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What a friendly comment. This world would do well to experience more of such.
The way we played in first halves throughout the year tells me that Harsin can game plan. If we can start to win the adjustment battle, I think we can get to 8. I think 8 is a reasonable ceiling.
I’m hoping our average o-line age does wonders this year. On the one hand, they’re draft grade didn’t justify leaving while, on the other, they’re older, stronger, and surely better with technique. So, yeah, I’ll put my hopes in that.
Hopefully Grant Hill is not on the call for the remainder; well, if we advance.
Jax St made the ncaa tournament. If they are not a “real team”, what does that make the dawgs?
Can somebody tell me why the cheerleaders are the only masked ones in the building?
SEC can still prove their value, it will just be much, much harder.
They just left. An assistant coach was getting kickbacks from agents for departing players. It’s over. Had nothing to do with recruiting. Sorry for you haters, but the NCAA also has bigger issues than bbqs these days.
Completely depends on context. If we rolled into Tuscaloosa at 11-0 and top 4 in the country, then I’d trade. If we are 7-4, only clowns would prefer the football win.
LSU s certainly a formidable opponent for my Tigers to routinely compete with, but I don’t want to see current, innocent players have to pay the price for this stuff. Also, everybody knows OBJ’s actions were his own. Very few people think flashing cash around in public or on video is a good look.
Yeah. AU players can’t cite disrespect after they dance on an opposing teams logo. Zep should have kept that to himself. Ah well… to be 20 again…
How clever. Is Bama a crimson tide or an elephant?
Auburn’s win over KY didn’t count because TyTy didn’t play the whole game.
Really no sense in anyone else even playing because UK has such a strong tradition.
He can’t feel good about himself without trying to take down others. It’s a disorder.