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Bent 'em and Cooked 'em lol. I like that. Ridley is definitely a star in the making
High praise coming from you but the man has done a great job so far. And he is only going to get better
Nice breakdown Murf. I would point out that some of those yards Mitchell got came against Marlon Humphrey as well. I definitely was one who griped about Cyrus a couple of seasons ago but he has done well the last two seasons. As you pointed out in your other article, Coach Tucker's teaching is paying dividends as Marlon got his head around and made the interception. These guys are young and are only going to keep getting better, which should scare opposing offenses.
It was a great play but I would give an assist to Eddie Jackson. Take a look at the play again. I'm pretty sure he was yelling at Hump telling him that the ball was thrown at him. If you look at the second gif you can actually see EJ pointing. Either way, it takes talent to make those plays. Glad we have Humphrey for another couple of seasons.
I'm glad you wrote this Murf. He was in a difficult position but it was Reuben Foster, and not Reggie Ragland as Gary Danielson said, who should have filled the gap. Regardless, it was a well-executed play that put our defenders in a tough position trying to contain a great back. Great write up
This is what happens when you hurredly type a response while trying to take care of babies. I think you get my point though.
First of all, I have to say Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. Alabama is merely the king of college football. Great write-up Murf. I really enjoy taking my time and watching all of the players in each gif breakdown that you include. I know you wanted to see your hometown boys get the W but I am proud of the way my boys came out and competed. Still, even a fan such as myself was surprised at how Alabama came out and played. I felt we could win the game, throwing out a 24-21 prediction, but never would have guessed that we would have dominated like that. I commented on your other article that I felt Alabama could win the battle between the tackles and we did. The thing I was more concerned about was setting the edge, which we did a good job of as well. But I have to say, I was incredibly proud of the way we came called the game offensively. I knew we could make Chubb work hard to gain his yards, but I wasn't sure what to expect from Lane "Sling the ball around" Kiffin's gameplan. I don't think enough can be said about how we committed to running the game and how that played a major role in the outcome. Not only did it not ask too much of Jake Coker, but it kept the defense from being on the field too much. And lo and behold, when we established the running game and didn't ask Coker to do things he isn't suited for the offense looked good as well. This is who Alabama is, whether they want it to be or not. Control the line of scrimmage and pound the rock. Thanks for the piece article, I enjoyed it as always.
I will answer your question by quoting you: "Jarran Reed (6’4″ 313 lbs), Dalvin Tomlinson (6’3″, 294 lbs), A’Shawn Robinson (6’4″, 320 lbs), Darren Lake (6’3″, 315 lbs) and Daron Payne (6’2″, 315 lbs) are the best collective group of run stuffers in the country, while LBs Ragland and Foster form the hardest-hitting off-the-ball linebacker duo in America. (Yikes!)" This is the strength of Bama's defense. I don't think anyone in the country would say they think Bama CAN'T win the battle between the tackles. Not saying Georgia should just concede the middle to Bama or anything, nor am I saying they are only going to rush for 10 yards. I am saying Bama can win the battle vs Georgia's run game between the tackles. Chubb may very well get 100 yards, but he better try to get outside the tackles a few times to do so.
Great article as usual Murf! It is definitely strength on strength here. I personally think Bama can win the battle between the tackles. My concern is how well will we set the edge? What are your thoughts? I know Georgia will commit to running between the tackles but do you think they have the advantage over Bama when it comes to running to the edges?
Love reading your stuff Murf, you know that. I hope Saban has gotten in Kiffin's ear and told him to establish the run game. I also hope he has lit a fire under the O-line because they haven't been a model of consistency either. Without that Georgia will eat our lunch. I am remaining optimistic that we will be able to run the ball well enough and avoid turnovers that we win a close one. By now Kiffin has to have seen the strengths and weaknesses of this team and he has to have a gameplan based on that, not just what he would like to do. We don't have Blake Sims throwing to Amari Cooper anymore, and even then, he should have ran the ball more.
Wow. I never thought it would be a beat down like this. Turnovers hurt us but still...good grief
Sounds like a pretty good analysis in my opinion. The thing I worry about with Alabama's defense these days is a mobile QB. Even if we cover the receivers it concerns me that Kelly might be able to scramble and get yards when no one is open. That is the kind of thing that has played a big role in Alabama's losses going back to Cam Newton. I believe if we can keep him from doing that we will win. If not, then your prediction will probably correct. Either way I expect a 3-4 point game.
You seem like a pretty classy, level-headed guy ArmyGuy. What are you expecting to see from Ole Miss in this game? What about a score prediction?
Man I hope Kiffin calls this game correctly. The team, and Drake especially, is going to be fired up looking for payback from last year. We need to pound the rock and open up the play action passing game for Coker. I'd like to see us throw a few out routes to OJ Howard in this game as well, then hit them with a seam route. I also wouldn't mind seeing us run a flea flicker and hitting Drake with a bomb. Can Bama stop the Ole Miss passing game with three freshmen in the secondary? Will Kelly be able to scramble and get first downs on designed pass plays? Its gonna be a good one. I'm picking 26-22 Bama.
Dang Murf, not what I wanted to see the week of the Ole Miss game! I have come to expect that we will be in a nail biter pretty much anytime we play a team with a good QB who can run as well as pass. I had seen highlights of Kelly's arm but didn't know until now that he has the run game going for him as well. I think Bama's secondary is improved but less experienced this year. I look for OM to put the pressure on Humphrey and Fitzpatrick. I also think they will make life hard for Reuben Foster playing the middle of the nickel and dime. I hope we can get pressure on Kelly without opening up big lanes for him to run through if nothing is open down field. It's going to be a dogfight no doubt. Thanks for another great write up.
The Bama-Georgia game is going to be a good one. I actually think we will meet twice. My gut feeling is you guys get us when we come to your place and I think we win a rematch in the SEC championship game. Two pretty evenly matched teams for sure
Kiffin annoyed me many times last season but I think he was trying to play to our strengths and hide our weaknesses. He is doing the same thing this year but our strengths and weaknesses have changed. I'm also betting they feel more confident in our defense this year
Great, great write up my man. I really liked the way we came out and established the run. Ryan Kelly played a great game, I noticed him getting to the second level several times and clearing a path. Seeing us in 12 personnel was another welcomed sight. There were a couple of times where you could tell we were breaking in a few new linemen as evidenced by a couple of sacks and missed assignments but those will occur less often as they gain experience. Overall they did a great job
I needed this Murf! The season is finally upon us and I can't wait to see this game. I think this article especially needs to be read by all Bama fans. Wisconsin is not someone we are used to seeing so we need all of the breakdowns we can get. I'm with you on not taking them too lightly. I realize this isn't 2014 but like you said, Wisconsin beat Auburn who gave Bama another classic Iron Bowl so I hope our guys aren't taking them lightly. I too hope to see Lane Kiffin run the dang football more this year. I'll be sure to tell him when we talk Saturday lol.
No doubt as a Bama fan Mitchell strikes fear in me. I can only hope our secondary is improved but your comment about having to play press on him makes me nervous. If we have to bring a safety up to help with Chubb....dear God help us. Great stuff buddy. I enjoyed it even if it may keep me up at night the week of the Georgia game. I had already said I figure Bama will lose two games and this is one I have circled.
Well crap. If it really is like that go ahead and give it to Barnett.
Good write-up Murf! Ragland not only has the athleticism and instincts but he also has the intelligence to get the defense lined up correctly this season. I believe he is most like a pre-injury Donta Hightower, who was also a freak, and still is by the way. I'd like to see RR make a run at the Alabama all-time record for tackles in a season. I think he will be on the field all the time now and will be all over it, giving him at least a chance to break it, much like CJ Mosely recently.
I get what you're saying, but we can take Brandon Greene and play him at TE if all we are utilizing him for is run-blocking. OJ is too talented to be merely an afterthought in the passing game. And the fact that he is getting the job done as a blocker makes him even more difficult to deal with. I played TE Murf, and while I enjoyed making a good block to free up my back, I wanted to be rewarded with a pass thrown my way at least a few times a game. And as shocking as this may be, I was nowhere near as talented as OJ Howard lol!
Murf, the Missing Person poster was hilarious. I had to save that and will use it this season if necessary. There really isn't much more to say. You covered it all. I don't know why he wasn't used more last year and frankly I don't care...I just want to see him used this year to create some mismatches, provide a safety net to Coker, and take some of the focus off of Rob Foster and ArDarius Stewart. He can do it, and if we have a repeat of 2014 it is up to Saban to give Kiffin an ear-full and rectify things
Good stuff Murf. No doubt CamRob is a phenomenal talent. Look at what he did last year as a true freshman...and then add in the fact that he played the last half of the season injured...yet he still played at a very high level. I look forward to seeing how the left side of the line looks this year with him at LT and Ross Pierschbacher at LG Oh, and I will have to add "sticktoitiveness" to my vocabulary lol
Great stuff Murf! I didn't know Treadwell was the only receiver rated ahead of him coming out of high school. I have been reading good things about this Foster for a while. There were rumors he was considering a transfer because he wasn't getting on the field. Now he will likely be the #1 receiver because he was willing to wait it out. You are the first person I've seen to compare him to AJ Green. AJ was awesome at Georgia so I would be thrilled if Foster meets those comparisons. Thanks for a Bama article bro
I just want someone to take the reins and run with it. If it's Coker, and he can be more consistent, I'm 100% behind him. But if he can't be more consistent I hope to see Cornwell get a chance. Yes Barnett is uber talented but I would bet on him taking a redshirt this season and bulking up to be ready for the competition next year. I completely agree that the running game has to be back at the forefront of the game plan this year. And we will certainly need someone to keep the defense honest and not crowd the line of scrimmage trying to stop Henry and Scarbrough....dang, wish he was healthy....I mean Drake & Damien Harris. I just hope to see us return to what won so many games for us in the past. We won it all with McElroy because of a strong running game and stout defense. We can do the same this year regardless of the quarterback as long as he can do enough to keep the defense honest. Oh and Murf, you gotta stop worrying about confusing your non-Alabama followers and share your Bama pieces brother. I had no idea you'd written an article on Braxton Miller until I read this one today.
We definitely need Harris to contribute this year. I believe he has the talent and ability to do just that as a true freshman