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Movie Spoilers follow:And just like Thanos Nick destroyed half of the SEC teams in the National Title game.
They aren’t that useful side by side because different schools account for revenue differently.
He threw the dog across a room but she didn't even take it to vet? This is the same woman that recanted and there is a video of her getting injured fighting another women right?
The patent just took this long to go thru. Other schools didn’t copy them. They bought them from the company that Alabama liscenced the rights to. It’s not just the tent. It collapses and sets up in seconds and is built for medical use.
While I’ve expected excuses from him in the past nobody searches to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hopefully this will give him the knowledge he needs to fight and change his lifestyle.
I agree. I mean he's such a bad receiver obviously. Get good. Amiright?
Wow. You're a very angry person. I'm sorry you're so hurt by his joke/jab. I'm sure he didn't think about people with such thin skin when he said it. I'm sorry he hurt your feelings.
Actually that's not been my experience. Like pretty much any fanbase there are some that think it's silly to claim a national championship when one is played for and there are some fans that don't care.I fall into the second group. Let UCF claim whatever it wants. Hope they enjoy themselves because an undefeated season is a great accomplishment.I would have loved to have seen UGA fan's reactions to UCF claiming the national title if Georgia had won. I'm sure there wouldn't have been any UGA fans upset about UCF claiming their first national title in 37 years.
Searched and it looks like 2nd degree possession is for personal use amounts if its the first arrest. It's a Class A misdemeanor.Following arrests for personal use would be 1st degree and it's a Class C Felony.
Actually the NCAA recognizes more Alabama championships than Alabama claims. Didn’t do your research I see.
I still just don’t think he gets it. It’s not about needing hype or confidence. He just needs work on his attitude and the drug/alcohol abuse.
Obviously option based and nobody knows for sure but I don’t think the early departures will hurt Alabama. It happens every years. If anything I think Alabama lost less than last year.
There was nothing illegal about the clothesline. And I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. First that the player wasn’t punished an now that he is?
No. The offense lost the game to Clemson. They only had like 2 first downs in the second half. Yes the defense was exhausted so it didn’t play well but if the Alabama offense had just gotten two more first downs then Clemson wouldn’t have had the time to come back.
There’s no shame in losing. Baker wasn’t asked to humble himself because he lost. It’s as much the things he did when he was winning.This kid wanting to earn money on a phrase that is hot because he said it to Mayfield doesn’t mean he’s not “humble.”
Those teams didn’t have to compete in the playoffs.
Yeah. I mean look how correct those computers were about Bama not being a top 2 team.
He was only hurt for your second game. The one you won.
Also Alabama has had a top 25 SOS for the past decade at least. Can’t really help it that FSU fell apart and the SEC was down.
He scheduled FSU right around their national championship. Also he only said that everyone should schedule more difficult games. But he made a point to say he’s not stupid enough to schedule too many difficult games now without other people doing it as well. He said they should change the rules and require everyone to have harder schedules. Not that he or anyone should voluntarily do it at a detriment.
“Hey everyone I found a grammar mistake on Twitter. Look at me. Look at me.”Nobody cares.
Yeah. It’s pretty bad. The player put his helmet right on his knee from the side. I know of blocking low but to blindside a guy with your helmet to his knee seems terrible.
Considering it was wind that blew it off you really think that “flew” off isn’t appropriate? I actually think it’s worse that it’s because a Tennessee employee was negligent and didn’t secure the panel rather than it only being from the force of the winds.
Pretty good. Especially when most of those are national titles or big 4 bowls. How many other teams would kill for a 67% win rate in national title games/playoff games/ and top 10 bowl games?
Alabama has played over 20 true freshmen this year. But sure. Tell yourself that we have 5 stars that never get the chance to play.
Oklahoma scored 50 something points per game in 2008. In the 700's in scoring that season. National Title game against Florida? 14 points.
So the guy saying this happened is currently in jail for 6 years for forged signatures? That seems like a very shady place to get a statement. He's in jail for lying about where signatures came from."Prosecutors say he was the mastermind behind the enterprise that sold sports items with fake athlete signatures to close to 20,000 people.Panezich opened eBay accounts with people’s information and sold items. Some people had no idea their info was being used until the IRS contacted them.“The extent of it was — a total enterprise numbers — somewhere between $1.4-$2 million,” said Ralph Rivera, Mahoning County prosecutor."
Alabama’s SOS is ranked higher than Georgia ‘s. Yes hey have that one win but overall Alabama has played a tougher schedule. You can google it. It’s worth a google.
You might as well have run the wildcat the rest of the game. You basically sacrificed his senior year.