Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my she went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Still a fan. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending. Update Jan 2020. My youngest son will be attending Bama next year. With his brother being a senior at Clemson, this will ensure a wealth of riches on the college football front.

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That’s true, but also a company can fire you, based on anything you say that they perceive is in conflict with their corporate values
Ole Miss IS getting their reality check. Physically folding as the game progresses
True. Biggest danger to UT now is that they start believe all of the press
Thank you for your deep insight, Captain Obvious
I think the real question is why does any major conference team schedule App St. They are nothing but trouble
It’s an encouraging sign. But I’m not sure Pitt is the team we should make a realistic assessment on UT’s D. Let’s get one more quality opponent played, before we can say this.
I appreciate how excited Florida fans were after a huge win against Utah. But enthusiasm needs to be tempered some, and expectations that there will be steps backwards at times, offset hopefully by multiple steps forward. This was less about Florida, than it was about Kentucky. They physically took that game away from Fla in the second half. Won it in the trenches which took the wind out of their sails. Congrats should be extended to the Wildcats for what they did, instead of criticism of the Gators for what they didn’t do.
Reality check, after all of the over blown hype from last week’s win. At the end of the day, it was a PAC 12 team.
I can just see you now in your ridiculous buzz cut at 60+ years old, romping around in your house chanting TAM fight songs and chants. What a tool, and in-your-own mind tough guy
You also have an overrated QB who thinks he is something special in his own mind. I remember seeing him in high school all-stars games and thinking he was way overrated.
A lot of years I have followed SEC baseball, and this has to be the most dominant team performance I have ever seen, wire to wire. That and $5+ gets you a Starbucks coffee. In the history of the College World Series, only one #1 ranked team at regular season end has ever won the whole thing (99 U Miami). Would love to see UT do it again.
Great comment. WNC and ETn are special places, in many ways
Don’t discount FL despite UT 4-0 sweep this year. That made them look ordinary but they are one of the best hitting teams in the country.
Honestly, when can you recall a team running so rough shed over the rest of the entire conference? Pretty impressive.
There is not doubt that Vitello has a style that irks many. And it is more pronounced than it was last year. And his team feeds off of it, essentially proud of their arrogance. They are the team that every now despises. There will be smug satisfaction if UT loses a couple in the playoffs. Which could easily happen over a 3 game series. But, it’s also obvious that Vitello is intelligently feeding this beast. I don’t think he really cares what people think if he can keep inflating it. It may be disdained by many, but it is a thing to marvel at while it is working.
That’s what happens when UGA wins out. People lose interest.
Wasn’t exactly brilliant by the equipment staff either, to leave them where they could be accessed…
There’s a good reason the setting for Deliverance was filmed in GA.
After following all season, I’m beginning to think that the SEC may be somewhat overrated. Is this somewhat of what we just saw play out in basketball? Top to bottom the conference has overall strength, but I’m not sure about the top, other than UT.
UT firing on a number of cylinders. Have moved up to #2 in SEC academics. Basketball. Football rising. Have always had the best looking coeds in the conference. And now, baseball. Scary.
Yes Queeqeg, and Captain Ahab is our coach. Have you been watching your favorite movie, The Lighthouse?
Self-critiquing your own comments? Gave yourself an A+ I see. Now, that’s a UF fan!
Not new, they actually just renamed the stadium. It is now Gary Condom Park. Just done last week.
And, #6: Brian Kelly really doesn’t have a Louisiana accent