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I had UK early on, also. Now I am not leaning at all. If I were a gambler, I would not be spending any money on this game. Not because of Leary or the O-line, though.
I agree. I was expecting something with a bit of a lean toward the Gators, but this was a good analysis of strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Can't wait until Saturday.
This is one of the best and most informative articles I have ever seen on SDS. I hope the prediction is accurate.
LOL. I’m getting too old to cut the mustard, too.
I wouldn’t underestimate the noon day crowd. It’ll be plenty loud.
So far our offense has looked really, really good - then really, really bad - then really good again (in the same game) 3 out of four games. If we can eliminate the really, really bad moments, we will win this one. Big IF!
Should be a really good game. I would feel better about our chances if we hadn’t looked so bad (intermittently) against some weaker teams. Can’t do that this week.
I figured Hairston would be a defensive player of the week after that performance Saturday.
I’ve noticed that the crowd has been a big factor at home games in recent years, especially against the Gators. I think it helps the team a lot to have a sold out crowd that is a live wire. Don’t see that too much against the MAC teams. UF has often been our first real SEC home game and the atmosphere is different. I have a hunch that, largely due to the fans, UK will not make the bone-headed mistakes this weekend that we have seen so far. The players feed off the crowd noise.
If only we had a player named Guillotine, I could serve up an answer to your question.
McClain did well. One of his better performances. That TD run was sweet.
We'll have to fix some problems on offense to beat the Gators next week. Fortunately, Key and Brown looked much better. O-line must improve, and Leary must improve, also. I think Leary will look much better next week (fingers crossed). Defense will have to be really good next week, as I imagine they will.
Should qualify for an SEC defensive player of the week, unless the pass interference calls go against him.
As I recall, not too bad on the O-line. Hairston got 2 or 3 pass interference calls, Key got an unsportsmanlike call after the TD. Don't recall the others off the top of my head.
Better hope that Petrino goes no further at aTm than 'interim.' As a head coach he has a way of sending good programs down the toilet; in fact, he excels at that. Look at what he did to U of L, not to mention Arkansas.
Games are better in my opinion when both teams are healthy. Stat-wise, I was surprised to see last year that UK and Mizzou had nearly identical numbers in many major categories in our past matchups. Should be another good one this year. Good luck to the Tigers through the first 6 games.
Overall, the MAC is one of the better conferences of its type, and in most years we have played some of their better teams. However, this year the teams we are playing are not exactly the cream of the MAC crop. I'm hoping that we will play this team like they are an SEC-caliber squad and get out of this long habit of playing down to the competition. I, for one, would like to see our backup QBs in action, but we would have to jump on it in the first half and get a big lead before that will happen. So far, we have limped through the first half and then asserted ourselves later in the game.
I know of no details at present. HIPPA prevents disclosure unless he decides to make a statement about it.
I would love to see you guys win that one.
You...DRAFT KINGS...forgot...FAN DUEL...to mention...BET365.
Thank goodness it’s not worse. I was expecting bad news.
Probably because he started out 8/20 and didn’t look good on a lot of his passes. But then he was 10/11 the rest of the way. My guess is the bad look at the beginning was likely due to getting adjusted again from the injury/surgery last year.
I really hope Horsey is OK. All in all, I think we did OK for a first game of the season. Didn’t see any problems that can’t be fixed in the next couple of weeks.