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With a basketball coach that just recently got fired because of a sex scan.....wait... Oh he didn't get fired. Oh yea, I forgot, we are talking about louisville
If UT goes 6-6, or worse, Jones is fired.Also, every AD has had to fire the coach of their most profitable sports team. It's not career suicide.
This is the 3rd arrest this year and if you look at the past decade, or so, there's a long list of sexual assaults, battery, murder, drugs, and so on. Sure, every team has bad kids, UK has had several as well, but it seems like a regular occurrence for UF players.
I wanna take the over but then I remember this is Kentucky football. Our luck runs out at anywhere between 2 and 7 wins.
Serious question, why does it always seem to be Florida players getting arrested? This doesn't seem like an issue with one coach either.
Seriously. He has a great highlight reel until you realize it's the freshman team.
Betting the over is easy money. Everyone knows we are going 15-0.
can someone explain to me what the numbers in parentheses mean? I only understand horse betting.
So basically we have a great player who just stepped away from the team during the off season and then came back and had shoulder surgery. He is now rehabbing that shoulder and Coach O has no idea when he's going to be back. He does know that he won't be back for camp and will be week-to-week after that. Yet the incredibly intelligent media selected him 1st team all-sec.
There are so many 3 stars that you could name for our team.Benny Snell, Stephon Johnson, Naquez Pringle, Jordan Jones, Derrick Baity, Mike Edwards
I will say one of the most surprising things about the Stoops era is his ability to recruit and develop an offensive line. UK actually has depth at every position on the O-line. That is something that could never be said about any previous UK teams. We have never been known to have a good O-line and definitely never had a 2 deep O-line. Now we add a Top 100 player from 16'. I love it.
That will always be a head scratcher, but I'm not complaining.
@bulldogI'm glad you can spell Kentucky. It looks like Mississippi has made great strides in their education system.
I don't want to play Southern Miss again.
There is probably a large list of people that wanted the Tenn job over the UK job when both were available at the same time. I get that both teams were in the dump, but at least Tenn has a tradition.
I don't bet on my team because I'm a little stitious.
About 5 of those LB's are starters. They may be "late-round dregs" but they are NFL starters just like yours.
This is a ridiculous stance. UK basketball is loaded every year and I would say our 2nd team has players that are better than many many other SEC starters. That doesn't mean they should be on the All-SEC team.Also, if our defense is so bad, you would think teams would be able to stop him since he's the only thing we got. Bama didn't stop him.
I see this as picks made by two analysts who actually have a bit of sense.
So I guess to answer my question about whether the media pays attention to stats or the SEC, the answer would be no.
"interviewing hoards of rabid Alabama and other SEC fans on camera."First sentence of the article. Notice "other SEC fans" yet 80% of the article is about Bama.
It shouldn't be that way. Jones was 2nd team all-SEC last season by both AP and coaches but somehow got worse in the off season.
For those who don't want to read the entire article, here's a summary.Day 1 was boring. Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama Auburn exists too. Avocado Salsa.
Does the media pay attention to stats? Or the SEC? Or do they just "straight party" vote for players on their favorite team(s)?Which returning SEC player had the most tackles last season? Which returning SEC player had the most TFL's last season?Jordan. Freaking. Jones.Where is he? 3rd team. THIRD TEAM.What a joke.
It's kinda like how the SEC made UK and Miss St "rivals". It stems from nothing but they are our west team every year and we "hate each other" (I don't hate them).
Both conferences were pretty darn close to even. At least we took care of business on rivalry week. Lamar Jackson sucks.