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Paris, TN -> Marietta, GA -> Gilbert, AZ

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Volman, and I agree with you on 99% of what you said. I just don’t like excusing a loss just because a team is “hot”. We’re superbly good, too
@2008 I’m just on here scrolling through the comments and I came across this golden comment… this reeks trying too hard
Right? Is he protecting him? Is Joe the best option we have? Not feeling great about recruiting, player development (hello, secondary), or even coaching/decision making, for that matter.
Buddy, I’m questioning your memory, and your overall judgement
Accurate assessment. Has all the physical attributes of a good/great player but just can’t piece together the puzzle with his football IQ.
Hahaha man, Corch will not drop the vile libel Hayes schtick and I’m here for it!
If Bowers isn’t in New York I’ll completely lose faith in the Heisman. That dude is a dude
Translation: “Hate it for the kid, but because some of their fans were saying things against my team that injury was due to him” Cool
Idaho Gator must be a little fresh to the site. Don’t chastise too hard. Still, I second what you said
I came to the comments section just to see Corch’s comment on Matt VL Hayes’ new UGA hit piece. I knew it would be here somewhere and it didn’t disappoint
It was sarcasm. The wonderful Gwhite was saying that about UGA after our loss. No slight to SCAR
???? And that statement is because of the media hype or the lone psycho gwhite? Cov Dawg - thanks, brochacho. Win out and keep the Natty home
Let him collect his thoughts. The conspiracies and stats may differ from the final score
Welp, got our teeth kicked in. 9-10 wins in year 2 is great but this loss hurts. SCAR outplayed UT in just about every facet of the game and a congratulations is due.
Also, let the record show that ol’ G did not deny living in a single wide in Stewart County posting idiocy from 3G
Do you fellas not know how to not respond to this hombre? Literally every other troll gets ignored, but for some reason ol’ G- spot gets those thumbs tapping. Please just ignore the noise and know that he’s gone psycho drinking sunshine in his Stewart Co. Single
Ol’ Doug with yet another hot take for attention