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How about when Bama almost beat them with a wounded defense and a one legged QB?
Since the drug money left Miami they've sucked consistently.
Why do you think they hired Rich Rod?
So typical of yankee college students. Whining and crying because the don’t get their way. Hang in there, ESPN. You be the adult.
After the disaster of the milleinnal generation, these two give us all hope that their group will make up for the damage done.
If the barn loses to UGA and Bama, Malzahn goes to Arkansas.
Barber with a UGA tag? Kinda conflicted, huh?
And when they lose to LSU in the SEC game, Bama moves up to #4.
“Players don’t lay down”??? You must not watch much auburn football.
Beilema won’t be making $350k a month? Good bye Mrs. Beilema. Have you seen her? No way she’s staying.
No way, with Mac, Bama wins by 35
Clemson’s whole schedule is a giant cupcake.
The barn lost the game on the first play when Nix was sacked. He panics, gets slower and inaccurate. Maybe next year with a new head coach he’ll be more prepared.
The barn played nobody all year so far. UF sucks and still managed to beat them.
UT is so bad, it’s hard to hate them anymore. Roll Tide.
Saban would never hang 54 on a team on purpose. He’ll be playing the cheer leaders by the 4th quarter.
This clown is an anvil around the neck of anyone who hires him.
I’m not a Kraft fan but the guy got blow jobs. So what? Unless it’s proven that he owns the place then I don’t see the crime past a misdemeanor. I’ve never paid for one but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t.
Any one of those teams would beat the brakes off ND.
Every 5 or 6 years the ND loving sports writers elevate them to championship caliber when they never truly are. They play a weak schedule every year.
Come on, guys. South Carolina has never been an elite program and never will be. They need to leave the SEC.