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This clown is an anvil around the neck of anyone who hires him.
I’m not a Kraft fan but the guy got blow jobs. So what? Unless it’s proven that he owns the place then I don’t see the crime past a misdemeanor. I’ve never paid for one but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t.
Any one of those teams would beat the brakes off ND.
Every 5 or 6 years the ND loving sports writers elevate them to championship caliber when they never truly are. They play a weak schedule every year.
Come on, guys. South Carolina has never been an elite program and never will be. They need to leave the SEC.
Don’t forget...Harbaugh is no elite coach. He’s a joke. Creepy and incompetent.
Clemson could suspend half the team and still beat the brakes off ND.
The barn as well as LSU are known around the league as the dirtiest in the Sec. Clean up your own house before you complain about someone else’s.
UCF isn’t a major program any more than a big time 6A high school is.
LSU has played nobody. Overrated teams gone from the polls. We’ll see what they have in 2 weeks.
No frickin way Missouri beats UGA. Take that to the bank.
Simple. Get women off the sidelines. If he’d said that to a man there would be no controversy.
Don’t forget that a lot of us have abandoned ESPN because of their radical left policies. My guess is the ratings will continue to suffer because of it.
Orgeron has had ethics complaints and recruiting irregularities follow him his whole career. LSU won't be any different and this is his last chance as a head coach. He will do anything to win and try to keep his job. The problems at LSU are just beginning.
Ole Miss should have NEVER hired Freize. He's a nobody coach unqualified to be in the SEC. the cheating was the only way he could be even partly successful.
Hurts still has a long way to go. I see Bama losing 2-3 games because of it.
Not surprised a bit. Tuna looked raw and Hurts looked like there has been no improvement over last year. So, we start another year with an incomplete QB. Bama could lose 2-3 games this year.
Hurts looked hurried, confused and off base. A couple of decent throws and a lot of misses, even on short routs. He looked just like last season, no improvement.
Well, he just doomed Miss St to a huge loss with this locker room bulletin.