Troubled Hog fan

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Gonna be hard to get people into the game with another g5 hire. Sure, they’ll come for the first game. Then, once we are back down to reality, we will be back in the same mess. Hope they can at least get us a guy who can get it semi going and keep for 3 years.
Haven’t decided. At least a mental breakdown and possibly admitted into looney bin. Maybe that’s what they’ll rename the stadium once he’s given a job he isint qualified for
Oh there’s no way they would go with Arkansas state coach. You must not know how this program operates
If they hold a presser for looney, consider the program dead. If it’s one of these g5 guys I’ve been hearing about, programs dead. Pretty much better be urban meyer or Hunter Y can kick rocks. Idc about the Musselman here. We haven’t played anyone yet and who wouldn’t want the job in basketball.
I swear to god I’m about to be done. I’ll never attend another game, buy another shirt, watch another televised game. The critical failures of this administration might just completely destroy a once proud program. We are at rock bottom and if we don’t get the right guy in this time, vandy/kentucky status we shall receive. The permanent doormat of the west