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We're nothing but paper champs. You can buy all the buildings you want, you cant buy titles.
I agree. Dabo will have Clemson READY. I hope GA. doesn't come out like they did in the Arkansas game last year and put baseball runs on the scoreboard. Glad it's Clemson in the opener & not a lower tier school.
I agree with you. Paper Champs every year. “Wait til Next Year”
“Never show Weakness” Bronny..”Give him the shot!”
Spot on Booger. Thank you. The hype is unreal every year.
& Rogers Redding said he led with his hands?? The guy is awful.
The Kid has too long of a release. SEC is not backyard football Brock. The D Lineman are faster than this guy.
I agree. He’s a private school church league high school hero that does not belong in the SEC. I’m a GA. fan also, just not a diehard that thinks every year is our year.
Supposedly Brock Vandagriff will save GA. football next year. He’s that kid playing single A church football at some private church school? I think he’s just a high school hero though?
I agree. GA. football = Doing less with more. You gotta give Kirby 4 more years with his players then we’ll see a title.
Just a joke. I don’t give a $hit about the China flu. Clemson/Bama will be a shootout!
Sounds like another year of offensive struggles plus no 'Hot Rod" to bail the offense out after a stalled drive. New O-Coordinator, new QB, new OL..not a good mix. But I'm sure the UGA diehards will say "we're winning it all this year".
What are you smokin’ Pollack? It’s gonna be a 3 loss season. Natty my a$$.
Play for the future this year..throw Carson Beck in the fire.
This kid won’t see the field @ UGA. He’s another Joe T. 3. If he stays @ GA. he’ll be holding a helmet watching.
We're just paper champs collecting 2nd place hardware. Not a troll, just being realistic.