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I am also expecting to see a very different Gamecocks team than what we saw at the end of last year. Should be a good game; hope we can overcome the crowd factor this time around - SC crowds can be intimidating to visiting teams.
Hey, don’t pi$$ this guy off…he’s one of our fans.
Two of those three fumble recoveries were scoop and scores.
I think UK actually managed to improve the mid-range passing game last week, if nothing else.
Looking forward to week five in Lexington. Should be a good game.
One year only seems like forever when your team has no offense, like ours last year.
Hope you don’t end up being the opposite of our team last year - no offense, great defense. Some improvement on the defense (average defense) would go a long ways toward having a great season.
Drinkwitz should listen to his fans. Many of you were not surprised by Badie’s performance.
You and me both. That was scary. I think our timing was off - a letdown from last week.
Didn’t get to see the game, but great win. You did to SEMO what we should have done to UTC.
Hangover effect from last week. Everybody’s timing was off.
Can’t wait to see how Terry Touchdown fares in his second showdown with the Aggies. Hope he has a really good game. He was playing through a lot of pain last time and did not turn in one of his better performances.
I think the game was in some ways a chess match between Coen and Wilks, who coached against each other a few times in the NFL.
Definitely. I think Vandy will pull at least one upset this year.
Carlies made quite a few plays. He was something of a pain in the neck Saturday. Good player.
Don't take anyone for granted. We had to stage a fourth-quarter comeback to get an overtime win against Eastern KY a few years ago. It can (and does) happen.
Angry and frustrated is an understatement. He was really pi**ed and it showed. Good coach.
Maybe you hung around because your team is better than you think, and your head coach is good at his job. I saw the post game presser with Drinkwitz and he was visibly angry about the loss. I mean, he was really pi**ed off. Couldn't hide it.
We leaned on C-Rod a lot and our avg. was about 1 ypc better than our overall team avg. from last year. I’d say your defense is avg. to slightly above avg. for SEC teams. Our Oline is also better than most you will see, especially in the run blocking game.
The Rodney Dangerfield card is our ace up the sleeve. We’ll keep playing it as long as it works.