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I distinctly remember that by the end of the first quarter of the Mizzou game I had the sinking feeling that Coach Schlarman must have taken a turn for the worst. The UK players seemed to be emotionally down that game. I’m still not sure we would have won the game if he had been there. Mizzou seemed really determined to end the streak and played a great game.
Also, Washington fans are a die-hard crowd. According to a DC friend of mine, season tickets in DC are one of the most hotly contested items in divorce settlements. Who gets 'em?
Don't give up, man. When life knocks you flat on your butt you gotta get up and try again.
Oh, well...maybe we’ll make the ‘first team to lose a game in ‘21’ list.
First time I have not seen UK on this kind of list.
If he can throw interceptions on three consecutive drives I will be happy with him.
Yes - 5 consecutive bowl games and 3 consecutive wins: 2016 - GA Tech - L 2017 - Northwestern - L (Snell tossed out in 2nd quarter in a stupid call) 2018 -Penn St - W 2019 - Va Tech - W 2020 - NC State - W
I guess we’ll find out second Saturday of September when we’ll be up against a good defense.
Looking forward to meeting up with the Gators week 5. Hopefully another good matchup this year.
He played running back at App State in the mid ‘80’s. Finished with 4400+ yards, which was third best in FCS at the time, according to the article I read.
It'll be great to have 11 Heisman candidates in the top 10 this year.
About 17 or 18. we need to get our average up to respectable levels.
Those three consecutive defensive major penalties to start the second half took the wind out of our sails. Too bad...it could have been a really good game.
One of our RS freshmen talked some smack about him before the game.
Yes, and it shows. Our defense was worn out by halftime. Hard to get back up when you have spent 24 minutes sitting on the bench.
Yes, and it shows. Our defense was worn down by halftime. Hard to get back up after 24 minutes on the bench.
...and so the game plan unfolds as predicted. Lull the Gators to sleep, throw two interceptions, and Wham! Game over.
Don’t be deceived Gators fans. Stoops gonna pull a fast one on you. All those second half penalties are designed to give your team a comfortable lead and then Wham! Once your team has gone to sleep...well...you know what will happen next.
Or maybe...three defensive penalties in a row on the defense.
I hope we can step up on this occasion and make this an interesting game, as it has been recently. We’ve had a lot more than COVID to deal with this year.
Go Kentucky! Beat Gators! You’re only down 18 players. Make it a truly strange year.
After the first couple of drives in that game, the first thought I had was, "Coach Schlarman must be near the end." I could feel it eating away at the team. This team has a lot of heart, and it was been with coach the last couple of weeks. Proud of the Cats.
I think it was mostly a matter of Mizzou playing lights out, but partly a matter of the Cats not being able to put it together. We're not a bad team in spite of how we looked last week. Mizzou will win a lot of games if they can play this way each week.
Our beloved OL coach, who has been battling cancer for two years, had to miss the game (a first) at Missouri. My impression from the beginning of the game was that his absence to the team accounted for the lack of energy that was apparent throughout. Regardless of the outcome vs. GA, I think the team will look a lot better this weekend. It isn't like the Cats to look so unable to function as we looked last week. Even so, we are only a few plays away from a 4-1 season.
I think the absence of John Schlarman had a lot to do with how the team played Saturday.
Agree. We did not play that bad. Feeling the absence of our OL coach.
I don't understand the 'trolling' angle, either. Mizzou beat us soundly (at our own game). Same thing happened last year at SC, before we re-grouped with Lynn Bowden, Jr. There was NO WAY the tigers were going to lose 6 in a row and it showed. Congratulations on the win - I hope your team continues the stellar play.