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The sec by far has the toughest road to the playoff. More talent each week across the board compared to the rest of the P5. I hope some of these P5 programs get punished for a pitiful non-conf schedule. The extra conf game means nothing to me At least Clemson recognizes that and schedules tough opponents like A&M
Great win against UGA but Vandy and Mizzou aren’t anything to write home about. LSU is gonna be very good this season imo but this is a game we could lose on the road. The 8 point spread will drop by game day. I see 2.5 point line by then assuming both teams play well week 1. Herman has recruited well but “his” guys are still young but definitely talented. I think experience wins out on the road. Low scoring game imo. LSU’s offense won’t be humming yet. 23-19 Tigers
Jacob Phillips is poised to break out. He was right there with Devin statistically many games. Divinity will move inside and Queen outside. Queen is super athletic but unproven. Chaasion will be back and as a whole we are deeper than last season. Can’t replace Devin but overall we should see better production and more options for Aranda
Actually Burrow is more comfortable with the new offense. The concepts are what he knows. Until he arrived last spring he hadn’t taken a snap under C since 6th grade. Brumfield was a great Tiger but Hines was more talented and looked better pre injury. Getting Ingram back will be huge. He will play LG and is an nfl talent. Clyde Edwards is perfect for the spread attack he had great hands and tough to tackle in space. The two freshman are super talented but CEH will have a huge role in this offense. Sullivan will flex out at TE. 6-7 235 and perfect for that position. Watch out for racy mcmath he has the athleticism to cause problems if he flexes out at TE and I think they may move him there like they are doing with Sullivan.
I worry about lofty expectations. All the players are hearing is how good they are. Hopefully O and staff keeps them grounded. We return everyone on offense and Burrow is now gonna run an offense he’s run since middle school. Joe didn’t get enough credit imo last season outside of being tough and smart. Joe hadn’t taken a snap under C since he was in peweee football much less the LSU offense. That and the fact that he had new offense new coach new team he did an outstanding job. At least now we finally have coaches that will mold the offense around the qbs Not the other way around.