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agreed if the first half of the year was averaged VS second half we would think we were looking at 2 totally different offenses ..
Hope he gets picked up by a team I hate ...
They about had a nervous breakdown at Neyland when they talked to Peyton. Must have been orgasmic paralysis of Joe and his fur coat ...
Come on y'all racial slurs ?? Let's be generous to the situation, and pretend all college football teams are made up of 30% white players. Do you believe that for one minute?
It was a bad situation ,and he could had took a job anywhere but Alabama . Those will never be his National Championships so I wonder if he just opening an old wound and cementing my belief that he is an ass . Maybe if he took an OC job somewhere else I could believe in him . But I am just one person..
Put a bag over your head your vagina is showing...
Not all TN fans , Some of us have lived long enough that we remember when an injury was simply next man up.
Wow never thought I would agree with a Tide fan but preach on friend .
I have wondered the same thing , but that was a bone head move and no coach should tolerate that ..
Well if we go that way we won the 2 previous years ..
Amen they are so predictable, Florida and Georgia both would beat them now ..
I would set down if I was you ..
Last year has no consideration in this year's polls . The rosters change somewhat from year to year.
You are wrong Kiffin fired him and hired his father . Said Chief would never be more than a 10 win coordinator..
Don't know if he even has NFL ambitions ? He coops with aerospace company . That's what I heard anyway . This game, was the first I think he displayed a real, real desire .
You are a idiot Dobbs did look rattled but that game is on the Defense. Everyone puts the game on the Qb . Compare Alabama offensive defensive NC player to pro football ratio .The one who claims mor NC than anyone I bet that ratio is way heavier to defensive players . Their QBs are practice squad material at best
Hell yeah this is bs , Sutton ain't our only CB just like Del Rio ain't there only QB he didn't even play for them last year did he ? Florida is almost as loaded with talent as y'all are Mclwain has already proved he can Coach ...
What a jerk ! It would be different if whoever done that was actually going to play a down . Some people should be neutered or spayed as a result of something this classless. The kid might be good . At least the fan was smart enough to know UT only depth is at Defensive line.
I think we have more of a task replacing Sutton than Maybin ..
Read it again while tailgating before smh ..