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It appears that Penny is simply trying to create hype and bring attention to his team, likely in the interest of drawing more talent. Whatever his his intent, it is a curious approach, and he is doing so rather clumsily.
It is likely to interview for an assistant coaching position at Coppin St. or possibly Frostburg St.
Dead wrong. Comparing the Clemson win to the Iowa or Purdue wins is completely apples and oranges.
Well Renfrow’s right about one thing. It sure looks like it’s a lot more fun playing for Swinney than Saban. I mean the guy is on the sidelines celebrating with guys when they make a great play, and he’s doing right from the game’s onset when it’s far from decided. Bama players respect Saban. But Clemson players love Swinney. Dare I say, love conquers all?
Wow, can’t wait until you go back and reread your brilliant commentary tomorrow. Could you possibly have been more wrong on all fronts? Don’t give up your day job....
Wow, this article will go down in history. Could Burnett ever have been more wrong? I’ll put a copy of this in my Hope Chest. The only question to be answered is will Burnett still be writing for SDS after tonight?
Very telling to see the difference in the head coaches on the side lines. Saban pisses and moans the entire time. Dabo celebrates when his team makes a great play, well before the outcome is decided. Who would you prefer to play for?
Jeez, what a lame comment. Butt hurt much? How about giving credit where it’s due?
Wow. I see this as the biggest surprise of the bowl season. Yes by the result but even more so by how Texas physically handled UGA. Texas clearly wanted this game and was more motivated. Dawgs stuck their foot in their mouth and set themselves up by being vocal about how they should have been in the playoffs. Perhaps they should have thought about taking care of Texas before they made those claims. A lot of people outside of the conference are gloating over this one.
Bama wasn’t the driver for Swinney making this change. It was his recognition that with Bryant at QB, they lacked a credible down field threat. It was too limiting to have an offense producing mostly short passing gains and running. He gave Bryant ample opportunity to develop this part of his game. It did not get there with the consistency to get them back to the more balanced potency of the Watson years. Lawrence provides this downfield ability that delivers the balance needed.
Let’s give credit where due: UCF is a talented team, that should bring on the A game of anyone they play. But the key is as Devin White called out, their ability to do this “week in, week out”. Any team can play at the top of their game, for a single game, if they come emotionally charged and fired up. Conversely, we often see better teams beaten when they are not emotionally invested in a game. No where else do we see this happen like we do during bowl season. Last year, Auburn was not especially excited about being in their bowl game against UCF. Another clear cut example was Florida against Michigan a couple of years ago. I will give Oberon credit. He got his team emotionally invested enough in this game, despite a number of player deductions, to be able to exert their superior physical advantage.
Congrats UK. You had all of us SEC fans sweating it out at the end. You guys clearly won the game. I also have to say, Franklin lost it for his players by going for the FG with just minutes to play.
UCF polarizes a lot of college football fans (which actually makes them a lot of fun to debate). Like many things, the reality is somewhere in the middle. Are they a playoff-worthy team worthy team, or one that could finish in the upper tiers of the SEC? No. But neither are they a pipe dream. They have nothing to be ashamed of with the way they competed against LSU today.
Here's something else to know about South Carolina's opponent in the Belk Bow: They suck. Not a fan, but I live in Virginia and get more exposure to them than I care to. They are small and have no depth of talent. Bronco Mendenhall actually gets the most out of his team given the thin talent, academic entry standard, and lukewarm commitment to football at the school. If the Gamecocks don't trash UVA in this game, it will be a miserable fail for ending the season....
How would you have it diffently? The committee was simply following their process. I would offer that they got it right. I believe OU is the weakest of the four, simply because their defense is so bad. While Notre Dame is not as productive as the other three offensively (and they're certainly a good offensive team), the thing they bring to the table is they are very balanced across the board. Certainly more so than OU.
Even as a Clemson fan, I have to agree about your ACC comment. Unlike recent years, the rest of the league was truly horrible this year. The interesting unknown we always have at this time of the year is that we often don't have a lot of good late season comparison play to see how the conferences really stack up against each other. After the early season non-conference games, we don't get a lot of benchmarks. Sure, we had Clemson/SC, UGA/GT, Fla/FSU, but I don't think we got much insight from those games. It was already apparent that the ACC was really bad this year after Clemson. That's why when the bowls come around, we usually get a lot of eye openers as to the true quality of the Big10, PAC-12, and the Indoor Football League (Big 12).
Not a Bama fan but gotta say, they took this game from Georgia. They won it, UGA didn't give it away. Sure, Kirby made a horrible decision, but I'm not sure it would have mattered. Bama D stepped up and prevented any sustaining drives. Shut down the run. That all happened after the missed FG. But turns out that miss didn't really didn't matter either. Bama went away from the running game at that point and really started to execute on their passing game (helped that their receivers stopped dropping balls). Nobody on the Bama side lost their composure. TV kept focusing on Sagan, just hoping for the drama of him losing his cool. But he never did, and neither did the team. Pretty impressive overall.
Five things to know about Tennessee's bowl game opponent:
Seriously? He’s a total douche. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a man speak about another man with such affection as you do.
Trigonometry? At LSU? Doubtful.
Understand the emotion. But you might as well get behind him for now. The buyout is too steep financially and politically to happen for a couple of years more.
Great win by UT and not taking anything away from them. But an honest question is has Auburn deteriorated since season start, or is this really what they were all along?
Very much so right now. Haven't had this feeling for some time. Gives us a renewed license to be obnoxious for a little while. Please?
Let's be honest with ourselves here. This is a big win for a rapidly rising program. They are clearly back, and should be nationally ranked, at least in the top 15.
I completely agree with your point about recruiting ratings. What are those ratings? Often just one individual or a few "experts" providing their assessment/prediction of how impactful a recruit will be. No denying that even those subjective assessments have merit, but I see them as overweighted. But a lot of focus is placed on them because it is emotional fodder for the fan base and keeps the media supplied with content they can use to keep fan interest during the offseason. More important is how well a coach (and staff) developes those recruits, gets them to mesh as a team, and motivates them (over the full season). There are examples all over where coaches do it well and not so well. Swinney comes to mind as someone who develops his personnel programmatically. Butch Jones is an example of not developing his players, even though he was a strong recruiter. Doing each of those elements well is what makes for a sustaining successful program. Way too early to tell if Mullen can do the full body of those successfully. It's also too early to be condemning him if the desired results aren't reached in the first year. In fact, it's ludicrous to expect such. Florida's further disadvantaged by beating up on a cupcake in the first week. It unfairly generated cries of "we're back!", setting the stage for a bigger letdown. BTW, I would love to see somebody go back after the recruits' college career careers are over, and assess how accurate the recruiting rating experts predictions were. Keep a running tally and "rate the rafters". That might be very telling.
Really? We get a story because Swinney misspoke on having 42 4 and 5 stars vs. 39 for TAM? What is this, CNN fact-checking? Come on, the guy has earned his credibility, and he's certainly not a bag of wind. Seems to be some bitterness here with some of the comments. How about being proud of the great effort and showing that TAM put in.... There is far worse non-con scheduling that other top ranked teams do.