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The music City bowl had the 10th best to ratings. 6 spots better than Mizzou and Texas. Maybe you didn't watch the game...
I think this is ok AS LONG AS they wait until the end of the season. Football should always come first.
Man, tua really couldn't handle his life after winning the championship...
Your reasoning for Najee being #1 is plausible at best. Just because he plays for the best team doesn't mean he's the best at that position. Based on that reasoning, he wouldn't be the best RB if he played for any other SEC team. Same goes for players from lesser programs. You seriously think Snell wouldn't see the field if he was on Bama? That's silly.
#48 is gonna be in the dog house with saban. Dude tried to fight his own teammates. What a nut case
You have lost to us 4 years in a row and there was plenty of choking along the way.
Benny Snell gets ejected for hurting a refs feelings. #48 on bama literally punched another player and didn't get ejected. I'm still waiting on Coyte to apologize to Benny.
paris10, are you a UK fan? You seem to be bashing everything about the team you claim to be a fan of. Let me guess, you think Stoops should be fired, you think ticket prices are too high, you hate the new stadium, and mitch barnhart is the worst AD ever. We can go back to Joker if that will make you feel better.
Thank you Lord for pushing him in this direction.On a serious note, best of luck to him in the NFL. Although, I don't think he will be much of anything in the NFL.
I am so happy to not be on a list with "worst" in the title.
Well you have to touch the ref to be ejected. Throwing punches at opposing players is ok buy don't you dare touch the ref.
If this is your response, then you are in denial or scared. Trust me, I understand the feeling.
Our first signee was P Max Duffy. He signed last night because he's from Australia.
A player guaranteeing a win? No way! That never happens in sports!
Our OC got a QB...And Mumme got us on probation...
I'm just pointing out the fact that it is hard to go from growing up in a huge city to living is a small town. LA has everything anyone could want, now his only option is Wal-Mart. Big difference.
I don't think he understands what he is getting into. Oxford is a very different world compared to Long Beach, CA...
Barnhart was the AD of the year in 2015, yet there are still people in Lexington that don't like him.
Typical quick research SDS article.Drew Barker may be the QB next season but I would not be surprised if it goes to Gunnar Hoak.
Well Benny Snell is a no brainer for us.
Such an incredible human being and a great leader.