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Don’t mind the shotguns with the back-up probably hasn’t taken many snaps from Carvin who’s the usual right guard. I do think Hooker should have kept it on that 4th down…
Reports were he didn’t sign early because there were concerns he wasn’t going to qualify, there were things he needed to get done before they’d take him, he didn’t, so they pulled the scholarship.
I think them turning it over on that punt worked out well for Muschamp. Can you imagine the backlash he would get when he chose to a last second field goal down by 4?
I think “coup” is a strong word. It’s not like he’s Cade Mays.
Tennessee isn’t “replacing plenty of guys on defense.” They lose 3 guys and get back their best defensive lineman who missed last year with an injury. Also probably get back Jeremy Banks who could step in at LB.
‘Cause your 6 db’s from last your made the game so much closer.
Stoops was DC at Florida. He can recruit the South.
Alontae Taylor has the defensive td. You guys are seriously terrible.
The internet just came to East Tennessee. We'll figure it out eventually.
I'm fairly certain Matty Mauk was kicked off the team again, for good.
That's John Kelly, not Todd Kelly. Todd Kelly would have taken his head off if dude had grabbed his crotch.
Pharoah's a system receiver too. Just like Gafney, Caldwell, Hilliard, and every other receiver that played for Spurrier. Jeffrey was able to transition to the NFL is because he's huge. Pharaoh is 5'10".