growin up we was such pofoke, I had ta fart in my pocket to have a cent... I remember mama used ta cut holes in us boys pockets sos we'd have something to play with on Christmas mornin's

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how do we know the players didn't come up with the idea? lol
no sense in fighting it. keep winning and it works itself out.
but I can think of 7 reasons Ed won't play the disrespect card.
I see what they're doing, now th Tigers gotta win the next 2 to make it pay off...
This was per an agreement between the schools AD's made 3 or 4 years ago. Next year they get the same 3000 tickets and are supposed to be up in the upper decks as well.
meh, true but how many defenses would have done much better against the caliber of an offense on the road in 90-100 degree temps? Not really trying to make excuses cuz I wasn't happy with the D either, especially Fulton, but trying to keep it in perspective.
LOL, it was bad enough losing to jimbo, I don't know how I would have handled had we lost to herman..
yeah, I griped at the Tv all night, but I had to keep reminding myself, they were playing in 90-100 degree temps tonight, not surprising LSU's D was gassed, Texas OL played very physical, tackling the D a few times. Texas seemed to be in better physical shape. Some of us have complained that Moffett is too old school and needs to go. But, they keep him around.
Guess he needs another father figure around to replace Pete. I kinda understood Pete, but wonder what Robinson actually has to offer..
yep Wolfman, and you'd think a 'sportswriter' would understand this.
LOL, kid don't even know the name of the school he's been 'committed' to.
add that to the secondary can't cover and maybe 3 of the 11 on D can actually tackle...
ok, maybe you can explain how Paul explained?
If LSU loses to UCF there will be no excuses from me. The only advantage they have imo is LSU's backups didn't get a whole lot of playing time throughout the season. I think the difference maker is gonna be which team is the most mentally prepared.
i think the only thing Paul can accurately explain is the taste of nick sabans dribble.
Just one of the 20 or so “ nobody GAF” bowls
I think he'll win more games with what he gets, but i agree, he'll not up the talent level that much.