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I agree Auburn controls its fate in the sec, but a 2 loss sec champ may not have the equity for a playoff berth.
Most people know you can’t fumble while being illegally suplexed on your head after forward progress is stopped. Apparently, you aren’t one of them.
Bold prediction… The name of the article is not “What everybody thinks will happen”.
Agree that Saban is the industry standard in vetting coaches. If Freeze would step back for one year to be Bama’s OC, he’d have a top tier job lined up at season’s end. If not, he probably has another 3 years or so at Liberty to demonstrate that he can better control his loins and such.
The West is tough enough. Is it okay to wish for coach O to pull out enough wins to keep his job. I know many SEC fans were pulling for that with Malzahn at Auburn. No offense to coach O, who’s got to be the worlds best grandpa.
Or the next 10. He might outlive all of us. Got to tip your cap to the best that’s ever lived.
If he didn’t “win” that game, there have been some he didn’t “lose”. The pick sixes you refer to are part of the game…They do count. The pick sixes would not have been enough were it not for his play in that particular game; a game where we were predicted to get curb stomped. I believe Rece is pointing out his inconsistent play with high highs and low lows. Perhaps that is too much praise for some people.
There is a true freshman named Hunter that is just as good as tank and actually running the ball better at the moment. Tank runs with more patience than Hunter and that’s not ideal with on O line that is not doing a good job of holding blocks. Hunter runs with his hair on fire as soon as he touches the ball. That’s my take, anyway.
I agree. The parity outsidevandy, uga, and Bama is greater than any year I can recall.
That’s not what his comment said. Joke is on you.
You pick LSU to beat Auburn then criticize Auburn’s margin of victory over LSU in Death Valley as a basis for ranking them lower than 18. Apparently there is no point in continuing an attempt to have a meaningful conversation with you on the subject.
Interesting. You do realize that not every ranked team can go undefeated, right? So there must be no less than a few teams ranked below that you think should be ahead of Auburn. Maybe you’d just remove them from the top 25 based on what you think will play out the remainder of the season. BTW- who did you pick to win the Auburn-LSU game? Your answer to that will help determine my stock in what you think will happen in the remaining games.
Thanks for the heads up, but I’ll tune in and watch anyway.
Right. Had to play the games to find out. Call it parity or whatever.
I understand your point, but I tend to look more at resumes than who I think would win in a game. For example, I think old miss would beat Michigan on a neutral field, but I would not be able to rank them higher at this point in the season. Outside of Bama and uga, I don’t think anyone knows to any degree or f certainty who would beat who in the top 25.
Norte dame? Arkansas? Oregon? Ohio state? Who is your 1?
Obviously Bama and uga are really good. Do you think nobody else is any good at all? Do you think Auburn is overrated at 18? Besides the two aforementioned, who is so much better?
There are half a dozen teams ranked ahead of KY that shouldn’t be.
Does your parents know you used your email address as a user name? That’s not safe.
Pathetic program? Wow. The Arkansas fans here, which admittedly are the only ones I “know”, have made it impossible for me to pull for them as they enjoy a good redemption season. It’s harder for me to pull for UGA than it is Bama, but go dawgs this weekend. For heaven’s sake, guys. My wish for the Ark fans I’ve experienced here is a more fruitful existence where Ark football is not the crutch of their manhood. Sankey’s favorite team? Listen to yourselves, fellas.
I agree. Leaving out the details you mention makes this extremely misleading for the many that aren’t familiar with Franklin’s time in Auburn or his relationship with the fired wr coach. Purposefully misleading, probably.
I believe your Dline has the advantage over our Oline. Agree with everything else you said. I think the R backs advantage is with Auburn. I look for a close game, but won’t pick against the streak.
Thanks for coming over here and sharing that insight. Why stop at 4th or 5th “fiddle”? O’Conner predicts Auburn to finish dead last in the West. You’re clever, spoiled; would that make Auburn 7th “fiddle”? Maybe it stops with the 2nd fiddle. After that, I think it’s the “3rd wheel”. Anyone know what 4th or 5th’s designation would be?