Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my she went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Still a fan. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending. Update Jan 2020. My youngest son will be attending Bama next year. With his brother being a senior at Clemson, this will ensure a wealth of riches on the college football front.

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This is absurd. You go 12-0 and lose a game and then abandon the guy that got you there? With a guy that is relatively unproven this year? Bennett didn’t play on defense last night. Might be better to start there.
Well I suppose this story will be quickly forgotten now…
I agree with you. There was an abundance of suspect injuries that happened on both teams. There has to be some rule adjustments put in place to minimize this.
It was indeed a weird night at Neyland. It was a shame because those fools detracted from what had been an electric night. Regardless of the fan antics, you got to like with UT is doing on the field. Ole Miss was the better team, but UT could have very well ended up winning that game. When was the last time you saw a UT team play with the kind of passion they have the last few weeks. And Haupel is getting this to happen with a severely outmanned set of athletes. His style of play is going to attract much better recruits. He has the opportunity to get UT back to the glory days of old which will help the entire conference. And it’s happening much faster than anyone expected.
Nah, he won’t leave Clemson. My observation having two sons there the last 7 years is that it wouldn’t be about the money. He has plenty of that, and everything else he needs there beyond $. He’s a god there and has immersed himself well into the community, making himself reasonably accessible to the common people, which they adore. Clemson is a more manageable size environment (about 20k students) than the much larger and more pressured worlds of LSU and Bama (I have a younger son there as well). His is not just driven to win, but also to do it with his approach and culture. He loyal to a fault with his staff, which has generated him great results. That same commitment to HIS approach and staff loyalty may be causing some side effects now though. The biggest credit I give Saban was after the blowout second natty by Clemson, was he made an an adjustment to adapt a more explosive offensive scheme. That was a true and immediate change he jumped on, recognizing it was imperative for staying on top. Dabo instead is sticking longer with what worked well previously for him, and he will be slower to adapt. It may take him some time to embrace that he is going to need some innovation. And unless he gets a QB that can be the magic, he is going to struggle. Everyone took for granted that DJ’s outstanding play of last year would naturally carry forward. And no one saw his regression coming. He has slow feet, holds the ball too long, and appears uncertain. He is a great attitude kid but certainly his confidence is shaken. But Dabo won’t make a change this year to remedy it, and it’s not like he has a backup who could pull it off. It may be the ACC, but the tougher part of the conference schedule is yet to come. I am fully expecting Pitt to beat them this weekend, so this may get worse before it gets better. That will force him to change. But all of that will be better to deal with at Clemson, than it would at the higher pressure confines of LSU or Bama.
SCTiger, I suppose it is like Deliverance in some areas. And I’m guessing you fantasize about yourself being Ned Beatty…
Kirk, good thing you got that defensive score. Because you certainly weren’t going to score on Clemson’s D. Should think before you talk.
Hey Lightwit, if you took the time to look at my profile before you fired off, you’d see I’m also a Bama and UT fan. If you’ve got a way to do multiple logos on one’s profile, I’m all ears. While you’re at it, who played GA more closely? You guys were never in it yesterday. Until you get more than 1 or 2 successful fb seasons, you may want to measure your comments.
In these kind of situations, it’s a compliment. Who do people usually dislike? Teams that win and beat them. LMOA.
This is what make CFB so great. Another unexpected win, in a way few saw would happen that way. Love it.
UT fans played right into his hands. The golf ball will now be a momento that sits in his office that he gets to laugh about.
SCTiger, I’ve been traveling there for a couple of games each season for the last 8 years. I find fans there generally pretty polite. But please, enlighten me, at to what promised land that endows you with such an air or superiority? Because surely, it can’t be any school that’s affiliated with your username…
Your lack of intellect is what gives rednecks such a bad rap. And it only takes reading just a few of your other comments for one to realize how much you truly lack. And, while bitter and frustrated.
Try reading my profile d-weed. And BTW, as mediocre as Clemson is this year, they gave UGA their toughest game. You should just enjoy your season quietly until your 40 year drought is over. If you want to know what winning a natty is like, I can share the experience with you, from two different schools.
Ah, the deep, rich satisfaction of seeing unfounded UF optimism crushed by the reality of their mediocrity.
Yes, and didn’t try a single running play in that series.
If you are honest here, you will be forthcoming that Hendon is your son.
Umm, doesn’t that recipe for success you described just about beat every team? Not just UT.
It seemed to me that Haupel very much purposely took his foot off the gas and closed the playbook in the 2H. Maybe, just maybe. Never thought that day would come again.
Well deserved win by TAM. Why Bama didn’t keep running the ball in 2nd half was baffling. Had their D exhausted and could have just kept pushing it down their throat.
Doesn’t seem to be an issue for the SEC’s new juggernaut.
How about, “No, I didn’t hear from USC after the game.”