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LSU finished with 16 after the draft and the UDFA all signed.
Tenn is actually 4th on the list. LSU leads by 23 players as of now. The list only shows those drafting in the draft and not those that signed after the draft as well. Need to do a little research but it's SDS we're talking about.
Brennan and Lowell will redshirt. Harris was the best fit for Canada's offense and he's gone. Etling isn't mobile enough but if he can make faster decisions then it could still be him. I wouldn't be shocked if Scott started.
Harris is the best fit. Both new guys will redshirt.
The whole issue for LSU was to find someone that would run an offense that would give Bama issues trying to stop. Instead they brought in a guy whose offense is exactly the type Bama destroys.
He can't go to LSU for one of the reasons nothing happened last year, money. Miles contract goes till 2019. That's a $15mil buy out. Herman just signed a 7 year deal with houston. That's a $30 Mil buy out. Throw in packaged for the out going staff and the incoming staff. Easily 50-55 million. If they couldn't do 25 last year how on earth can they do this.
LSU still walked away with 16 individual titles for the event.
LSU is #1 with total team and individual titles to date. Recently passing Florida. Those two schools together have 70% more titles than the other 12 SEC schools combined.
Henry just had to run strait ahead, rarely did was see any moves. He had big holes and good blocking. Bama didn't shut Fournette down they shut down his O-line and he was already without his two leading blockers for that game and they didn't return for the rest of the season. Even so he was still eluding guys in the backfield even though they were behind the line most every play. Fournette has all that Henry has but with better vision, speed, instincts, but he can also make people miss. We could speculate also what would Fournette and Henry have done if they had been on the other guys team instead? Henry like most of Bama's RB's has been a product of those around him and it's showed in the NFL when they've needed more than that to really succeed. Chubb was shut down too until late game scrub time and he got his one lone run. Sman really called it on a lot of the issues.
That 10-7 lost to LSU when Ole Piss was ranked #3 must still hurt. It's crazy to think about it that LSU goes into Ole Piss with a run only offense and harris throws for 54 more yards than Kelly and LSU had 70+ more yards total. This year that defense is gone and there won't be any self made mistakes to help them out. Manzel came into the Valley cocky too.
Had been in place for almost a year. A lot of schools don't travel with their bands already unless it's a major rivalry, bowl, championship type etc. I can see the issues though. Another 600+ people onto the sidelines before the game has stopped at the half. Adding to both teams and all their staffing. Then all the media. Makes it tight but then the half is over so you have both teams and staffs running off in different directions with media and one full teams band running on. Chaos at it's best. We don't hear about those who get hurt. I've seen people get hit though and leveled by players, cameramen, band members. It's funny but yeah I can see the issue. Bands need a staging area off the sidelines and add a couple minutes before they're allowed to move in to give a lot of the traffic time to get out. Justify it by selling the extra time for more commercial money.
Franks isn't a passer either. Ark shows how to beat LSU only since they've been getting them the game after the Bama game. And it's already been shown at LSU they don't need a great Qb to win it all. But they do need the run games two leading blockers to stay healthy unlike the last two seasons. He's right tho it's Bama LSU Ole Miss.
There has never once been anything close to any piss filled balloons unless the other teams fans brought them in, give that bs a rest. As far as South Carolina 2012 lol serious? They lost to the only two good teams they played that year in UF and LSU. LSU hung 258 rushing yards on what was billed as the Best defense they ever had. Latt had 35 yards with a long of 9. And LSU puts a true freshman on Clowney and he held him down the whole game. And the best QB USC ever had was just over 50% with two INTs. To make matters worse a freshman RB for LSU just ran wild all over them and this was Mett's first year not his great 2nd year. Then goes to UF next game and just gets destroyed. Heck the AD even knew USC would lose and refused to let the band travel to BR lol.
Not to mention the college game had changed a lot from 2003 to 2011. As well as the offenses in the SEC.
I'm not sure of all that. The 2011 team did something that no other team had done since the 1890's. Played 9 ranked games in a season, 4 of those in the top 3. Then sent 26 of those in the draft over the next two drafts and another 16 signed as free agents after the draft. This team is still young in a lot of area's and loaded with talent that's true. 2011 team did what they did when the west was very strong. Will the 2016's west be as strong? We will see.
Should add all the context to the "striking the Heisman pose" story. His first big game as a true freshman and one of his best runs at home. He got over excited and did that. What followed after on his Les handled him right then and what happened when he sat down on the bench right after that makes all the sense as to how he's continued to grow up and mature.
Yep. But #1 in the SEC and #7 in the nation is yards per completion. But at the same time they were #2 in throwing the fewest times on first at 107 attempts.
Actually UGA was #1 and will be very strong this season.
Also no Arden Key so yeah kind of a joke.
His numbers weren't that bad considering the team around him. He had no protection and they doubled the titans only WR and he's not a mobile QB. Then you compare him to Marcus and they have the same numbers if Mett would have played a full season.
Yeah and the fact they got the ARK coach on the list lol. I think some chick made the list imo.
I agree. You'd think both SEC will win going away. Wisc lost a lot and LSU has their Def Cord too. I'd like to see how the Bama game goes though. USC is being picked to win the Pac by many and they will have a more experienced team and at home. Bama has a lot of new faces and on the road in a big venue.
Both those games will be great but don't forget the Ole Miss FSU game too.
If Stanford keeps giving it to their guy 100% of the time he will be hard to beat out. I hope #7 wins it though.
LSU's biggest problem is Alleva. He made such a mess of the whole "Les situation" Then "leaked" the emails about it. Now he's taking credit for the way the football program is going this year. He's done nothing by screw up. He's not an LSU alum. He's hurt the traditions since he got here. Broke a 76 year tradition of a Saturday night Conference game in death valley. Fired one of the greatest band directors the school has ever had. He's put in rap and RnB acts at half time to perform with the Golden Band from Tiger land. Just a mockery and a lack of class and integrity with the way he handled Les Miles.
Yep, everything is in place just have to make it happen and be consistent and hope for no serious injuries.
I know the facts with the LSU Bama game after. Bama has yet to score in the first quarter after the last 11 LSU games.