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That team full of "3 stars" you refer to plays in the SEC West also. We've played the number 1, number 7, number 11, number 15 and number 22 teams prior to playing Alabama. With an SEC West schedule, playing Alabama isn't a Saturday you circle on your calendar...It is just another Saturday. While this Arkansas team this year isn't the cupcake we've been the past few years prior, Saturday's score didn't surprise a lot of us, because we knew our kids were at least able to stay with Bama.
The manufactured rivalry is being postponed?...Bummer, I look forward to this rivalry game every year (as I roll my eyes!!!)...Seriously, I was looking forward to it, as this year, Barry Odom returns to Columbia. Just going to have to wait I guess.
LOL...I think Mizzou has gotten hosed more on bad officiating than Arkansas has the past few years.
Respectfully disagree with your analysis of the Auburn-LSU game. It should read that Auburn needs to figure out how to win without the officials' help. (Strike up the Hotty Toddy and Hog Call here!)
Agree, although I am one of those "we got hosed by the officials" Razorback fans.
Mr. Vessels is probably thinking Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Missouri as the Hog's three wins. Playing the toughest schedule in the country is going to take a toll on Arkansas. I think three wins is an absolute best case scenario, unless some of our freshmen surprise us.
Sorry, Arkansas nor Missouri are not going anywhere. You are totally focused on Football whether a University should be a member of the SEC and not the other sports the conference offers. Arkansas's national championships? 47, one behind LSU. Auburn? 16, 13 of which are in swimming.
The fact he has coached at Arkansas before, knows the culture and wants to be here gives us a pretty good idea what to think about this hire. I honestly would take Pittman over Kiffin or Leach or any other name connected to the Arkansas vacancy. BTW, good pickup on Mizzou's part getting Drinkwitz. Think he'll do well at Columbia.
Pittman will have to adjust to current personnel...I've read on the Georgia forum he is a fan of the triple option. Works well if you don't have the talent of your opponent and have a dual threat quarterback and quick to the hole running back.....KJ and Rakeem anyone?
Most of our in-state talent goes elsewhere? Until recently, we've done quite well keeping our kids home. When we have lost some, it was because we weren't targeting those players or had another player that would higher on the depth chart.
Agree with you on the Mizzou-Kansas rivalry....Our rivalry game was played last week....LSU...We've played some huge games with them the past 27 years and I think most Arkansas fans will agree LSU is our rival.
I agree totally....and I'm a Razorback fan!!!!