growin up we was such pofoke, I had ta fart in my pocket to have a cent... I remember mama used ta cut holes in us boys pockets sos we'd have something to play with on Christmas mornin's

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definitely the owners screw up to help a player to get his ego up that high. We're seeing crap we never thought we'd see, players getting in coaches faces, shoving asst coaches... Teams better get a grip soon...
maybe he had good reason to break that 'promise'..
same here, nothing against him, he just got out played... Some of the homers on TX boards playing him up to be 'the one that O let get away".. lol
makes sense, "we need a fresh start but don't want to deal with a big buyout. Get the lawyers on the phone and see if we can self investigate to find an out"... yeah, I can see that... But Freeze? Maybe Steele was brung in for this or Maybe Tee will advance? If not Steele, I see him gone soon too.
I wonder if they've already hired his replacement (KS)? Or maybe he's been there (TM)?...
dawglb I'm impressed.... ◔̯◔ you're obviously the smartest most physic FB muhfuh I've ever run across.... How many times do I have to address what he's done at this point? Other than recruiting class, what extraordinary feats has he really accomplished in 5 years? OK, thanks to your bud corch, he's had more NY6 bowls and more top 10 seasons than his predecessor who averaged 8th ranked recruiting classes... whoopie.. He has 1 SECC... You would think with a 2.6 average recruiting class rank over 5 years he'd have more than that. Maybe if he were better at assessing his QB talent he might have another SECC and maybe, just maybe another Natty? Why you so messed up over the fact that others have done as much or more with less?
dawglb ok, so MR's first 5 were his best and it went south for him after.. What's your point? The conversation has to do with "so far" not "what's to come"... But how can you guarantee the same wont happen with kirby. Nothing in the comments here that I've seen, you excepted, have anyone predicted what will happen in the future... And nobody here has said that kirby's recruiting classes were handed to him, have they? As far as accomplishments go, SO FAR he's won 1 SECCg, MR won 2 in his first 5... MR was 1-4 against Saban, as stated above, lets say that 1st win didn't count if it makes you feel better... KR is now 0-4 against Saban. In that regard, I guess you could make the case that KS has done the same with more? The comparison at hand is between KS & MR, not KS and EO, who BTW won 1 SECCg (against ga) and a Natty.. And yes, he has the honorable distinction of putting up the worst defense of any NC... But none of that is what this discussion is about, are you that insecure that you felt you needed to stray from the subject and drag it in? Who, except you, knows the future here, maybe KS will do better in the future, maybe he won't.. Maybe Coach O will, maybe he wont but I won't try to guarantee the future of either... I haven't counted, but I believe I've seen as much if not more hot seat discussion about KS than I have EO. So maybe we can pick this up on one of those..
actually MR & KS have the same record against saban, take away sabans first season where MR has the win... But for comparisons sake, we'll say that year didn't count. The point of Boogars statement, which you seem to unknowingly prove with your above 'stats', is, KS has ranked in the top 3 recruiting classes each year while MR never ranked better than 7 in his first 5 years, yet MR put up better results. Hense, KS did less with more...
whilst I must agree with you about the off season habits of SDS writing click bait stories, they didn't actually spawn this particular discussion, rather they just put reasons why people should agree with Boogar... Exactly what had KS done that makes one feel he's done more than MR? It's not SECC's. MR out performed him so far with lower ranked recruiting classes... I have to admit, even being an LSU fan, I too expected more from Smart by now.
of course we are... but we also realists and know this will be nothing more than a typical bama warm up game... One where they hope to hang style points on for the committee, just in case they need them. That's probably the only reason the SEC rescheduled this game... But it is what it is and we LSU faithful will take it as it comes.
so you don't think saban would ever talk like that to his team.... a man who can't keep his composure when a db gets burned, which honestly is not that often, and you don't think he has it in him? rofl.... alrighty then.
yeah, the D finally shows up for once and the offense don't.
I'd think the TV revenues would go up for the SEC if other conferences cancel....
I totally agree with you... But, looks like it's all part of the bigger plan..
Brennan has to be encouraged that O is not saying "we're gonna have a full QB competition, all of them have a shot." He's at least not saying that yet...
where's the story? Surely Bo had more intense games than this dude describes...
I hope he stays through his contract but don’t really expect him to. I do hope that someone who worked with him at least retained some of the knowledge
Gilbert is the #1 TE... Washington is the #1 ATH still a beast, but..