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Just because you say racism doesn't exist doesn't make it so. Race wouldn't be a point if it didn't take all the way to 2019 for there to be the first black commissioner of a power 5 conference.
I refuse to watch games played on that field. That blue turf aggravates my eyes.
He went to the school that he always wanted to go. He said Oklahoma was always his dream school. The only reason he was considering UGA was because of his mother. Once she told him it was totally his own decision and she would be happy with that he went with the school of his dreams. I'm a UGA fan and I wanted him at UGA but he didn't want to be at UGA. In the end he chose the school that felt best fit for him. Good luck to him.
I don't base anything on if teams in the top bowls outside the playoffs win or lose. The ones that win if you notice have a motivation for winning and the losing team just the opposite. Ohio St.:Urban Meyer send off.... LSU: They were playing the "National Champs" UCF. Texas: Haven't been in a major bowl or won 10 games since 2009. Florida: Feeling good about themselves with a new head coach.
Wasn't Hagans committed to UGA before Mark Richt was fired. Hagans de-committed from UGA in Feb. 2018. Maybe I'm missing something?
Lawrence is a really good player. I agree you can't compare him to Watson because Watson has won a championship. But I guarantee you that you will be singing his praises in the near future. The article said that Watson was a once in a decade player well Lawrence another once in a decade player.
If Trevor doesn't get hurt Clemson will be in the playoffs.
I think too many people look at the ratings in the wrong way. The system is just there for entertainment purposes. I can't imagine any coach having success if he rely on recruiting services for players. Any coach worth his salt will do his own evaluation of players.
Chubb is not the same back he was before his knee injury. He lost some quickness. Hopefully he can regain it.
I wouldn't call it false hype. They strung together some wins and made a bowl. The way they were going before then was stringing together losses. Yes they were bad teams but so was Missouri. The alternative to beating those teams was becoming one of those teams. Barry Odom has some fixing to do, but at least he has his team believing in themselves. Neither Butch Jones nor Jim McElwain could say the same.
Cartersville has been a part of metro Atlanta for many years now look it up.
I agree. I was looking for a good laugh at Missouri's expense, and I found hardly any of it entertaining. The only good one was the two star one.
The only team that gets a boost from alternate unis is Oregon. I've never heard any recruits mention alternate unis as an influence for any other team.
Yes players are sheltered but that don't mean that they don't see what's going on on campus. One of the players inquired as to why the tent was on the quad and that's how the football team got involved.
Defense do win championships but you do have to at least be competent on offense.
Everybody cares. It's so Lane Kiffin. He's thumbing his nose at Rocky Top fans.
I am a UGA fan and I taped the Finebaum show today. I knew that he would grill the Dawgs, but that don't stop me from watching. I think that most of you people who don't like the Finebaum show only watch snippets. You have to watch at least a full hour each day for a week to understand the show.
I love that Paul is not a total homer. He will call a spade a spade. Keep up the good work Paul.
I totally disagree. I used to think the same thing about Finebaum before I actually started watching his show. If you just listen to the soundbites from his show I can see why you would get that impression. Paul looks like the guy who got left off when teams were chosen, he may look like that guy but he doesn't act like him.
The black jerseys are a good look. I would prefer the black jerseys to be the alternate than anything else that I have seen the Dawgs wear.
Why have a logo on the helmet if you can't see it? It don't make sense. I don't mind updated uni, but I can't stand these unis that don't even remind you of the school.
The reason Tenn is his first choice is because he's originally from Tenn. I think his family are big Vols fans.
I don't see Richt prejudiced against having a black qb. If people would remember that D.J. Shockley was headed to FSU before Richt took the job at UGA, and Shockley followed. I believe Shockley would have had the starting job if David Green had not taken the ball and ran with it. After that Shockley could not get a foothold on the staring job. Also if you want to get recruited by Richt as a qb you have to be an accurate passer. To me that's why he did not see Cam Newton as qb for UGA. But Richt has recruited and signed black qb's. Shockley as stated earlier, Christian Lemay who could not break through the crowd and Nick Marshall according to whose story you believe.
I've only seen him listed as a running back. He played wide receiver his sophomore and junior seasons but he switched to running back as a senior. UGA offered him late as a running back after running back Chris Carson flipped to Oklahoma St. SDS even has Crowder listed as a running back on UGA's commitment list.
UGA did sign a running back this season. His name is Tae Crowder of Harris County High School. He flipped from Georgia Southern after UGA offered him a day or so before signing day. It was always Crowder's dream to play for the Bulldogs.
1. Mauk had an awful day because UGA pressured him plain and simple. 2. No shame in losing to a really good G. Tech team. The Fla. loss was shameful. 3. Yes Missouri held UGA to a lower per attempt ave., but that was after Gurley was suspended. Nick Chubb started that game and said that he was really nervous about his first start. Missouri was lucky that they caught him at that time while he was somewhat tentative. 4.UGA's losses had nothing to do with peaking. They were just the same kind of games they have no excuse for losing every year.
He will never sign a LOI nor does he have to. When he register the first day of school that will be his "LOI".
Georgia did sign a quarterback. Nick Robinson a 3 star from San Juan Capistrano, California is a preferred walk-on.