Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my wife went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending.

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I’m an SEC fan but does anybody really take what Finebaum says seriously? I realize he hosts an SEC show but he is so biased there is no credibility in what he says.
Yeah, ever notice that? Most winning coaches want to hug and pat the losing coach. As in they think that extra affection will show the losing coach more respect and make them feel better. The reality is the lc usually wants no part of that and to just get out of there as quickly as possible.
Actually, I think there is another basis. People love to hate UF because of the d-bag that Spurrier is. Did he put them on the map? Yes. But he also polarizes people. That is part of the price you pay for him. And unfortunately, as he slips further into irrelevance, he says more desperate things.
This was a great rally by the school and the UT community. Classy.
Yeah, but they did offer the kid who was bullied. So they already have a comparable backfill.
Although I do appreciate your real message.
Or, maybe Clemson’s defense is that good. Give Mond a few more games before we know if it’s him.
Certainly not defending FSU here. But lost on many is that the play worked. 10 yard gain.
Wow, what a tough guy. Please don’t be this way, you are scaring many of us and making us uncomfortable.
Yeah, and notice how Herbstreit is sucking him off as he pulls the Tiger head off...
Combine that with a mediocre QB, and unfortunately, this outcome isn’t all that surprising.
Quite amusing to read a number of the comments here. Many of the commenters prove O’Gara’s point out precisely. Refusal to accept, can’t move out of the past, even when the evidence overwhelmingly shows otherwise. They are them who refuse to believe their own eyes.
As did Lawrence. Including a sure wide open TD down the middle. Pretty much part of the game for both sides.
Well said. I am an SEC fan, but attend a couple of Clemson games each season. I was at today’s game. Not sure how it showed on TV, but at the game, it was apparent how Clemson decisively won both sides of the line of scrimmage. They wore A&M down as the game went on. Additionally, Venables patiently coached a masterful game to prevent any deep A&M plays.
I don’t think you are giving the Clemson D enough credit for this win. They were the heroes of this game. Venables conceptually ran the same objective on defense (if not the same formations) that he did against Bama in the natty. He often rushed only three down lineman. Later, when A&M was forced to throw more often, he ran a lot more blitzes off of the three down lineman. In effect, he was willing to concede shorter pass plays in exchange for preventing big plays. It worked quite well, I don’t recall a single big play they gave up, and A&M was consigned to play short ball. Likely, this was respect for what A&M accomplished in last year’s game. The total Clemson defensive effort offset the still inconsistent O. They showed their offensive capability on a number of drives, but are nowhere near executing to their potential yet.
Agree. He is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and desperate to stay in the limelight.
I agree with this. Fuller is a great guy and did great things for UT as a head coach. But that doesn’t make him qualified to be an AD.
I’m not trolling brother. Check my profile. My wife went to UT and I’ve been a big SEC fan for many years. Yeah, I’m a Clemson fan also, because two of my sons go there. And, I think it’s ridiculous that CU should be an 18 pt favorite over TAM. My comment has nothing to do with Clemson.
Be assured, he won’t. He is a god there, he loves the environment, and now the money situation has been neutralized. He’d be leaving a place where people believe he walks on water to go to a much more pressured, impossible to fill Saban’s shoes type of environment. Why would he ever do that?
You are absolutely right. Why anyone takes anything he says with any credibility is beyond me. I don’t expect he has ever played a down of football in his life. Regardless of who is really the better coach, he would never be unbiased. And finally, he does take it very personal against Dabo.
Respectfully, premature to assert this. Let’s see what unfolds over several games.
Plain and simple, over the course of the game, physicality ultimately won this game. Tigers eventually adjusted and wore down the Ducks enough to win out. I will say, that after a void of several years, Oregon (and dare I say, the PAC 12) deserves some real respect.
It’s depends on how you define how many top teams in the country there are? If it’s 20, yes, you are Gus. If that means the top three or four? No. Not until your understandably underdeveloped QB matures significantly.
They were nasty, once they adjusted to OU’s style of play. It also helped that OU got very conservative in the 2H. Nothin but respect though, it was good old SEC physicality that ultimately wore the Ducks down and won the game.