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5 stars everywhere & a massive OL but have 10pts. goin into the 4th qtr. against an 2-3 SC team. I knew GA’s horizontal offense would catch up to sooner or later but not against SC. AUB or A&M will put a W on GA down the road.
Tebow's right. GA. has many offensive weapons but it's Rodrigo the kicker bailing the offense out with field goals. 3 in the Vandy game and 3 in the ND game. It's getting old.
Showed signs again of a 1st half team for 2019. Three 2nd half field goals against VANDY. Averaged 5.6 points last year in the fourth quarter. Untill GA. starts puttin' up 21 or 28 in the second half GA won't win $hit. Wish GA. would show no mercy like some other teams do.
"But zero touchdowns in the final 38 minutes was not a good look." GA. is still a 1st half team. This is getting old. Kicking field goals in the 2nd half will not get GA. anywhere. Gotta "finish the drill".
SDS, are you dumb?.."Playing Georgia Tech on the road with a new coach won’t be easy either."
Another year being paper champs. Can't do it on the field where it counts. 5 stars everywhere..OL supposedly gonna be unstoppable this year..yada yada blah blah. 2019 SEC Championship Runner Up.
Shut down the UGA men's basketball program, it never moves the dark cloud hanging over the Stegasarus.
Connor you didn't mention watching Bama get worked in the Natty?? Humble Pie sucks doesn't it? Trust me, GA. eats it every year.
Now CMR can have 'pool day' everyday & all day. Guy was good @ losing games more than winning, & collecting fat pay checks while doing it. He was too soft as a HC. Glad UGA has an A$$hole for a HC now. "Finish the Drill".
Herbie, how did you become so smart? FN' dunce.
Who cares about what this douche bag thinks, the guy sucks, so does Gary Danielson. #saltlifebaby
Maybe this will shut the arm-chair/keyboard quarterbacks up??
CMR is the biggest FRAUD...ACC is a great conference for him. CMR is proud to 'earn' millions while producing mediocre football.
Who cares what 'Herbie' thinks, he's a total douche that's up Urban Meyer's A$$.
Can't believe 'Herbie' doesn't have OSU in his top 4 CFB playoff picks. 3 game BS. Send Meyer to Last Chance U.
Kirk's pick change week to week. Penn State & Washington Herbie?? What a joke. Cant stand that douche bag.
CKS is intense & cares about winning..CMR cared about pool day & collecting paychecks for mediocre seasons.