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Losing to State was probably inevitable; they were out for blood this year. We probably should have beaten TN, though. I don't know if it was injuries, bad defense, missed face mask call, or just a history of losing to them (or a combination of all). It was pretty exciting, though to see us executing on offense that game.
A lot depends on how quickly FLA can bounce back, and whether Hendon Hooker can repeat what he did last year. I think you are correct in your assessment.
Still true, but the Rodney Dangerfield card is starting to wear thin. We’ll probably have to trade that one in for something else next year.
@timetraveler…next season should be really interesting in the East. If Hooker can repeat, UT will be really dangerous to any and all. SC seems to be moving up, also. I’m glad we get them in Lexington next year. I hope we are able to maintain our current position. Then when UF gets back up to par there may be some real fireworks in the East. Can’t wait to see what we’ve got in the spring game.
Haven't heard from Tyrell Ajian yet, as far as I know. I'm hoping he may return for one more season.
Yeah, we got FLA last year when they were ranked #10, but it didn't count for much later in season. Try to just barely squeak out a win in that game to keep them hanging around the top 25 for a while.
It might be hard for Hooker to repeat what he did last year, but it might not. He is certainly a better fit at UT than he was at VT, when we played him in the Belk Bowl. I was really surprised at the difference.
I remember predicting, after the UK game, that the Gamecocks might win 7 or 8 this year. We won that game, but SC was pretty impressive - especially the defense. At the time, I thought you might even have a shot at Clemson this year, who seemed down at the time. They got better, of course. I also thought Mizzou would do well, which they did. It was fun watching SC thump NC in the bowl game.
Don’t know about that. I listened to the UK homers (basketball) when we lost to Wisconsin in the final four after going 38-0 in 2016. I was angry at all the missed calls and bad calls made against us. I then watched to other show, from unbiased commentators, which I had recorded, and tried (really hard) to see all the officiating errors I had seen before, but I couldn’t find any.
Cawood Ledford was one of the best, long ago. Covered all UK major sports on mostly radio.
Yep. No question at all who the best two teams were this year.
I was trolling all the FLA fans who keep saying "1980." Glad to see the Bulldogs take down the empire. Congratulations.
Great game in progress. No question who the two best teams in the country are.
Did he get called on that face mask vs. UGA, or did he get away with it? I don’t recall.
Really glad to hear this and, yes, I think he will have a big year in ‘22.
Really glad that he and Jordan Wright will both be back next year.
Yes, it is. Square will announce his decision at 7:30 this evening. It would be great to get him back.
I think the plan is to use him on the edge, although I could be wrong. Think I read it in a previous article on KSR.
He also has had a couple of scoop and scores at opportune moments. Really glad he will be back next year.
We’re knocking on the door of +50% blue-chip ratio at present. Our last recruiting class has exceeded that, I’m pretty sure. It will be really interesting to see what we will do over the next few years. If things go well, as I anticipate they will, Stoops may be hard to budge from his current position.
Good luck, Cedric. I hope you land in a good spot.
Good luck, Yusuf. I hope you have a long and rewarding career in the NFL.
He's on his way to Fansville to pick up a few more cases. For the Team!