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Sullivan won the Heisman in '71. I remember him demolishing the Dawgs' secondary. He had 6 years in the pros: Falcons and Redskins, and was extremely lackluster. He was 6' 0" and threw sidearmed. He was accurate short in college, but like Fromm, lacked the big arm.
He reminds me of Auburn's Pat Sullivan. Great college player during the same years as Archie Manning, but Sullivan didn't have the talent to accomplish anything with the Falcons.
And one big reason they might not win: Not being mentally ready, just like against SC. You simply cannot face other SEC teams and expect to win if you are not mentally prepared.
Even though I'm a Dawgs fan, this is ridiculous. Alabama is simply a better and tougher team.
Well, his younger brother is a freshman backup quarterback, right?
The loss to LSU in 2018 was when Smart's coaching shortcomings became apparent to many of us. That was Smart's opportunity to pull the faltering Fromm and replace him with Fields. Fromm is an acceptable offensive "manager" as long as the rest of the offense is overpowering the opponent. Fields is an inspirational team leader and an explosive play maker. Smart should have put in Fields vs LSU as soon as the momentum was obvious. Saban pulled Hurts for Tua when he needed to. Sweeney pulled Bryant in favor of Lawrence. In the 1980 opener vs TN, Dooley put Walker into the game when the Dawgs were down, even though Walker hadn't moved past the #4 position in practice. Some players rise to the occasion under pressure and are game changers. Fromm is not one of those; Fields is. Even after the loss to LSU, with an off week, Smart had a two week period in which he could have, and should have, transitioned the offense to Fields. But no, Smart chose to stay with Fromm no matter what and would up losing a likely Heisman winner. Even in the Sugar bowl, Smart discarded the opportunity to win by not going to Fields after the half. Smart fails both at tactical decisions, such as what to do in these final OT seconds, but also in strategic decisions, such as the decision to remove an average quarterback and replace him with a budding super-star. The game vs LSU was Smart's Waterloo. It is when I realized he was no real protégée of Saban, that he didn't have what it would take to return UGA to the pinnacle.