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Very glad to see Patric on the SEC Network and I hope he recovers quickly from this accident.
What about Abby Steiner for women's track and field?
If he is out for the first four games only, we won’t miss him too much (except the Florida game). But we have some backups that can step up - Smoke, Drennen, Lavell Wright, Jutahn McClain are all pretty solid from what I have seen so far.
There is also another issue, but details are unavailable (aside from a few rumors).
Levis like those L’s down even better than old banana peels.
Thanks, gatorfan. I think the UF game will give us a pretty decent read on where we stand this year.
As I understand it, he has lagged on showing up to campus and UK may have withdrawn some interest - but I am reading between the lines and could be wrong.
I agree that GA will not beat us twice this year.
But we do get an off week in the middle of that stretch.
Yes…I hope the SEC East comes down to the KY-GA game. Fingers crossed.
I think the secondary will be improved this year. Brad White is pretty good. I imagine that we will be able to put more pressure on the QB this year, and that will help the defensive backs quite a bit (if we can do it).
Overall, a fair assessment by a writer who understands the Cats pretty well. I understand the concern at the tackle positions, but can't bring myself to worry about any part of the O-line this year. The CB's will be one of the major factors determining how the win/loss pans out, I think. But, regardless of our W/L record, I think we are a better team this year than last.
RE: Offensive line, I think Joe overlooked what we have added, namely, Zac Yenser and Drake Jackson. I don’t see us taking a step back. I think we will be contending for the Joe Moore award again. They will certainly bring back Coach Schlar’s influence. His influence will be allowed to fade in its own time. By then we will be consistently one of the better O-lines around for some time to come, I think. I’m an optimist, I guess.
If he can beat out JJ, Trevin, and Ox for the MVP (and all the rest), I'm sure we'll be very glad to have him.
Great idea! Then we could expand the playoff to 64 teams and we would have football from July - February. The national championship could be on Valentine's day every year!
I watched that game again last night. Jutahn McClain looked pretty good, also.
Apparently, some of the NFL folks who review the tapes leading up to the draft saw something in Levis, while reviewing Wandale's tapes, that got a bunch of them excited about him. I'm not sure what they saw, but a lot of folks jumped on the bandwagon. I hope they are right.
Yes, that was his worst game, as well as the team's worst outing. Plus, your team played very well. Our guys always seem to have trouble with those cowbells ringing in their ears.
We also got Barrion Brown who was one of the top receivers in the 2022 recruiting class.
Yes. Tayvion Robinson from Virginia Tech. He’s mainly a slot receiver and he reminds me quite a bit of Wandale.
Thanks. I’m still shocked by the outcome. Our pitchers must be improving. Now go win the CWS Vols.
Quite a stunner. I was hoping we’d be able to get a win in this series. Hard to figure. Usually when we win a game it is because we score a lot of runs. Makes me feel better about this year’s team. Maybe our pitchers are improving.
I agree with the Will Levis assessment. Top 10 overall would be a ceiling he could achieve, but we can't just assume he'll get there. I think he probably will, but I wouldn't count on it at this point.
Agreed, and I sure am glad that he will be back.
If you beat Vandy by less than 5 touchdowns, that counts as 1/2 a loss.