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Don't expect Nix to be airing the ball out a whole lot against Oregon. Gus wants to reclaim our ground game.
Our OL struggled last year because we were still shaking off Herb Hand, his coaching and his recruiting. Grimes will get this line gelling and playing right.
Sounds like he couldn't handle the Rodney Garner tough love.
Auburn didn't "label" him that guy that punched four people at Sky Bar (including teammates). He earned that label after several second chances.
In the past, Gus only used his favorites. The guys he "trusted". Hope we get more players involved this year.
Frost was incredibly average. His only advantage was not having a deep linebacker bench and being a senior with experience. Auburn coaches kept waiting for Frost to make that next step, which never happened.
This makes sense as the new quarterback will be more dual-threat and the receivers catch less and block more. Also good to see some of the underclassmen talent at receiver get their shot.
O Line recruiting and play was so sub par with Herb Hand. Luckily we sent him packing and are back on the right track. Grimes will correct it.
Machine Gun Kelly strikes again!!!
coaches contracts as a whole are getting out of hand
Damn good strategy for getting the hell out of Minnesota
It's clear OSU was more worried about winning games. Good for this guy standing up.
Look no further than what Urban Meyer did for Aaron Hernandez in Gainesville. Covered up all sorts of assault/aggressive behavior during his tenure there.
They are putting Urban on paid administrative leave long enough for the University and Athletic Dept to cut a deal with Zach Smith and his ex-wife.
Florida beware. Scandal after scandal under Jacobs. Luckily he's not the final decision maker in the UF athletic complex.
But wait, what about Will Hastings White Lightning???
we'll never know as long as Gus only plays his "trusted" few. Give NCM, McClain and the young guys more touches.
You mean to tell me that all these elite receivers we sign every year to ride the bench are going to actually get to play??? Crazy. Hate to see Stove and White Lightening down but this might be a blessing in disguise. Gus is too set on the guys he "trusts" but it is high time we got more receivers involved in the gameplan.
He wanted the chance to coach with his son at Cincinnati.
Our defense will be fighting for 4 qtrs. All depends on if Gus locks up and grabs play calling duties again. Then were doomed.