Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my she went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Still a fan. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending. Update Jan 2020. My youngest son will be attending Bama next year. With his brother being a senior at Clemson, this will ensure a wealth of riches on the college football front.

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Didn’t see the game, except for the last few meaningless minutes. Interesting to note that UT went up 20-4 at the start. Was the game essentially even after that, or did they just break Mizzou’s spirit such that they never really challenged?
Just as you started getting puffed up over your self-determined superiority of FL culture over Missouri, you were reminded of the pervasive occurrence of Florida Man....
Your wish was granted, and you didn’t even know it. Clemson was out 5 starters in the first ND game, and 7 total who play substantial minutes. Not sure where you get one from. You should try reading down past the headline that said Lawrence would be out for the game.
I give Trask credit for even playing last night, as the pieces were falling apart before the game. But everyone of those INTs were his fault, not his receivers. Sorry, but his legacy is tarnished, and yes from one game. No way to erase or diminish the memory of it. The entire UF organization is at fault for the result. For playing the game, for the opt outs, for the level of effort. And for the post-game excuses. What a disgrace all the way around.
Not his day? You are being kind. Mullen pulled him to avoid further embarrassment.
It wasn’t just the guys who opted out who were quitters. Those who stayed to play did so as the 3rd quarter progressed. Never thought I would see that, even from a short-handed SEC team.
And one only needs to occasionally post here to see that you remain the same frustrated, cranky, gump who lives as a tough guy only in your own mind. I recommend you change your username to “40 and Counting”. If you need that explained to you as to what that means, there are any number of posters here who can do so. Hint: it’s certainly not your age.
Since the actual number of natties for Clemson is 3, I guess that qualifies for more than your standard.
If it is not a reflection of the team that they were this year, then they should have opted out of the game entirely. They could have save faced for school and conference. Regardless of the opt out rationale, it was a disgrace tonight.
Rapid Reaction? How about utter disgrace. Of your QB, your effort, your school, and yes, your conference. That was brutal and embarrassing.
Now that is finding a silver lining.... I found if more of a disgrace. Opt out of the game altogether if that is the kind of effort that is going to be put forth.
Kind of like your entire season this year, right flash in the pan?
I’m also an Alabama fan, you tool. Check my profile. UF would have been better opting out of the game altogether, than showing up with that performance. That was an outright embarrassment. Did you hear the overwhelmingly OU-based fans at the game mockingly chanting, “SEC, SEC!”
Yeah, they opted out. And with it, look at the embarrassing result it caused in the Cotton Bowl. Now we have to listen once again to these OU idiots who once again think that they are good.
Or, he could end up embarrassing himself, his school, and conference, like what is occurring during the game right now.
Spot on about the defensive starters returning. That was about as profound a turnaround as you will see between two games. Clemson’s D held ND to their lowest rushing and total offensive output this season. Yes, the personnel made a big difference. But even more so was the scheme adjustments made by the mad scientist, Venables. Agree, it wasn’t the total offense yardage and points production that made a difference for Clemson. It was TL’s ability to generate scores on big plays. That took ND completely out of their game. That was the difference offensively in having Lawrence back.
Regardless of any subjective views that one may have on the total depth of the SEC, the fact is that the ACC has 5 teams in the top 25, and the SEC has 4. What will be telling with respect to the SEC depth will be how their teams with lesser W/L records (like Arkansas, Miss, Kentucky, UT, even USC, etc) fare in their bowl games.
Tool, don’t react simply to my Clemson logo. If you look at my profile, I have a freshman at Bama, and my wife went to UT (during their quality years). I am foremost an SEC fan, but also one of Clemson. I like to think that affords me a balanced view. If I knew how to generate a dual logo, I would represent it as both Clemson/Bama. And hopefully to further establish credibility with you, I see Bama as the best team in CFB. This year.
Fields had an unusually poor game against the pseudo Ivy Leaguers. But the fact that they didn’t try to keep forcing the pass, and turned effectively to the run, shows the balance they have. I do think they will be able to run some on Clemson. Having the mad scientist Venables at DC is the best antidote a team could have. It also doesn’t appear that OSU has the same level of D that they had last year. Could be a high scoring affair.
Still showing some resentment the unprecedented battering that Clemson gave UA? BTW, I have a freshman at UA, so don’t be deceived by my logo. I have been blessed with the riches of having three sons benefiting from the Clemson and Alabama success.
I would love for Clemson to “wreck” OSU, but I don’t think it will happen. OSU is on a real mission to beat Clemson with their continued losses to them, but especially with how they believe they should have won last year. Motivation is such a key factor in these games, as we saw with Clemson/ND. -Captain Obvious
Clemson will have their hands full, no that OSU has discovered they should rely more on their run game. NW has a very tough D and one guy shreds them for 331 yds rushing. OSU will set up their passing game if they have any success running the ball.
Nah, CFP committee has learned their lesson allowing OU to slide in several times. Keeping them out was the right move, except to delusional OU fans.
They wouldn’t want to do that. We all know that the ACC is the superior conference this year. As evidenced by two of their teams making it to the CFP.
The committee does not evaluate if part of a team’s roster was missing during a head to head game. Only the actual result. You may not like their process, but they were following it as defined in this case.
Notre Dame 10 total wins 4 wins over opponents with a winning record 2 wins over a ranked opponent 8 wins by at least 14 points .419 - Win percentage of opponents Notre Dame defeated 16.6 - Point differential on the season Only loss was by 24 points, to the then #3 team Texas A&M 8 total wins 2 wins over opponents with a winning record 1 win over a ranked opponent 3 wins by at least 14 points .375 - Win percentage of opponents Texas A&M defeated 10.6 - Point differential on the season Only loss was by 28 points, to the then #2 team