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His decision making is lopsided, he's scared to tuck the ball and run, and he's scared in the pocket. He is accurate and he takes care of the football but Rodgers is far from your typical "Air-Raid" gunslinging QB.
State has been playing LSU tough for about 7 years now, they should have had another win last week.
The Air-Raid can work just fine. He has no QB and his WR's are below average, wait till he gets his guys in that can run the scheme and watch the offense explode.
Arkansas @ UGA will be a close game. Bama will be up by 20+ at half against Ole Miss.
Went to Kyle Field in 2017 when they hosted Miss St, was not impressed. Overhyped. UGA, Bama, FLA, Miss St, LSU, Arky, Auburn, South Car, and TENN all have better atmosphere.
I keep seeing all this negative talk about Mike Leach, the main focus should be on the players. This is the first roster in about 10-11 years that doesn't have NFL talent at multiple positions. Moorhead left him in a pretty tough spot, especially at QB and LB. Wait till Leach gets a QB that can actually run this offense and it will be an entirely different story.