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Didn’t see the game. But if this video clip is the extent of the controversial call, I have to agree. The initial contact was on the floor, before he shot.
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. There was a stretch of the game in the 2nd half where the officiating really deteriorated (against both teams). But I thought it was one of the best college b’ball games of the year, any conference.
The thing they really missed out on, was winning a second straight SEC regular season championship (assuming LSU beats Vandy tonight.
Respectfully, I disagree. And the marginal difference in the game was that in the second half, Auburn was more driven, and played harder. This often is the differentiator. Case in point: each of the two recent UT/UK games. I’m just surprised that UT got edged out by Auburn in this emotional effort department, given everything they were playing for.
Rick, how about some of that poor play was due to Auburn playing with more intensity than your guys in the 2nd half? I find that more about Auburn winning the game than UT losing it. And how about getting outcoached?
I wouldn’t take much stock in this poll. In fact, it’s kind of questionable why SDS makes this their headline article.
It was clearly a charge as TV replays showed. The same way Williams last second foul against LSU was. It was a risky but excellent play by Scho.
Actually, Ole Miss fans are extremely accurate cup throwers. Cup Throwing Mechanics is one of the core classes for earning a degree there.
Did you really mean to say you think Alexander will have a good NBA career? I’m thinking you meant to say someone else like Williams or Schofield? Alexander, and more broadly, the lack of a strong big man is exposing UT’s Achilles heel. He can jump but he’s not thick enough or strong enough to go up against teams with true bigs like UK. He contributes little scoring. If you notice, while he still starts, his playing time has steadily diminished since the UK game. Tonight against Ole Miss, he only played 11 minutes. Barnes hasn’t made any public comments, but he’s desperately trying to find someone else to step in. No body else on the team has the raw material to fill what is so desperately needed. Opponents have figured this out and are slacking off on Alexander to play help on D. Tennessee is essentially playing 4 on 5 against other teams. Don’t mean anything bad against the kid but he essentially hasn’t developed enough to give them the true big man they would need to make a championship run. In my view, the exposure of this is what has caused UT to peak.
UT needs to find their way again. They appear to have peaked and they need to find their energy again. LSU is running resourcefully and on that hunger similar to what UT had last year in the final stretch. UK on the other hand is in full stride and is building toward their peak at the right time. I’ll be surprised if UT can compete with them even at home Saturday. We will truly see if they have the stuff to turn things north again.
Barnes isn’t the type to shy away from responsibility or make excuses for a loss. Respectfully, I’m not seeing his comments they way you are interpreting them.
So much of college basketball is when during the season you peak, or at least trend upward. UT appears to have peaked, at least for now. Williams asserted himself at the end, but before that he looked tired and worn out. He couldn’t jump. They and LSU are pretty much on the same level, and even with Waters back, it would be a toss up. UK on the other hand, are on that upward trajectory. This was further evident by their beat down of Auburn today. I’ll be very surprised if UT can be close to them next Sat. UT has a brutal schedule with MSU this week and Auburn following UK.
Yes, coaching the “Orlando Apollos” is an appropriate ending for the GOAT. Hee hee. That role, along with comments like he made in this story, reek of a man desparate to stay in the limelight. Sorry Steve, it’s not working and it’s embarrassing. Can’t you just fade away gracefully?
I wish we had gotten some of the GOAT during his travesty with the Redskins.
If he’s smart, he’ll go to Wide Receiver U.
I’m a big UT fan. Have always loved UK also. Hats off to the Cats. They were more physical. This showed on the boards and in the way they played defense. They did not allow the Vols to penetrate the paint. Every shot UT took was contested. On the other hand, UK often had a lot of space for their shots. What does this amount to? UK was just tougher. They clearly wanted this more. It will be interesting to see if the Vols use this as a catalyst. Is this the wake up call that ups their game and intensity? Or, have they peaked? We’ll see, there is a lot of ball yet to be played.
True. But you have to think that they weren’t full on with UK on their minds. Interestingly, for a #1 team, UT rarely blows anyone out. Not sure if that’s because of the general decent quality of all the SEC teams. But also, they seem to relax some when they get a double digit lead. Not taking anything away from them. Their balance and maturity just wears teams down over the course of an entire team. Very tough road ahead with UK twice, LSU, MSU, and Auburn ahead. Wouldn’t be surprised if they drop one of those and it could actually be good heading into the tournaments.
Great point. How you develop that talent is so key now. Dabo Swinney is the example of a coach (and his staff comprehensively) who has excelled at this. It would be interesting to see how 5 and 4 stars have panned out over the years. How they ended up fulfilling that potential. Because at the end of the day, star ratings are just the result of opinions going in.
I would add to this, their X factor - they play hard, physical defense. With their offensive production near the top nationally of several categories, their defense is under appreciated. It is difficult for a team to do this over the course of an entire game. And I’m not saying that’s what you get from UT. But they do play determined physical defense for key long stretches of the games. This defensive productivity can be especially important to a team when their offense isn’t firing on all cylinders - like we saw in today’s Alabama game.
This is what is newsworthy from the Arkansas football world?
UT is very good. Are they the no.1 team in the country? Not sure about that. But, they have just as much claim to that now as anyone. A lot of parity this year. No clear cut best team....
Credit to Bama. Didn’t fold (unlike their football team) and were very gritty. UT is very good, but I think this game shows they are not head and shoulders above the rest of the league. I expect with how tough the conference schedule is the rest of the way, they will lose a game or two before the regular season is over.
It appears that Penny is simply trying to create hype and bring attention to his team, likely in the interest of drawing more talent. Whatever his his intent, it is a curious approach, and he is doing so rather clumsily.
It is likely to interview for an assistant coaching position at Coppin St. or possibly Frostburg St.