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This kid won’t see the field @ UGA. He’s another Joe T. 3. If he stays @ GA. he’ll be holding a helmet watching.
We're just paper champs collecting 2nd place hardware. Not a troll, just being realistic.
Bulldoze the StegaSaurus & both basketball programs with it. The dark cloud still hangs high over those two programs. Not worth a $hit.
GA is nothing but paper champs. Does UGA compare to the 2 BEST TEAMS playing for the title in ALL phases? Not even close. Truth hurts don't it dawg fans. Georgia is far from being a TEAM. Long ways to go to be in that final 4 & final 2. Reality sucks.
Wait wait wait..I thought he was playing??
That's ok, we got Prather Hudson & 'HotRod' the kicker to bail us out. 2020 Pretenders.
I hope we have a good field goal kicker next year cause it's gonna be the S.O.S in 2020.
Watch out! He could pull the DeAndre Baker move!!
DeAndre Baker said the same thing last year then backed out. I'll believe it when I see it.
We're gonna miss this guy. He's the only one who scored points.
We’ll be paper champs again next year..2020 Pretenders.
Baylor gonna whoop our A$$. I hope Rodrigo doesn't sit out, he's the only one that scores points. PRETENDERS 2019.
Another year being paper champs. Can’t do it on the field where it counts. 5 stars everywhere..OL supposedly gonna be unstoppable this year..yada yada blah blah. 2019 SEC Championship Runner Up. 6/19 You remember reading this UGARMYRet back in June? I told you boi..we're just PRETENDERS!!
Next man up better shut the F#CK UP & perform, 5 stars or no stars get it done. 2nd place is the first loser. Tired of that $hit. Hope GA knocks the pi$$ out of LSU & wins this BS, by 1 point or 44 points I don't care.
Get well soon Cager. We got HotRod to kick field goals all day.
We’re gonna need a lot of field goals to beat LSU.
Once again HotRod bails the offense out that is filled w/ 5* OL/RBs/WRs. Here we come LSU!
..cause we have Rodrigo to bail the offense out. Gonna miss HotRod next year and all the points he puts up on the scoreboard.
Oskie said it best. Can't stand Herbie & Corso. F'N losers.
We need to 'DO MORE' then 'FINISH THE DRILL' & we'll be fine.