Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my she went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Still a fan. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending. Update Jan 2020. My youngest son will be attending Bama next year. With his brother being a senior at Clemson, this will ensure a wealth of riches on the college football front.

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My wife is a UT alumni and introduced me to SEC football when we were dating and I was always visiting her on campus 88-91. Not being in insider and as close to UT football as most here, I was unaware of the coaching feud. On ESPN’s site, Ryan McGhee also wrote a very interesting article on Majors, as a guy who worked for him. He was less than flattering toward Fulmer, describing him as Brutus with a carefully managed takeover plan, taking advantage of him when he was out with a heart attack.. Different picture of the way Fulmer is often painted.
Peerless Price was an outstanding athlete and receiver. It’s great to hear his name come up again. But, what did you expect him to say?
Watching the finish of that game BTW, I realize that Charlie Pell invented the double Cobra.
Watching ESPN replay of 1980 FL/UGA during my workout. The Gator uniforms looked like Clemson when I first turned it on. But, they want to be Clemson.
On the other hand, his arms aren’t that big for a strength and conditioning coach.
That is no different than in the corporate world. If someone quits to go to a competitor, they are usually immediately escorted from the building immediately. Organizations do this because they don’t want the employee having the opportunity to take proprietary information/materials with them. They also don’t want them poisoning the water by talking about how any disgruntlement, or telling the other employees how the grass is greener on the other side. Not saying that is the case with Cochran, but this is pretty standard procedure.
While their are plenty of valid points to argue that this is no big deal, there is one interesting point. The strength and conditioning coach position is the only one on the staff that is enabled to have full access to the players 365 days of the year. This means he has a unique opportunity to build chemistry with the players that the other coaches don’t have. Given this, losing a s&c coach, especially a very good one who has been doing this for 10 years, you would think has to be a negative impact.
So overrated that it took UGA everything they had to beat them last year.
I’m really intrigued, and this is an honest question. UGA seems to consistently do phenomenal from a recruiting standpoint. What’s the main reason for that? Kirby gets a lot of credit. And no disrespect to him, but when when I see him speak, he doesn’t appear that dynamically compelling to do this so consistently. Do I have that wrong, or are there other main reasons they do so well?
Creates for some entertaining posts though.
Nice try. Of course, head to head outcomes have no bearing in your perspective.
The presidential impeachment committee is now looking into this matter as well.
Wow, the price of success for LSU. One thing that’s good is the Coach O is very resourceful. He really seems to have a knack for getting good people (players and coaches) into the right roles and getting the most out of them. He will have his work cut out for him.
So, this means that LSU will be stripped of their title. Clemson will be awarded the National Championship!
The best thing about Clemson losing to LSU is that we don’t have to listen to Ohio St. fans proclaiming that they are the real national champion.
Looks like this story was run to ensure the fire is stoked on the rivalry. If so, mission accomplished. An impressive level of insults hurled back and forth.
Yes, but Ensminger dips more. BTW, that’s the real reason coaches sit up in the box.
Good advice and thanks. I’ll note that for any future wasted space he takes up.
Curious. Does anyone remember what LSU was ranked in this way-too-early poll a year ago?
Starting the year off with your traditional negative self I see.
Did he really have to pull a clown act like that? Just keep the well-deserved focus on the players.
And Brady’s only like 22 years old isn’t he? Looks like it anyway.
I wonder how this effects the prospects of D’Eriq King of Houston transferring there?
Man, talk about maximizing your market potential. It would be a tough act to follow with Burrows leaving. He attended the Calipari school of one and done.
Bleacher Report just published their rankings of the Most Dominant Teams Since 2000. I don’t agree with it, but here’s what they have: 1. 2001 Miami 2. 2005 Texas 3. 2008 Florida 4. 2019 LSU 5. 2013 Florida St. 6. 2004 USC (the other USC) 7. 2011 Alabama 8. 2018 Clemson 9. 2012 Alabama Honorable Mention - 2005 USC, 2008 Oklahoma, 2011 LSU, 2018 Alabama
Joe was absolutely amazing. He was the huge differentiator in this game. Everything he was advertised to be. Clemson was gassed. What team wouldn’t be with how he had them running around. Lawrence was off tonight. But props to the LSU defense. They had plenty of stops to do what was needed. Coverage was excellent for large portions of the game. Congrats LSU. This was a team for the ages.