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I think he may have been picking at Barkley, who had just said that Auburn 'will kill Kentucky.' I doubt he actually thinks that.
I agree...when I was watching that game my impression was that it would not have mattered if we had had Tua at QB, South Carolina was NOT going to lose 6 in a row to us. I've watched it again a few times and did not have that impression, but that was my impression in the live version.
We lost Terry Wilson during that game. That accounts for the 3 losses (that came later).
Dean Hood, our special teams coach who left for a head coaching job this year, had recruited the Aussie punters when he had been a head coach at Eastern KY U a few years back. He helped the Cats open that recruiting door. Berry will be our 3rd punter from down under. Field position matters, especially when your defense is pretty solid.
I hope you're right about Stoops being happy at Kentucky. I know I'm happy with him. Most of the coaching staff seems pretty happy to be here, too. With continued success they will probably pick up a few more 5- and 4-stars as time goes on. He should pass the Bear in 2-3 more seasons (wins, not percentage). Maybe he can overcome the recruiting ceiling and elevate the program in a few more years, if he stays. Needs to beat the Vols, though.
I agree with Nashville. My impression as I was watching the 2018 game was that the Gators' players were expecting us to do something to beat ourselves instead of playing to win. By the time they realized what was happening it was too late. I also had the impression that playing together as a 'team' was about the only thing they needed to do to be really good. After this season (assuming we have one) I would like to see that game played a little later in the season. I could get a better read on where the Cats are if we played them in early October instead of early September.
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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the 'Bama icon next to my name. Don't know how it got there.
Drew Schlegel (non-scholarship) played fairly regularly - largely on special teams - and made some key plays last year. Made some good plays as WR, also. The others saw more limited playing time, or none so far. A couple of them may have done OK with more experience, but I think one of the main things to consider regarding the transfers is that these were needed to make room for new additions to the roster due to 85 scholarship limitation.
How do I get rid of the 'Bama logo by my name? I don't know how it got there. I'm a BBN fan.
Now they are apparently coming after Vince Marrow at UK to be a recruiting coach in Michigan and Ohio.
UK should be challenging for the SEC East for the next few years.