growin up we was such pofoke, I had ta fart in my pocket to have a cent... I remember mama used ta cut holes in us boys pockets sos we'd have something to play with on Christmas mornin's

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Brennan has to be encouraged that O is not saying "we're gonna have a full QB competition, all of them have a shot." He's at least not saying that yet...
where's the story? Surely Bo had more intense games than this dude describes...
I hope he stays through his contract but don’t really expect him to. I do hope that someone who worked with him at least retained some of the knowledge
Gilbert is the #1 TE... Washington is the #1 ATH still a beast, but..
I have no idea at this time, hence I said IF it's true, meaning IF it's true. You don't know, she might well be making it up hoping to pump up TE's team mates. Then again MAYBE it is true. IF so, the perps should be dealt with...
Fleck gonna turn the B1G upside down.They might as well get used to it, lest some SEC team lures him away...
yeah, that's pretty much what herbie was saying last night too.. but all I saw was two pretty good but equal teams playing. Nothing stood out as far as play goes.. Just a couple champs from weak conferences slugging it out for the right to go see what they can do against an obvious superior team.
funny you say that, osu is officially in their off season..
"First lsu would rather play clemson than osu." I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion, but I wasn't aware they've ever stated a choice... I vividly remember hearing and reading that Coach O and the players themselves have continuously said, anybody, anytime, anywhere...
Kirby 'probably' has someone he can roll that scholly over to when evans flunks his act's
O should bring in the subs, but I don't expect him to, seein's as okie is a comeback team.. lol
boi needs to sit hisass down and stop being such a drama queen
quickest way to get any ole miss hold outs over to his corner is to do exactly what he's doing.
2 maybe 3 more likely to come during the next week. LSU will possibly have the class full come ESD.
"Kiffin might also be sending signals to the recruit that his skill set is different that the one he needs." was thinking the same thing. Kiffin might have someone he's already been recruiting