Played football in college at Penn. SEC fan, dated my wife when my she went to Tennessee. Got to experience UT’s former great years. Still a fan. Now a big Clemson fan due to one son having recently graduated from there and a second currently attending.

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What a game. Alabama almost pulls it out after they wear LSU’s defense down in the second half. LSU tries being more conservative in the second half running the ball on first downs and it almost costs them the game. Only when they went back on the attack and use the pass to set up the run do they regain control. #22 is a man. He looks and runs like Zeke Elliott. Great game by both teams. Anybody who thinks Bama is done as an elite team is just plain wrong.
Doubting that Tua will play in this game is the biggest non- story of the year. Does anyone actually believe he won’t?
Indeed. I would not be surprised if Herbstreit is fired for compromising classified info like this.
You are spot on. Based on SOS, OSU is higher than LSU. Yes, their win over Texas has diminished as the season has unfolded due to Texas’ degradation. And OSU’s win quality has improved due to Cincinnati as well as Indiana who is now 7-2. Couple that with actual performance/statistics, and it makes sense that OSU is #1. Not something I like, but OSU has the most balanced offense and defense stats among the elites. Both LSU and OSU’s offenses have been prolific. But the marked difference here is that OSU’s defense has materially better stats than LSU.
You’re funny. How can you ever forgive yourself?
I don’t see it as much about disrespecting Clemson as it is about disrespecting the ACC. Which is, well-deserved. Yes, Dabo will use this as motivation. Which will be an asset, because Clemson’s biggest opponent is themselves.
From a schedule standpoint, Ohio State’s blowout win over Cincinnati has looked better as the season has progressed. As well as their win over Indiana who is now 7-2. Conversely, LSU’s win over Texas has diminished as the Longhorns have continued to deteriorate.
Yes. And not just the eye test. Statistically as well.
I’m not. The ACC being so weak kills them. But it won’t matter if they continue to win. Even if the LSU/Bama and Ohio St/Penn St. games are close, the losers will not maintain their rankings. I also agree with Ohio St currently being #1. They are producing the most balance of offense and defense in the country. You can’t say that for LSU.
I don’t why is so surprising that Ohio State is #1. Their offense has been awesome. LSU’s offense has also been awesome. But Ohio State’s defense has clearly been more impressive than LSU’s. Combined offensive and defensive performance, Ohio State is the most balanced team in the country right now. Clemson being #5 is not a huge surprise. The rest of the ACC does suck. But O’Gara at the same time you say “...even Penn State’s 6-3 nail-biter win against 6-3 Pitt looks just fine right now”. Pitt’s in the ACC. You can’t have it both ways.
I mostly agree with this. You have to pick your points of priority in your game plan. You can’t stop everything with elite offenses like this. IMHO, LSU should prioritize stopping/minimizing the shorter slants. It may be at the cost of getting beat long, but I’d rather take chances there. It requires more difficult execution for the offense. And if LSU can’t put pressure on Tua, then it’s a moot point. He’ll just wait until someone gets open. We saw this in LSU’s game vs. Fla. They had no pass rush pressure in the 1H. And Fla scored on nearly every drive. They adjusted at the half, and ran a number of blitzes in the 2H which completely changed their pass rush. That was the difference in the game. Of course if they do this against Bama, it will open up the slant game. A real quandry. So if LSU can’t get pressure with just their front four, that could be the kiss of death.
Respectfully, I view this game will absolutely be about defense. Meaning which team can actually solve the others offense just a few times, to allow their offenses to keep the edge. The Florida/LSU game was a prime example of this. LSU made enough intelligent defensive adjustments at the half to come up with a few stops in the 2H. That was the difference in the game.
I view that Ohio St. is currently playing like the best team in the country. My primary basis for this is that they are the most balanced team offensively and defensively than any of the other elites. Emotional hunger is absolutely a primary factor that determines who wins out. This is why you rarely have teams that repeat as National Champions. Once a team wins, it’s very difficult to maintain the same needed emotional mission-driven intensity that was a major factor in winning the year before. When talent is so equal at the level of the elites, the team that is more driven usually wins out. Finally, another key factor, is when is a team peaking? We saw this last year with Clemson. They were building momentum and were playing at their peak as they came into the end of the season. Not so much earlier in the year. We won’t know which teams fit this profile until we get further down the stretch.
I’m guessing everyone, especially LSU, expects him to play. But, there is one huge difference between this injury and the similar one he had on the other ankle. This one is NOT on the leg which is his plant foot. Having that injury previous to his plant foot leg was far more impactful. Even if he is 75%, he can be dangerous.
This is where it starts to get fun. Here’s my rankings for this: 1. Ohio St. 2. LSU 3. Alabama 4. Clemson 5. Penn St. I think there is a reasonable chance that PSU will be #4. That will enrage many Clemson fans. Of course, as we all know, it doesn’t matter. The losers of LSU/Bama and PSU/OSU will drop a bit in the future.
He looks bigger than 6”1” 160 in those videos. That or the rest of the team is pretty small.
It is interesting. It’s almost is if everything you read about has LSU so reinvented that Bama is viewed as the underdog.
Wow, that’s a tough remaining schedule. That includes a very pressured game against App St. I don’t envy Muschamp right now.
You are welcome to visit and comment on any of the ACC boards. Although you may find the commentary a little deep...
As I said in my previous comment, more of the same from you. Very hostile. You’re scaring me...
Did you watch the game? I am not an Ohio St. fan by any stretch. But you could see that their defense is formidable. Fields looked mortal against a good defense. But he played within himself and allowed the game to come to him. In lousy conditions.
You’re right about the calls. UT got brutalized by some really bad ones. But to me, this really was decided by level of effort. UT’s seemed to increase as the game went on, and Sc went the other way. A classic case of simply one team wanting it more than the other. You have to give credit to Pruitt, somehow he seems to be getting his guys to ratchet it up each week, after a dismal start of season.
The critics can continue to take shots and for UT it will be well-deserved for some time. But they are clearly taking steps in the right direction. Most discernibly with their dramatically improved level of effort in the last few games. Some true fire in the belly. That’s a good place to start.
They really did. Their D is as good as anyone’s. Their O just doesn’t provide enough support. No D could hold up with that much time on the field.