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Come on, dude. What you just said is patently false. UF had a top ten recruiting class going before Mac got fired. He's trying to keep that class together as best he can...and then add to it with his MSU recruits(why wouldn't he try?) and new recruits. Just because you're butt hurt that he left MSU doesn't make Mullen lazy. You know damn well the last thing Mullen is would be lazy.
Really? Right and facts? The facts that your administration allowed the fans to dictate who they can, or can't, as it turned out, hire as football coach...is right? Wake up man, that's not how these thing work.
You guys still don't get it. There's no reason to listen to the fans when it comes to hiring the coach. The fact that they backtracked on Schiano because of the crybaby fans is what got them into this. Did you not read the article or listen to Klatt? Fans don't run the program...that's for the AD and president. Get over yourselves.
That's some all-time ranking. We have now moved into the modern era of college football...only Tennessee, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Penn State fans haven't noticed.
I lost a lot of respect for Clay Travis over this. He constantly, rightly, criticizes the left for their feaux outrage...and it looks like he led the charge here. I have no opinion on Schiano...doesn't matter who it was, but what happened to him, in large part to Travis, was indefensible. I'm a Gator and , believe it or not, I want Tennessee to be good. The SEC is at its best when UT and UF are going at it with great teams...just like it's good when we have an all-important iron bowl this year. I just don't know who would want this job now, though...that administration is a clown show.
Florida is a top 5 job. They're not worried about Georgia, nor should they be. They need to get the right guy, sure...but not because Georgia is some juggernaut. That's laughable. Florida can and should recruit with any team in the country. They should not be comparing themselves to any team in the country...they should be the standard.
The jealousy is strong with you. Don't worry, I'm sure Rocky Top will hire a coach that will return them to the glory...of the Citrus Bowl.
Agree 100%. This is FLORIDA. That's not said out of arrogance or at the expense of any other program. There's only a few programs in the country that have that cache. We've tried the up and comers the last 2 hires and it failed. Ok...let's not make that same mistake again. The 2 coaches we have had the greatest success with we're established winners with innovative offenses, not beholden to anyone, including their coaching mentors. Chip Kelly is that guy, so let's get him. Ironically, the coach that turned the program into FLORIDA might be standing in the way of the next great era of UF football. I hope it's not true, but I don't think this is Spurrier's call. He's had his time and also left us in the lurch in 2001. He should just be a great ambassador and leave it at that.
You mean like all the coaches have done there since 1992? Keep dreaming. Rocky Top!
The Tennessee fans on here are delusional. UT a better job than UF? You all must be democrats you're so delusional. What is Tennessee's record against Florida since 1992(when the SEC split into 2 divisions, which meant UT and UF play every year)? How many National Championships for each school? I understand wanting to believe your program is the best, but when you do so without regard to objective facts and reason, you just look foolish.
I'm so tired of this white knighting, going after people who express their opinions on social media. People have the right to say what they want to say. The author is right...just stay off social media. But Bielma saying it's unbelievable what people are "allowed" to say on social media is ridiculous. Go take a job and live in another country...one where people aren't allowed to say what they want, and see how much you like that. And while I agree with the author that players should just stay off social media...that is self evident, and there's no need to write a long form article about it. We get it, Crist, you're above it all and you're a hero to guys like Franks, right?
I don't know why this is even a story. Every team in the country has fans like this, and Luke Del Rio telling them to be better isn't going to change that. In fact, it has the potential to make it worse. I don't condone these people spewing their hatred, but it's just a part of life for a college football program. Del Rio is no hero, and what he said is just the easy thing to say. Players should play, and coaches should coach, because they're not going to change the fans.
Wrong there...Jones was not going to give up his radio show because of the tv show with his fellow SJW Torre. You know this, I'm sure, but you're just out to rip Travis, so here you are. Travis is no troll...unless people who speak the facts and use reason and logic in their arguments are now trolls.
I have mixed feelings about Mullen. I think he's an excellent coach and he has ties to UF and the current AD. However, I worry about UF trying to recreate the Urban Meyer years. Mullen is no Urban Meyer(who is?), and the SEC knows exactly what to expect from a Mullen team. UF has had its greatest successes, including 3 National Championships, when a proven coach with a completely different way of doing things from any previous regime, was hired and ran with the program. Chip Kelly is the guy that fits that exact mold. Just my two cents.
Enjoy your moment in the sun. It's been a long time coming for you, and once Florida gets its ish together, it will be another long wait for you.
Thanks for your enlightening take. We're all better off after reading that.
I agree with you in principle. But there is something seriously off about Mac. Can't necessarily pit my finger on it, it it's a vibe. Plus, there are some problems that are undeniable: 1. The offense has not been fixed, and seems to be getting worse. Save for the Georgia game this year, the defense has been respectable, if not dominant at times. But being on the field so much because of the ineptitude of the offense will wear any defense down. 2. Winning the East 2 years in a row is fine, but highly overrated. Let's be honest, UF has been fortunate that Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina have all been down the past few years. So let's not make this out to be some outstanding coaching acumen. I doubt they would have been able to finish higher than 4th in the West those 2 years. 3. Player development has been lacking. Mostly on offense, supposedly Mac's specialty, and glaringly obvious at QB. Offensive line has been trash, receivers mediocre...only the running backs impress. 4. Credit card fraud case and suspensions. Mac's fault? Well...not in the sense that these players are adults and personal responsibility is important. Yet, Mac recruited these guys and it happened on his watch. He deserves some blame. Just look at the feeding frenzy going on about Rick Pitino at Louisville. The head coach needs to control his program. Those points above are facts. Combine those with the death threat situation, the strange comments he's made over the years(including he could win at UF with his dog), they way he seems overmatched in many games. Personally, I don't want that guy running my program. YMMD.
Why was this guy given a $12 million buyout in the first place? He worked under Saban and had some success at middling CSU. Again, why the buyout? Florida is a destination job, not a stepping stone. Just get rid of him, no matter the cost. UF is flush...no excuses there. He's a weird dude and not a leader.
Fake news unless he shows the threats. Anybody can say anything. This guy is just goofy and doesn't seem like a leader. UF shouldn't waste anymore time on this character. That said...if the threats are real, it takes a sick person to do that. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Perfect analysis. I'd like to see them buyout Mac and get Chip Kelly in there. Keep Shannon as DC as he is a good coach and awesome recruiter.
Let me break down your breakdown: 1. No excuses for Franks. He's a redshirt freshman and practiced and learned the system all last year, offseason, and so far this year. When you see young QBs play well as the author noted, it's SOMEBODY's fault at UF...I lean towards Mac. 2. The offensive line isn't playing as well as you describe, BUT, even if it was, we're back to the lack of development on Franks...something YOU even admitted in your breakdown. 3. There is NO blaming a previous coach for what ails the current coach at UF. Urban Meyer himself brought that issue to light earlier this year. There is plenty of talent at UF, very little development. My own addition is that these suspensions happened on Mac's watch, and though I believe strongly in personal responsibility, you can't just ignore that fact. Last, but not least, the offense is HORRIBLE.
He won the division in 2 down years, as Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina were not good at all and the best teams are in the West. He may be hamstrung with a massive loss of personnel this season, but let's not give him a pass...it happened on his watch. I think potential HC candidates are big boys and would love to coach at UF. The Gators could just as easily be 1-5 as 5-1. Don't know if you watch the games, but it is brutal for the fans. You can see the talent, but it's not developed, the offense is horrible, and they play undisciplined football. That's all on Mac.
I think Mac has to go, for three reasons. 1. It's on his watch that these players committed these crimes, which are potentially felonies, and have left the team short handed. No, it's not directly Mac's fault, but it does show a lack of discipline and accountability, which is also apparent with some of the bad play and penalties in the games. 2. The offense is terrible, no two ways about it. It's difficult to watch. Mac is an offensive coach, and so I don't get this blame the OC stuff. It's on Mac. 3. Chip Kelly is available. I put this at number 3 because it's not a reason to fire Mac, but it's something to factor in FOR THIS YEAR as an exception. You just know Kelly is motivated to redeem himself from his failures in the NFL, and if he can recruit to Oregon, I would think he can challenge Saban down south. Just my "3" cents.