not too worried about the QB position. I think either Hoak or Wilson will do a fine job. The QB will also have an experienced O-line, the best RB in the SEC, and many play makers out wide. What will make or break UK next season is our defense. The secondary and interior D-line have got to step it up.
Like way too high on the list. Like he should be around +1500. Just to clarify.