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3pts doesn’t help against Bama. That’s not hard to understand.
"Cincinnati faces East Carolina and then No. 24 Houston in the AAC Championship Game." - This should tell you something about Cincinnati. Ridiculous.
Where is Herbstreit? He usually comments on bad sportsmanship incidents.
Gorilla Ball was very entertaining to watch!!
We're nothing but paper champs. You can buy all the buildings you want, you cant buy titles.
I agree. Dabo will have Clemson READY. I hope GA. doesn't come out like they did in the Arkansas game last year and put baseball runs on the scoreboard. Glad it's Clemson in the opener & not a lower tier school.
I agree with you. Paper Champs every year. “Wait til Next Year”
“Never show Weakness” Bronny..”Give him the shot!”
Spot on Booger. Thank you. The hype is unreal every year.
& Rogers Redding said he led with his hands?? The guy is awful.
The Kid has too long of a release. SEC is not backyard football Brock. The D Lineman are faster than this guy.
I agree. He’s a private school church league high school hero that does not belong in the SEC. I’m a GA. fan also, just not a diehard that thinks every year is our year.
Supposedly Brock Vandagriff will save GA. football next year. He’s that kid playing single A church football at some private church school? I think he’s just a high school hero though?
I agree. GA. football = Doing less with more. You gotta give Kirby 4 more years with his players then we’ll see a title.
Just a joke. I don’t give a $hit about the China flu. Clemson/Bama will be a shootout!
Sounds like another year of offensive struggles plus no 'Hot Rod" to bail the offense out after a stalled drive. New O-Coordinator, new QB, new OL..not a good mix. But I'm sure the UGA diehards will say "we're winning it all this year".
What are you smokin’ Pollack? It’s gonna be a 3 loss season. Natty my a$$.