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interest is dropping. look at stadiums pre covid, ratings etc. if things continue the next generation will lose interest all there will be is fans for the 6-7 programs that can compete for playoffs. expect more players to opt out for nfl draft prep as soon as they are out of the hunt. its plaguing the bowls regular season is next
there is only so much a coach can do.G5 teams are constantly doing more with less and once they get the right coach a program with more money steals them. many coaches also attribute leaving with access to playoffs. once access changes don't expect coaches like fickell to leave good programs they built from the ground up. then you will see the consistency follow.
I do think Cincy would have lost by 2 touchdowns but that that is such a huge difference in recruiting for a program let alone a G5. athletes want to go to programs that can access the playoffs if there is a feasible path for a program to get there the talent will follow. why do you think the same programs keep getting in. they grab the talent by saying we will be in the hunt every year. the cycle needs to get broken eventually.
wouldn't trust him with a bag of dog poop let alone a entire defense. go look at his tenure at usf he was a complete mess. he will dismiss any player that has an opinion. transfers entering the program said he had no idea how to coach.
have you seen how the the playoffs have gone 1 team always gets demolished. AAC is just as tough as ACC or PAC12.