growin up we was such pofoke, I had ta fart in my pocket to have a cent... I remember mama used ta cut holes in us boys pockets sos we'd have something to play with on Christmas mornin's

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hmmm. In no way would I come on here n proclaim that LSU would beat th dawgs in Atlanta, but 'slaughter'? Seems I saw alot of that same talk about tonights game.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think "Sunbelt Billy Bob" will restore some pride to the Swamp as well... Give him time.
If it had been completed, these people would be saying it was a genius play call...
all those people blaming DISH simply because of the blurbs "DISN drops ESPN"... Disney is trying to rob cable subscribers, just like all major networks do at contract time. The cable providers get the blame. Changing to a different provider won't help for long, because when contract time comes for your "new" provider, the same thing happens.. Even Streaming services get hit... YouTube.TV went through it with Disney as well. Was a sad day when Disney took over ESPN/ABC
Georgia at So Carolina at noon, then Ole Miss @ Georgia at 3:30... that's gonna be interesting
BK should run him by a couple elementary or middle schools and have him lecture kids on , , , , , , , something. :-/
it was just hype... Nobody in their right frame of mind would expect LSU to be a champion caliber team this year, probably even next. There are still people on the boards thinking LSU will take this game, fix everything and be in contention this season... Some just live in hype.
correct, like having more consultants than players? No way LSU would spend that much...
FSU is better than anyone expected, not to be surprised that this is Norvells 3rd year?
well, wasn't much time last night to coach them upo, so change was best he could do. Now with a game down he sees the product he has and we'll see if he has what it takes to fix it. Hope he does...
2 muffed kick receptions ain't on the coach, except maybe they picked the wrong guy for the returner
@NYtiger, shoulda kept Jones too, he was building a respectable defense late last season...
'nobsvol' I'm curious to know exactly, what "harm" did Eklund cause to Evan and the Russell family? A lawsuit would be an ill advised waste of money that Mr. Russell obviously understands. The Russells say they forgive Eklund, Vol fans should follow suit and just 'play ball'...
Bell had three options, pay it n pass it on, stop selling alcohol or move. He chose the easiest I guess.
he did a much better job than the current P.O.tuS.
none of this bs matters. Either he wins and we keep him til he leaves or he doesn't and we help him leave. but then, there's nothing unusual about that among SEC schools, except maybe KY & Vandy, where the expectations are a little lower...
tried to tell him, he wasn't ready... Guess he didn't read my post... :-P
it depends on which alabama team shows up. (if you actually believe that alabamas OL got better over night) Cincy might do a better job than kirby did following the defensive example of 3 SEC teams.
I'm pulling for Ga but watching I can't help but think of the times we've had the discussion herer about how Kirby doing the least with the most... C'mon Kirby, break the cycle! "If not now, then when?"
I figure he just held the position, got the check while Kelly called the plays.
When they first announced Darante as DC I was like WTF??!! But I must admit, about mid season or so I started to see progress. And by the end I started thinking, whoever succedes O should give this guy a look...
Or maybe the media is going down the list of every name they can think of. Eventually when the new HCis named they will all print a screen shot with the blurb “we told you so”
“The Tigers apparently put all of their eggs in one basket with Riley,“ Funny how all these “experts” make stupid comments like this with zero sources. Word is Scott Woodward is on a hunting trip, if true, I’d have to think that he already has his next HC hire signed and probably isn’t shooting anything because he’s laughing so hard at these people that no game will come close to him.